What to do with left over holiday food

Family, food and good times! That is what the holidays are all about. What to do with all of that left over holiday food? Chances are that you and your family indulged in a few good meals; and you now have stacks of platic containers filled with leftovers. A good rule of thumb, do not let these great foods go to waste! Be creative and enjoy the flavors of the holidays for days to come.

Freezable, reusable containers come in extremely handy this time of year. Schedule another family get together in a couple weeks, and voila! All you will have to do is take the food out of the freezer and heat it up. In a simplified manner, you and your family can enjoy all of the awesome tastes, once again, that accompany the holiday season.

As your guests are departing; send a reusable container, with leftovers, right on out the door with your guests! This really is a no brainer when it comes to leftover holiday food. Not only will you be able to enjoy some of the tastes of the holidays, but your guests will also be able to savor the last few bites of the holidays. If you live in a warm climate, make sure the food will be transported home in a safe manner. Nobody enjoys a bout of food poisoning over the course of the holidays.

If you are like many other people, you will probably have to work a couple days over the holiday. Remember, leftovers make awesome lunch time meals at the office. Your meal at the office will be healthy and also very affordable. Holiday meals can provide a healthy alternative for your lunch while at the office. A nifty way to reuse that turkey is to toss a tortilla shell into your lunch box, along with turkey and stuffing. Warm the tortilla and then heat the turkey with dressing. This makes a great tasting wrap sandwich, with all of the flavor of the holidays!

One of the easiest ways to avoid the leftover issue, is to plan your menu for the number of people that are attending your holiday meal. We all get caught up in the buy, buy, buy mode and throw more than we need into our shopping carts. When we go armed with a list in hand, we tend to shop smart. In today’s tough economy, we all want the biggest bang for our buck. If you enjoy holiday leftovers, as well as leftovers at the office, plan your shopping list accordlingly. By planning for five extra people, you will have leftovers for a good week!

By shopping smart and arming yourself with some knowledge, your holiday leftovers will not become an issue. If a couple weeks have passed and you still have containers of leftovers in your refrigerator, toss them out! Treat this day as a day to clean out your refrigerator and alleviate all food bourne illnesses. A well stocked refrigerator is a lifesaver for many of us today. Keep the food fresh and healthy. Your family will thank you for not subjecting them to an outdated holiday meal! By practicing good hygiene and healthy habits in the kitchen, your leftover food will be enjoyed by many.

Do people vacation primarily for excitement or relaxation?

Who doesn’t think about relaxation when it comes time to plan a vacation! The very idea of getting away from your routine at home and from an arduous job is reason enough to look forward to a nice vacation.

Some people daydream about lying on a beach, sipping a cool drink and basking in the sun as a perfect way to relax on vacation, and yet there are others who schedule rigorous activities on each day of their vacations without any down time. It isn’t my place to judge how people spend their time off. This planet is filled with so many diverse personalities! I’ll bet if we asked 50 people to define a relaxing vacation, we would probably get 50 different replies.

However, the fact that we humans are so diverse is what makes life so interesting and perhaps exciting! The thought of every person wanting to do the same things on their vacation presents a whole other set of problems! For instance, if everyone in the world wanted to go to Tahiti for a relaxing summer vacation, it would not only create enormous booking conflicts, airports would be a place of utter chaos to the likes we have never known, and, even if you got a flight there, Papeete would be inundated with people! Beaches would be lined with wall-to-wall people, and it would be impossible to enjoy neither a relaxing nor an exciting time on your vacation!

In a sense, it is a great thing that most of us define our vacation times with varying degrees of distinctions. The fact that we don’t all take vacations at the same time of year gives us slightly more freedom to find flights, hotels and space to explore new territories without floods of people around you wanting to climb the same hill at the very same time you do!

There is no doubt in my mind that a relaxing vacation can be just as exciting to those who desire a less active time, as opposed to those who must keep busy all the time. I say, “To each their own.” That’s why they make chocolate and vanilla! Yes, I realize that little quip I so often use, is a rather humorous way to look at the diversity among us. However, there is a lot of truth in those words, because if you think about it, our own individual tastes and interests are the very traits that set us apart from one another.

Our differences are what make up our individual personalities and make each and every one of us unique in our own way!

When it comes to vacations, the most important thing is that we all earned that very special time to do what we want, and in the style that we as individual, free-thinking human beings are entitled to do, and that is choose a vacation destination that makes us feel great!

Because of our wide array of diversities, choosing a vacation destination can be very subjective. To emphasize the point I am trying to make here is to say that even your very best friend who you trust and admire, may have completely different ideas of what to do on vacation than you do!

I must admit, this is a tough debate to lean strictly to one side or the other and I hate to “sit on the fence” on this one, but in my opinion, when I have the opportunity to take time off from my routine, I consider myself fortunate! All kidding aside, to my way of thinking, a vacation should include activities that are definitely exciting to you, but it is equally as rewarding to allow a little time to relax as well. These are both very important ingredients to a well-balanced and memorable vacation!

Great Law of Attraction Money Affirmations and Tips

Sometimes finding a perfect affirmation, just for you, can be a little hard. Here are some great money abundance affirmations that we have used in the past or that other Law of Attraction practitioners have e-mailed to us.

The Universe is unlimited. There is more than enough abundance for everyone in this world. When you start intentionally applying the Law of Attraction, a great affirmation is necessary, and feeling confident in your affirmation is imperative. You want to be able to feel and believe it to be absolutely true. Many people have a mindset of “lack.” A good money affirmation can help jump the hurdle of thinking from a space of “lack.”

You’ll also want to find an affirmation that feels attainable. If you choose an affirmation that your logical mind can’t even fathom could happen, then it won’t happen because the Universe will pick up on that thought and feeling. You can start with something small and when that feels attainable take another step toward a larger affirmation. When you take these baby steps your logical mind will become used to the idea of having everything you want, and you will become comfortable with your affirmation.

When you have discovered the money affirmation that works best for you, you’ll want to focus on and say it at least five times a day. Make sure to give your affirmation the attention that it deserves. Close your eyes and feel the words leave your lips. Treat the words like a sacred incantation; that when you speak the words, the Universe drops everything and rushes exactly what you are affirming to you.

Make sure that you do not ‘outgrow’ your affirmation. When you feel like the original affirmation just isn’t doing it for you, change to something that reflects your growing positive thoughts and feelings. And when your affirmation has completely aligned with the Universe, you’ll want to bump it up a notch to reflect your newfound life.

Perhaps these affirmations will ring true with you.

Law of Attraction Money Affirmation 1: I create my own reality and I have unlimited prosperity.

Law of Attraction Money Affirmation 2: Financial abundance comes to me easily.

Law of Attraction Money Affirmation 3: Large amounts of money come to me quickly and easily from multitudes of sources now.

Law of Attraction Money Affirmation 4: I always have abundant amounts of money; more coming in than going out.

Law of Attraction Money Affirmation 5: Unlimited possibilities and resources reveal themselves to me now.

Law of Attraction Money Affirmation 6: I am comfortable having money.

Law of Attraction Money Affirmation 7: Money is good and I deserve money.

Law of Attraction Money Affirmation 8: I feel successful and I am successful.

Law of Attraction Money Affirmation 9: I have more money than I ever dreamed was possible.

Law of Attraction Money Affirmation 10: I expect only the best from my financial situation and the Universe provides just that or better.

Law of Attraction Money Affirmation 11: I have a constant stream of money abundance in my life.

Law of Attraction Money Affirmation 12: I have my ideal life.

Law of Attraction Money Affirmation 13: I am able to think and feel in unlimited ways.

Law of Attraction Money Affirmation 14: I have all the answers within myself and I implement them.

Law of Attraction Money Affirmation 15: I am financially free.

These are just a few affirmations to get you started. Enjoy creating and making affirmations a part of your life. Affirmations are one of the wonderful tools to use in attracting all you desire through the Law of Attraction.

Discount Bahamas Vacation Package Can Take you on a Dream Vacation

Holidaying in the Bahamas is something which many of us want to do. However all are fortunate enough to go to the Bahamas to enjoy the holiday of their life. Bahamas is a favorite tourist and holiday destination for many people all over the world. Vacation is very important and you must make sure that you take some time out of your busy work schedule and go with your spouse, children or fiends on vacation to recharge your senses and have a good time. Well it is known that vacation to any destination especially to places like Bahamas can be an expensive affair, but this should not make you rethink about taking a vacation to relax your senses and have a good time.

The web is a great source for you to find out about discount Bahamas vacation package offered by several travel agencies to any one how wishes to travel to Bahamas. That is not all; one can also choose to take a holiday loan to visit exotic locations all over the world. A person just needs to make a wise decision about this and find out exactly what they would like to do about the while thing. You must not think that a discount Bahamas vacation package will mean that your holiday will be of substandard level. The best part about opting for a discount Bahamas vacation package is that one can fully enjoy everything which is associated with a holiday package in Bahamas. This means you can enjoy the vacation fully and yet this will not be heavy on your pocket.

There are certain things which you will have to take proper care of before you choose a discount Bahamas package vacation. First you need to make sure that you make all the arrangements relate to the vacation well in advance. Well you would surely not want to land in Bahamas with your children and spouse and then find out that you hotel and other accommodations have not been booked properly. This can be a really frustrating experience for you and chances are likely that you will never opt to go for a discount Bahamas vacation package or any other vacation package. To stay in Bahamas for the vacation you can choose from different options. If you choose a discount Bahamas vacation package accommodation can come inclusive in the offer.

Shortage of funds is a situation that can happen to anyone at any time due to several reasons. So if you choose to take a discount Bahamas vacation package, you must realize that you spend your entire holiday with family and friends and that too without spending too much. Just make sure that you do your homework properly about the discount Bahamas vacation package and be informed about the different aspects related to the package. The beaches are the most attractive features of Bahamas and for people who love to indulge in water sports this is a real delight. Water sports like snorkeling, diving and fishing are some of the activities which people can be involved with while they are on a holiday to the Bahamas. Discount Bahamas vacation package is just perfect for a person who wishes to go on along vacation.

Holiday Invitations for Christmas Party, Scary Halloween Party, Mardi Gras Ball & All Other Holidays Celebrations

Christmas, Halloween, Mardi Gras, New Years & Other Holiday Party Invitations Cards The history of greeting cards has come a long way from simple words of congratulations written in stone and word of mouth on the streets. The Chinese have used them to convey goodwill and messages of prosperity to friends and family on holidays and other special occasions. The Egyptians were also known to have done the same using papyrus. During the 1400s, greeting cards, written stylishly in paper, were already circulating around Europe. It was not until the 1850s that the holiday greeting card was freely and affordably used as a means of expression among people for holidays.

Nowadays, cards are used not only for best wishes greetings during the holidays but also for more personalized purposes such as invitations, announcements and expressions of gratitude. Although cards can be used to help promote relationships between friends and family, greeting cards are used primarily today as delightful ways to celebrate the holidays and special occasions. The most popular use of holiday greeting cards are for unique Christmas Party Invitations, Halloween invitation cards and Mardi Gras King & Queen Ball invitations.

Many online stores specialize in making the best out of your holiday celebrations by creating ways to make holiday invitations more fun and functional. Whether you require Christmas Invitations Cards, Halloween Party Invitations, Mardi Gras Party Invitations Mardi Gras party invitation cards or personalized business holiday thank you cards, they can do it all for you. Most online shops have a wide array of inexpensive custom greeting cards and a collection of designs for every special occasion that you can instantly preview online. With same day printing and shipping direct to your doorstep, you need not worry about your order since a professional staff provides only the highest quality work available, even for rush orders.

To make your printed invitations even more customized, many stores offer a large collection of sample Christmas invitations wordings, Halloween announcements sayings and verses for all holiday invitations that you can choose from. Or, if you prefer to use your own wording ideas, that is always permitted. Printable invitations can be pre-ordered for important occasions like Christmas, Easter, New Year’s Eve party, Oktoberfest, business and Halloween. Browse through collections of unique designs to view the wide array of choices available to you. If your company needs Business Holiday Thank You Cards for your valuable clients on Valentines Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year, you can be assured high-quality and unique announcements. Aware of cultural diversity, there are many invitations to your Hanukkah party, St. Patrick’s Day barbecue, Mardi Gras parade and Cinco de Mayo fiesta.

You aren’t just provided with heartfelt services to businesses but also with individuals who want to have their families together for picnics and family reunions. Holiday photos can be included in the cards and favorite sayings can be printed together with your announcements. Many stores have holiday thank you cards, photo holiday cards and business holiday party invitations that can easily be ordered online. A team of dedicated staff is available to answer all your questions and help you through the ordering process. The entire ordering process can be done in the comfort of your home online, and photos or pictures can easily be uploaded through the website. While there are many online businesses, only a select few have unique personalized and a hands-on approach to the greeting card and invitation making business. Great service and a sincere attitude in helping you mark the holiday milestones in your lives is a GUARANTEE!

Keep Believing in that Old Law of Attraction

When the evidence all around you screams that your one desire in life is impossible, sometimes its difficult to keep the faith in the universal laws of attraction.

But if you do, we promise you that your faith will not be misplaced. The Number One mistake people make when utilizing the universal law of attraction is giving in to external reality — the circumstances around them –that shout that what you’re aiming for is impossible.

All too often, individuals see the conditions in their environment and automatically give up on the law. They allow themselves to become frustrated. Little do they realize that the universal laws of attraction are still at work — even when they do become frustrated. Their frustration, you see, only attracts even more frustration.

This frustration and pessimism stems from a basic lack of faith in the law of attraction. It is understandable, of course, if you’ve never had the pleasure of putting the law to work for you. Society has conditioned us to think that the only way we can possibly believe something is to see it first.

The law of attraction, though, actually works backwards from what we would consider normal. You won’t see your desires or goals until you firmly believe they will become a reality. In essence, you’ll see it when you’ll believe it.

If you keep the faith, though, and keep believing that the laws of attraction are at work for you, then you’ll experience two exciting outcomes.

First; because your belief in the law never wavers, your desires will materialize sooner than you anticipated. And second, your staunch faith in the law of attraction allows you to confidently ignore the external evidence, no matter how loudly it might be screaming around you.

The universal laws of attraction are not only the amazing link to all of your dreams and desires, but these amazing laws can give you the confidence to ignore all the naysayers surrounding you.

Keeping the faith is, in the long run, a simply marvelous habit. When you believe in the universal laws of attraction, you’ll find that if you truly have faith in your dreams — if these are the things you sincerely want to manifest in your life — and you march confidently in their direction, the law of attraction will gladly conspire with you to make them materialize.

While the law may not use an overnight delivery service, it will indeed deliver, if you do your part too!

When you make a list of your desires, you’re basically telling the law of attraction that you’re serious about success. But that’s only half the battle in the game.

As you read over the list that you’ve expressly created, you need to bless it and allow it to be lifted up to the universe. Release your dreams and desires. Send them off so the universal laws of attraction may take them and mold them as pportunities to present themselves to you.

Even though they may be your very personal and very important goals, keep in mind that you’re passing them on to the infinite wisdom of the universe. You’re basically telling the universal law of attraction to do what needs to be done with these goals.

Don’t worry. don’t fret. Don’t fear. Because once you release your most precious dreams to the universe, the entire infinite potential and wisdom of all creation is working toward manifesting them just for you through the law of attraction. That’s right! The entire might of the world, nay, the entire universe is planning the best and quickest route to get these goals realized.

This means the universal law of attraction will have you bumping into people seemingly at random. But it wont be. You’ll find telephone numbers you’ll need to further your cause with greater ease. But that wont be an accident either. You’ll notice that you are getting to where you want to be, if you just take the cues.

Once you realize your goals, don’t be blind to coincidences. Once you realize your desires, take careful notice of who you meet and how willing they are to help you.

Indeed, the universal laws of attraction are the most powerful positive force you can have in your life. Use them wisely.

Four Hot Signs Of Attraction

In today’s society, beauty, physical attraction, and sexuality are all commonly misunderstood as some transcendent inevitable fact; falsely interlocking the three makes it seem doubly true that in order to initiate attraction between a man and a woman, both sexes should be beautiful to be sexual.

That of course is not true at all. The definitions of beautiful, attraction, and sexual constantly change to serve the social order, and the connection between the three ideas is a recent invention.

Some psychologists contend that the disparity among the concepts of beauty, attractions, and sexuality is based on the premise that both sexes are inclined to physical or sexual attraction because women are able to view men just as men view women, as subjects for sexual and aesthetic evaluation.

In a survey conducted by an “evolutionary psychologist,” from 10,000 individuals who were interviewed, it was found out that men have high-regards to physical attraction in their budding sexual mates, while women attach importance to prominence, goals, and monetary sources.

No wonder why most cases of attraction are all based on sexuality and physical attributes. This is because men and women would rather have their significant others physically and sexually capable of giving them their necessities.

For instance, men are attracted to women who look good because this indicates excellent vigor and the capacity to produce offspring babies. On the other hand, women are attracted to men who look good because this indicates abundance in financial resources, in which, the ability to provide the basic necessities to their children is generated.

The point here is that both men and women may have their own basis for attraction but everything is generally focused on the physical and material aspects. This is because attraction is associated with the fact that the physical attributes motivate that part of the brain known as the “hypothalamus” that will produce different kinds of reactions from the body such as sexual arousal, increased heart rate, and perspiration.

So the question now is: How can the individual identify the clear signs of attraction?

There are many probable actions that might suggest attraction. However, the real signs include but not limited to the following:

1. Visual contact

This is when both a man and a woman gazed upon each other and instantly prolonged the moment as they look at each other longer than the typical glance.

Both are completely immersed on each other’s anecdote, and every word will impress them both. All eyes are glued to each other that send a message that they are drawn to each other.

2. Preen

Preening means to adorn oneself carefully or to groom oneself with particular attention to details. Hence, attraction sets in when both would try to instantly make a quick fix and conquer each other’s space.

3. Flirting

Teasing could have been the more appropriate term for it. This is when both sexes converse in a relaxed manner, with bodily actions associated to their thoughts and feelings, where, most often than not, sexual tensions and arousal are the primary upshots.

4. Physical contact

This is when a woman leans to wards the man and places a modest hand on his hand or arm. In this way, the woman is trying to tell the other person that she is attracted to him and that she is open to possibilities that involve the concerned person.

All of these things are boiled down to the fact that the asymmetry of the correlation among beauty, attraction, and sexuality that tells both men and women lies on how they both perceive each other’s physical attributes. This is inevitable because the lack of it will definitely keep them sexually estranged.

Attraction is generally focused on imagery that is exclusively on the physical attributes of both men and women, where the society has created a very important role. This goes to show that the signs of attraction indicate the clear identification of desirability.

Given all that, both men and women should make the choice, by and large, to take each other as human beings first and not just mere sexual objects.

It should be well noted that these signs of attraction may be well confined on the premise that both men and women send out these signs as a ticket to conquer each other’s space so as to start the “getting-to-know-each-other” stage.

The best vacation ideas

A wide range of choices from Thailand to Florida awaits those hopeful to enjoy a vacation that offers realization of their particular desires and needs at a given time.

Vacations are for leisurely times, away from work, school, stress, and are designed to provide ease and relaxation, a respite or condition of feeling comfortably regenerated and a time out from hectic daily lives.

Depending on your age group your goals which may be different than other people and a temporary break or time out serves varied purposes. Before you chose a destination ponder what you want from your vacation whether it is just to sleep on a beach or hike up a mountain find out what makes you relax first.

Every traveler has a different agenda and some travel resorts are catering to those niches in various demographics and are specifically designed to meet the criteria of a modern day vacation.

Best Vacation ideas for Singles and Young Students:

A spring break from college or a young person early in their career will have certain criteria such as : excitement, beaches, fun, lots of similar age groups, and sporting activities for the youthful energetic young travelers on a budget. Spring break vacation resorts in Florida and the Caribbean cater to that market segment and provide activities, contests, and promotions geared towards attracting the youth traveler.

Best Vacation Ideas for Young Couples:

Young couples requirements may differ perhaps to spending more time together enjoying adventurous activities or sports events that they can either participate or enjoy mutually. Sporting activities, adventure white water rafting, scenic romantic locations, tournaments are all attractive to young couples. Honeymoon vacations are plentiful in Aruba, Bermuda, Hawaii, Italy, and St. Lucia offering white sandy beaches, fabulous weather, luxury shops, casinos, dancing and exclusive resorts that are all inclusive. The chain of Couples resorts in Jamaica offer specials for honeymoons and couples vacations and romance rewards.

Best Vacation Ideas for Kids and Families:

Fun, roller coasters theme parks, camping, animal sanctuaries, and of course the Disney world, theme park vacations with rides and amusements are all choices for families and kids. Universal Studios and Disney in Orlando and immensely popular for family vacations with kids and offer day tickets at discounts if purchases well in advance. Educational theme vacations here are also popular such as a reef study vacation in Belize where you can learn about the reefs and rainforest’s with snorkeling and sailing and an introduction to the tropical wildlife.

Best Vacation Ideas for Retired and Mature Travelers:

The more sophisticated retirees and mature travelers enjoy the exotic far east or European cruises, travel tours that offer intelligent guides to the worlds most famous landmarks and wonders. Cuisine is also an important decisive factor in choices for experienced travelers as is hotel ratings usually demanding higher quality standards in accommodation.

Texas and Arizona are ideal for retirement vacations due to the warmer weather especially in the winter months. The Hawaiian islands offer vacation rentals complete with pools, maid service, whirlpool baths, and some with humpback whale watching from your master suite or high end cottages on the Kohala coastline. Also tours that offer education and courses in photography, golf lessons or how to play bridge are also appealing to the adult travelers.

Vacation destinations really all depend on what you are seeking from time out and can be delightfully restorative to both your mind and body.

Recommended magazine subscription gifts for travel enthusiasts

Enthusiasm for worldwide travel is not limited to the actual participation, but also in the awareness and learning of up-to-date information relating to travel and tourism, from the latest news and reports, to up-and-coming destinations, tips and personal experiences from travelers around the globe.

For the avid traveler, or any person fascinated with stories and real life experiences from visitors to foreign lands, a print magazine subscription as an ideal gift and accompaniment.

Travel and tourism are a multi-million pound industry and there are a wide selection of print magazines catering for all types of traveler, from the backpacking wanderer and the business traveler, to the discerning person who seeks an idyllic, and pampered, retreat.

Five popular travel magazines, with website address for subscription details:

Real travel magazine – A monthly edition with an emphasis on reporting the true experiences and analysis of international travel, obtained from real travelers. Each issue opens with a featured destination, alongside its regular tips and reports from around the world. ” www.realtravelmag.com

Travel Africa – A quarterly edition primarily aimed at travel destinations within Africa. It explores the cultural diversity found across the continent, the wide variety of wildlife, plus tips and advice for any traveler intending to visit any African country. www.travelafricamag.com

Wanderlust – Expert advice covering all aspects of travel planning. For over 15 years, and 100 issues, the magazine has projected a valuable portfolio of tips and travel guides across worldwide destinations. www.wanderlust.co.uk

Business Traveler – A magazine aimed towards individuals who travel frequently on business. Available in ten alternate editions, such as “Business Traveler UK” or “Business Traveler Asia Pacific.” Ten editions annually, it reviews products and gadgets, leisure travel and the latest technology, health and property news. www.businesstraveller.com

Conde Nast Traveller – An upmarket magazine offering a guide to the best vacation experiences across the world. Reveals the top hotels and restaurants and where to venture for 5* treatment. www.cntraveller.com

Each magazine subscription will usually incorporate a discount or special offer, such as paying for ten issues and receiving two free, or a yearly subscription may incorporate a free gift, like a travel book, but no matter which, all enthusiasts will enjoy a regular travel guide to advise and prepare for the next trip away.

Appropriate gift certificates for travel enthusiasts

When deciding what sort of gift certificate to buy a travel enthusiast, your choice will really depend on what sort of travel enthusiast you are buying for. Are you looking to give a gift to someone who regularly travels abroad? Perhaps it is someone who is new to traveling? Then again it may be someone who only ever travels on coach and never flies. So as you can see there are a multitude of types of traveler. Here are a few ideas for gift certificates for different types of traveler.


A novice traveler may be looking to buy a travel kettle, suitcase, travel plugs, hiking clothes, flight socks or many other such items. A gift certificate for a store such as Boots or another one which sells these goods could be useful.


Most book shops sell gift vouchers which would enable a traveler to buy any maps or travel guides that they are interested in for future trips.


It is possible to buy gift certificates that allow the holder to trade them in for visits to museums and art galleries.


People who travel regularly usually have everything they need. However everyone can always do with a little more money. How about giving them some foreign currency for their next holiday. This is not strictly a gift certificate but it is really useful.


Ask at your local travel agency, what gift certificates they have on sale. It may be possible to give a gift certificate which will pay towards someone’s holiday price, their accommodation or their food. Research the Internet and you will find that there are many companies which offer gift vouchers which pay towards, or in full, the price of adventure breaks, transport, day trips, bed and breakfast accommodation, theater breaks, car rental and much more.


A gift certificate from a sport’s store can be used to purchase many items that a traveler may desire.


Finally most travelers enjoy capturing their travels on camera, be it stills or not. How about a gift certificate for a good camera shop where they can redeem their gift for photographs or prints being developed, a new camera card or even just some rechrgeable batteries.