Expand your Business and Keep your Employees Content With Vacation Certificates

Vacations are the one thing that everybody looks forward to refresh life. I mean who does not want to enjoy a nice and refreshing vacation to rejuvenate oneself. Everybody wants to take a leave from office for some days so that they can enjoy some quality time with their families, after all everybody works hard for their family and their loved ones. Moreover, working for late hours in office, trying to fulfill goals and living to realize their aspirations, people tend to take breaks in the form of vacations to some nice place. Therefore, it is quite natural for employees to expect their bosses to let them go for a nice vacation. In fact, my suggestion to all bosses would be that why do not they give their employees vacation certificates as an incentive, once in a while. In fact, vacation certificates are one of the best forms of business incentives that can be given to employees to keep them happy and content.

Vacation certificates not only help to keep the employees of an organization happy and satisfied, but also give the employer a chance to earn huge profits from it. Employers can actually expect to earn as much as 30% increase in sales by using vacation certificates as a part of their marketing strategy. The general tendency of people is that everybody loves getting things at free of cost and if it is a vacation, then what could be better than that. This can be used as one of the success strategies for businesses to expand and to grow. By offering free vacations and vacation certificates in all the promotions of the company, one’s business can be made to grow at a huge scale.

Responses of companies with vacation certificates have been really good and tremendously successful as they have not only been able to satisfy their employees but have also managed to increase their sales target. Now if you want the certificates to be a sign of your business, there are various vouchers that offer legal discounts, dental discounts, gas savings and even golf club membership. This is in fact; a huge range and you can generally find something that suits the module of your business. However, it is the vacations and flights that are most popular since they represent a great deal and genuine hard cash savings. Vacation certificates can also be used in online marketing or online promotion, newspapers and magazine adverts, direct mailing and even as attached inserts.

Now let us understand the form of vacation certificates and what do they have to offer to people in reality. Vacation certificates basically are physical certificates in various designs. These certificates offer any one of the vivid range of incentives that include hotel vacations, resort vacations, cruises to various destinations, flights and various other offers. The recipient of vacation certificates generally needs to pay the tax and some minimal admission fees. The demand for vacation certificates as good business incentives are increasing and these certificates offer marvelous opportunity in increasing business profits.

Rejuvenate yourself With Florida Beach Vacation Rental

You need to plan a vacation at some place, where you can find real fun, frolic and a lot of excitement, where you can charge up all your exhausted spirit. A vacation becomes all the more necessary when the anxiety of work pressure tears you down. The best option can be planning a trip to Florida Beach. One more thing, you need to consider while planning a vacation is your comfort level, which depends a great deal on the type of accommodation, you are going to opt for. Well! An ultimate solution to this problem can be Florida Beach vacation rental. It is preferable because of a large number of benefits it offers.

Florida Beach vacation rental can be a home, villa, condominium or bungalow, or even a luxurious boat. This is a wonderful way to enjoy your time in the Florida Beach vacation rental. A large number of travel agencies and various Florida-based vacation rental companies offer the ease and privacy of a home, along with the option to eat out or in, as it caters a fully furnished kitchen. You can opt to relax or even to enjoy various adventurous places, as you like. There are various notable vacation spots where you can have fun with your family and friends.

Florida Beach vacation rental facilitates you with privacy; you can enjoy a personal pool. Moreover, unlike hotels you can find enough space as per your requirements. Florida Beach vacation rental is relatively cheaper option of accommodation, as compared to hotels, motels or any other accommodations and caters great comfort to you. Some of the basic lineaments of Florida Beach vacation rental are as follows:



•Parking facility

•Fully furnished kitchen

You can also opt for hotels, if you want to stay for a day or two. But, if, you are planning a vacation for a week, then Florida Beach vacation rental is the best way to enjoy the beauty of the place. Residing in hotel or motels may be quite an expensive option. Moreover, the basic problem with hotels is that these are somewhat overcrowded. If you really want to enjoy your vacation to the fullest, you should opt for Florida Beach vacation rental.

Florida Beach vacation rental facilitates you with a parking lot, where you can park your vehicle. To find the best nominal deal, you will have to put in some efforts. You can search various online sources, where you can find a large number of individuals, as well as, travel agents, offering Florida Beach vacation rental home.

How to Benefit From the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction is now universally known and practiced throughout the world. It was proven to be fundamental law of how to be success. In this article, we are going to go into Law of Attraction in details. We are going to see how we can apply Law of Attraction in to our life and benefit from it immediately.

Brian Tracy explains Law of Attraction clearly in his book “The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success”. He says all human beings are like living magnets. We attract people, situation and circumstances into our life by our dominant thought. It is the thought that influences us at that particular point of time and it is unavoidable.

Law of Attraction is one of the best laws that explain how people succeed or fail. There have been many writings on Law of Attraction since 3000 years Before Christ. The law is as old as many mystery teachings in ancient Egypt era. Law of Attraction is so powerful that it centralizes all factors involving in what you do, talk or even think or feel. Everything that happens to your life is attracted by your thoughts. You can change your life by changing how you think. What you want, it also wants you. This explains how Law of Attraction works.

Your thought has tremendous power. It comes in form of thinking and mind power that travel in the lightening speed. It can penetrate anything even a very thick wall. There may be some circumstance that you think of some person who stayed far away from you. In just a few minutes, you get a phone call from that exact same person. Your mind has contacted him at that second you think of him.

Whenever you have unfavorable situation in life, you can make use of Law of Attraction by changing your thought. Change your thought on your practice, your values and your view of future. It will be a quick process and you will get the result in a short period of time. Here are some tips to benefit from Law of Attraction.

1. Think only what you want.
Most people think of what they don’t want all the time. They focus on how miserable their life is instead of how to get what they want. They blame other people or situation for their own failure. This is a normal way of human behavior. It is a defense mechanism that came with us since we were born. Human wants to be right. Our instinct makes it that way. The good news is that we can control our thought. And so we can control our future. Make a decision now to focus only on what you want so that you can attract the favorable situation for your goal achievement.

2. Plan your day and take actions toward your goal.
Although Law of Attraction helps us on attracting the situation we want, we need to also do our part. It doesn’t mean that we don’t have to do anything. We will not benefit from the situation if we don’t do what we are supposed to do. We have to have our goals set. We need to write down our plan and take actions toward our goals. There is no exception to anybody. We need to take massive actions to get success. There is no other way.

3. Visualize Regularly.
One of the most powerful ways to use the law of attraction is to make visualization. Regular visualization will send the right signal to the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind will work on the attraction from our visualization. Visualize the situation you want and feel as if it is happening in front of you right now. If you make visualization regularly and effectively, it will attract those images into reality. You may want to add background audio to accelerate your attraction. There are many in the market. Attraction Accelerator can also be one of your choices.

Law of Attraction can be a tool to your success. If you use if effectively, it can bring you all you want in life. In this article we talk about the Law and how to make use of it quickly.

Tourist Tours In Mexico

Each year, a large number of individuals, couples, and families make the decision to travel to Mexico. Most have visited Mexico before. If you are planning a Mexico vacation, and you have never been there before, you may have some concerns. You may be wondering what places are safe for you to visit.

Mexico is like all other countries. There are areas that are known as tourists attractions and then there are other areas that tourists are advised to stay away from. You can easily learn about these areas online. Researching every city and town in Mexico is a long and daunting process. To save time and a costly vacation mistake, you are encouraged to examine the benefits of taking a guided Mexico tour.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of booking a guided tour in Mexico is that you will be with a local who is familiar with the area. Guided tours are held in areas that are considered safe. In addition to showing you around certain areas of Mexico, your tour guide may be able to offer you additional travel tips and suggestions. These suggestions may help you with your vacation after your guide has ended.

If you are interested in taking a guided Mexican tour, you will have to find the tour company which you wish to do business with. There are a large nubmer of guided tour companies in the area. If you do not have a preference as to which company you would like to tour with, you may want to first search for a destination. The destination you select will be important in determining what you will learn and see while on a guided tour.

Many guided tours take place in Cooper Canyon, the Oaxaca Mountains, the Yucatan Peninsula and Baja. In Mexico, Baja is most known for its water activities. Many popular guided tours include whale watching and kayaking. Whether you set out to watch the whales or you select a kayaking tour, you are sure to see Gray whales. Many times, they will come right up to your boat, making for great pictures or video footage.

Cooper Canyon and the Oaxaca Mountains are guided tours that are ideal for those that love to hike. To participate in these tours, it is advised that you receive the proper health clearance. You tour will likely follow trails, but much of the terrain can be rough. The Yucatan Peninsula is ideal for travelers who wish to learn more about the ancient history of Mexico.

The above mentioned destinations in Mexico are just a few of the many. Guided tours are found all across Mexico. If there is particular topic or activity that interests you, you are sure to find a guided tour that will offer you excitement. Hikers often select a hiking tour, boats often opt for boat tours, and history lovers often select tours that focus on the history of Mexico.

In addition to selecting where you would like to go on a guided tour, you will also need to determine how long you would like that tour to be. In Mexico, guided tours can last as long as one day or over one week. You should easily be able to determine how long a guided tour is by looking at the price. Weeklong guided tours can cost thousands of dollars, but most of your accommodations are taken care of. Some guided tours can be considered all-inclusive vacations.

Journey Mexico, Siesta Tours, and Ufly Mexico are three of the most well-known guided tour companies in Mexico. You can examine the tours found by these three companies by visiting their online websites or by requesting free travel brochures. If you are interested in finding additional tours, your local travel agent may be able to offer you assistance.

By selecting a guided tour of Mexico, you do not always have to be looking over your shoulder. Vacationing in a safe area with an experienced tour guide is about as carefree as your Mexico vacation can get.

Holidays that are loved by Russian women

Russian holidays are usually divided on national, state, professional and other holidays. The national celebrations, as a rule, have some special historical meaning. State holidays are dedicated to the events that have a social-political significance, and are held traditionally. Professional and other holidays usually are celebrated by separate categories of people.

There are about nine official holidays in Russian Federation, but only three of them are really popular, widely celebrated and absolutely loved by the population. They are: the New Year, 8 March, and the holy Easter. Russian women wait and thoroughly prepare for each of these holidays, when they can give presents and receive gifts from all of the close people and friends.

The New Year is the biggest and greatest holiday for the whole post-Soviet region.
It’s considered to be one of the most bright and festive holidays of the year. People start getting ready for the celebrations at the beginning of December, while in cities bright lights and fur-trees begin to appear, creating the Christmas atmosphere and good mood. It is a time for great joy for family and friends and for discounts in shops, but yet hardly anyone thinks about its history.

The New Year holiday appeared in the ancient period. Originally, it wasn’t celebrated in December, and in different countries New Year was held in different times. But one thing all the states had in common was that almost everywhere the New Year began in spring, symbolizing the rebirth of nature. In Russia, from 10th to 15th century the New Year began on the 1st of March. Only later, in 1699, Peter the First has proclaimed that the New Year would start on 1st of January. During this time, the Russian tradition of decorating fur-trees and wishing happiness and well-being began. Nevertheless, Peter the First said that the celebrations should be without alcohol and totally dedicated to children.

The main reason for starting the new year in March was because that was how things have been done since creation. At the end of 15th century, the Orthodox Church designated the 1st of September as the new year and the last time when it was celebrated on this date was in 1698, although there still exist some places, where according to the Orthodox Church, the 1st of September is the beginning of the new year, and the 1st of January is just a civil holiday.

Peter the First’s goal in changing the date of the new year to the 1st of January was to align the Russian calendar with those of the countries in Europe. Right after the original New Year there comes another celebration for the CIS people, called the Old New Year, which takes place on night from 13th to 14th of January. Even here, in CIS, many people don’t know the real reason why they still celebrate the Old New Year. They just do it because of the tradition and because there is a common belief that on this day you’ve got to say good bye to the year that has passed, and try to remember your lucks in unlucks, preparing to live the new year that you already welcomed in the best way you can. However, the real reason why people celebrate it is because very long ago, the Orthodox Church has refused to accept the new style calendar based on Julian calendar.

Another holiday celebrated in Russia, Ukraine and all the neighbouring CIS countries is March 8th. It’s an important holiday because it is dedicated to ladies! On the Former Soviet Union territory the 8th of March is considered to be an International Women’s Day. Here, people devote this holiday to the whole female population of the world. Annually, this bright date involves everyone and keeps everybody busy in the country of Russia! On this day the Russian brides feel themselves as the queens, accepting greetings and gifts from their fathers, brothers, nephews, boyfriends and husbands. And all the men are also very happy on this day, because it’s a real chance for them to show all their care and love to ladies.

Historically, this holiday is a day of women’s solidarity in the battle for economic, social and political equal rights. The decision on annual celebration of International Women’s day in every country of the world was accepted in 1910 on the International conference of female socialists in Copenhagen. First of all, it was provided in the row of European countries in 1911 and then, in 1913 in Russia. Nevertheless, the tradition of celebrating this event was only kept in the Soviet Union and still is widely celebrated in this area.

On the 8th of March guys give flowers to all the women they know. What kind of presents they usually make depends on how much close the woman is for them. Traditionally, they give tulips for ladies, so as it symbolizes the beginning of spring, something new and vivid. When talking about their sweethearts, men try to be as much generous as possible, because every lady wants to feel herself very special on this day that is especially dedicated to her.

Another warm, bright and joyful holiday celebrated here is the Easter. This lovely and delightful holiday of the ancient religious tradition is usually held in April or May. Everybody colour eggs, bake Easter cakes and congratulate each other at this time, saying: “Christ has arisen!”. On Easter people usually visit their relatives, friends, neighbours and treat one another with beautifully painted eggs, lush baking and pastry.

An interesting “holiday fact” has been recently published by a local organization called “Freedom Foundation”. The most popular holiday in Ukraine is the New Year – 92) as by women (64, then goes Orthodox Christmas (held on the 7th of January ) – 58.

Other holidays that are also really loved here, came from the European culture – they are the Saint Valentine’s Day and Halloween. Those two are considered to be as fashionable and widely spread among the younger generations, so as entered this culture not so long ago.

Which Vacation Rental Availability Should I Use?

Do you own a vacation rental website and are asking yourself “which vacation rental availability should I use”? As a vacation rental owner, I had to ponder this question myself. After all, a Google search reveals that there are lots of free and paid options available. But which is the right vacation rental calendar to use?


HomeAway (www.homeawayconnect.com), formerly Renters.org, really simplifies the rental of your vacation home and is FREE to use. You can save time with the day-to-day details of your vacation rental, so you can focus on what’s really important- finding the right guests and making them feel at home.


Weather you rent a little or a lot? HomeAway Connect can help you.


  • Manage your reservation and payment process with online tools.
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How it Works


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    http://www.homeawayconnect.com/calendar.aspx?propertyid=[your property id here]
    For example:
  2. Please update your bookmarks and links. All you need to change is Rentors.org to homeawayconnect.com



As vacation rental owners, we use the FREE HomeAway calendar because it allows you enter renter’s information, arrival time and special instructions, and contact information.


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We are not associated with the HomeAway Network, but we know vacation rentals and we use their FREE vacation calendar and paid listing services.


Please feel free to list your vacation rentals on our FREE vacation rental advertising website and be sure to include your HomeAway calendar link to your listing. We all could use additional free advertising and bookings.

Beyond the Secret: Spiritual Power and the Law of Attraction

Beyond the Secret:

Spiritual Power & the Law of Attraction

By Dr. Lisa Love

(Book Excerpt, Copyright ã 2007, All Rights Reserved. Book Available NOW on Amazon.com)

Chapter One: Orient Towards Spirit

If there is one secret truly worth discovering, it is not the secret of the law of attraction. It is the secret of Spirit. True, the law of attraction can bring you whatever you want in life, but as I mentioned before, it won’t necessarily bring you what is good for you. Only Spirit understands what you really need and why you are here.

Seek to understand what Spirit wants for you in this life.

As you will discover the law of attraction can be used in healthy or unhealthy ways. A child can be attracted to a flame, but the best result is not to put her hand into the fire and get burned. Metaphorically, Spirit can be seen as a divine parent, seeking to guide you into greater wisdom and maturity. And what Spirit ultimately wants for you is simple—to be conscious of the universe.

Spirit also wants you to live an abundant life. But, let’s be clear on what spiritual abundance is and what it is not. An abundance of Spirit is an abundance of spiritual wisdom and insight. It includes an abundance of spiritual values like patience, love, compassion, maturity, respect, appreciation, intelligence, harmony, inner peace, joy, and a dedication to what is often called the good, the true, and the beautiful.

Spiritual Lessons Are Everywhere

Yes, your dharma, or spiritual purpose in life, may involve great monetary wealth. But, then again, it may not! While meditating on wealth and spirituality, I remember one particularly powerful experience. I was reflecting on the times when I had money and when I did not. At the time I was near the ocean. It had just rained, and slowly my attention was drawn to the vast expanse of water in front of me and then to a puddle by the side of the road.

Oceans and puddles. My attention went back and forth between the two. Should I damn the puddle for being so small? Wasn’t it serving a purpose? Wasn’t it helping to collect a pool of water until the sun could evaporate it? Didn’t I have multiple childhood memories of splashing about in puddles? Didn’t I remember the delight, the laughter, the squealing in joy at seeing water splash all around me as my boot stomped down into the water? Yes, puddles had brought a lot of joy into my life.

As for oceans, having grown up in the Midwest, I always found it a magical experience to head down to Florida to see the vast expanse of water before me: the waves rolling in and out, surfers riding the waves, sea creatures of all kind inhabiting a whole new universe below. Oceans were always mysterious and magical to me, not to mention healing and soothing, which was why I was standing in front of the ocean at that time.

Of course, lakes had always brought a lot of joy to me as well. There were lots of lakes in the Midwest. I loved the water. I liked both sailing and water-skiing, and swimming was always one of my favorite things. Picnics on the grass. Family outings. Those early teenage romantic rendezvous. Except for the jiggers, which could bite you, I never had a memory of a lake I didn’t thoroughly adore.

Even water in a glass has a purpose. I don’t know about you, but when I am thirsty, it is water in a glass and not water from a lake, ocean, or puddle I most want to drink. I realized that no matter what form or shape water tookit wasn’t how much water any person did or did not have. It was the function of the water and how well it was put to good use.

And, in that moment I realized that money and all of the “stuff” people acquired with it was exactly like water in this world. I came to understand that it wasn’t how much any person had or didn’t have that mattered. It was the spiritual lessons they were learning from what they possessed and how well they consciously, lovingly, and intelligently managed their possessions, and how capable they were of sticking to spiritual principles no matter how much wealth, or what kind of circumstances they faced in their lives. Perhaps this is why so many spiritual people go through both prosperous and adverse situations. Like the double dorje, they are learning to stand poised at the center of the circle, staying spiritually balanced no matter the outer circumstances of their world.

Spirit Overcomes Fear and Selfish Desire

As you’ve probably figured out by now, when I talk about using the law of attraction, I am not talking about getting a lot of stuff. Stuff may or may not make you happy, and I will go into that later in this book. It’s just that people acquire stuff as a way to avoid their ultimate fear—that stuff may really be all there is in this universe. Just like the stuff of our bodies, one day all other stuff will disappear. The only thing that will remain is Spirit, and even that is difficult for some stuff-driven people to accept and comprehend. Though I have personalized Spirit metaphorically as a divine parent, it really is the vast, all-encompassing force that pervades the universe. As my own mystical experiences have revealed to me, Spirit lives within everything. Nothing can escape it and everyone is “it” in a very fundamental way.

Understand that Spirit is infinite; forms are finite. Spirit is abundant; forms are not.

Thus, those who know Spirit intimately understand beyond a shadow of a doubt that nothing in this universe can be destroyed. Death is an illusion. Whenever anything appears to die, it simply changes shape and form. As Albert Einstein said, “Energy, cannot be created or destroyed. ” This realization radically shifts your experience of death and desire. Though The Secret also mentions this Einstein quote, the book fails to illuminate or appreciate how, when you remove the fear of death, you don’t desire things in quite the same way.

For starters, you no longer act as a human being who wants to consume everything in sight, leaving nothing of real value for your children and grandchildren in the future. You begin to understand that humans who are only focused on consumption are really like a cancer on this Earth. Just as cancer cells in your body could use the law of attraction to get what they want despite your ultimate demise; humans need to understand that if they are not careful they will use the law of attraction in a destructive manner reaping devastation on the larger world around.

Of course, even if the law of attraction is used in a selfish way, Spirit will ultimately turn it toward the good. But why make those mistakes? Why set yourself back and misuse the law of attraction instead of using it in a spiritual way?

The difficulty with the law of attraction is that it is entirely neutral. Just as The Secret shares, the law of attraction is like a genie in a bottle here to grant your every wish. Often, what you are wishing for is not what Spirit is wishing for you! Just as a child can wish to eat nothing but cookies all day long, what you wish for as an adult may or may not be good for you in the long run. And, since the law of attraction is neutral, it doesn’t care. It will give you want you want regardless.

Remember the law of attraction is neutral. Though you can use it to get whatever you wish for, it doesn’t always give you what Spirit wishes for you!

Spirit Reveals Your Ultimate Destiny

So, here’s the rub: The next time you are busy polishing that lamp so all of your wishes can come true, think twice about what you are doing because the most powerful use of the law of attraction is ultimately to attract to yourself a clear understanding of how to wish! And, one of the best wishes you can make is to gain insight into yourself and your spiritual purpose, mission, or ultimate destiny in this world.

Now, I cannot tell you what your ultimate destiny is. Though I can attempt to guide you, only Spirit knows what it is for certain. But, I believe Spirit has a fundamental purpose—to wake you up so you can realize that ultimately you are Spirit, and so is everything else around you. Call it enlightenment, self-realization, unity consciousness, oneness, or being filled with the Holy Spirit. It all leads to a quest where you understand that you are here not to consume but to contribute. You are not here simply to acquire but to give! All that you receive in life is ultimately a gift from Spirit that teaches you to be more loving and aware on this Earth. And, you might as well face it: No matter how much you use the law of attraction to wish it would not be true, your time on this Earth is finite! How you spend your time here is important. So, what on this Earth will you do?

Will you spend your time and energy only trying to obtain your material desires? Especially in the world today, it is possible to attract to yourself a lot of material goods! And, quite frankly, attracting stuff is easy. Just think of all the people you know who have knowingly or unknowingly used the law of attraction to get what they have wanted in life. They may have cars, money, a dream home, the best-looking partner or spouse, good health, and even well-dressed and educated children. On the exterior, their lives look like a dream. Yet, despite all of this, they may also remain lackluster and walk through life half-consciously. To cope, they often medicate themselves with alcohol, Prozac, illegal drugs, adrenaline-rush activities, sexual conquests, and much, much more. Sadly, despite all of their prosperity, too many people in our present society act like empty zombies. Maybe that is why our culture is so increasingly obsessed with horror movies. As a whole, we are trying to wake up to the horror of the empty lives too many people are currently living.

Attract More Spirit into Your Life

This is why it is so important to attract the things of Spirit no matter what the outer circumstances of your life. Then you will know that if you can stay connectioned with Spirit, grow in wisdom, and have a heart capable of love, you will remain in a very good mood, just like Job in the Bible who was stripped of everything and everyone he loved for a while; you will discover it ispossible to stay in touch with Spirit for better or worse, in sickness and health, till death do you part, no matter what.You will learn to remain in a state of inner joy and peace whether you take on the role of a Bill Gates or Mother Teresa. My research and life experiences have shown that me that people can accomplish this. But, I have worked hard and long to know the secret of Spirit in my life. I know this secret of Spirit really has the power to free you.

So, get busy trying to attract an understanding of the purpose Spirit has for you. But, remember that you cannot write that purpose yourself, especially if it is selfish in nature, without paying a price in the end. What does Spirit want most from you? To become conscious and to love. How do you love? By experiencing yourself as connected to everything around you, and as everything and everyone, to learn how to take better care of yourself. Despite the illusion that you are separate from other people, we are all interconnected. Similar to a hand, even though you may believe you are only a finger, you are part of a hand nevertheless. As you wake up to this fact, you realize how important it is to care about what happens to the people and the overall planet around you. This is not an easy task. To truly love, you have to understand what everything around you needs to grow and prosper. Try attracting that information to you!

Of course, learning to love everyone and everything around you may seem like an impossible task. That is why it is important to begin in small ways. If you can just learn to love and care for yourself, that alone is a huge accomplishment. If you can also learn to love, care for, and respect your family, neighbors, co-workers, and community—wow! What a wonderful world it would be if we could all do that!

So, why not begin right now to use the law of attraction to help you live a loving and spiritual life? And, don’t forget to attract to yourself an understanding of just how much you have to offer. That way you will seek to make your life more about contribution, instead of acquisition, as you live from day to day.

Therefore, use the law of attraction to benefit not only yourself, but everyone around you.

Orient toward Spirit—Key Insights

1. Seek to understand what Spirit wants for you in this life.

2. Understand that Spirit is infinite; forms are finite. Spirit is abundant; forms are not.

3. Remember the law of attraction is neutral. Though you can use it to get whatever you wish for, it doesn’t always give you what Spirit wishes for you!

4. Use the law of attraction to benefit not only yourself, but everyone around you.

What to do with left over holiday food

Family, food and good times! That is what the holidays are all about. What to do with all of that left over holiday food? Chances are that you and your family indulged in a few good meals; and you now have stacks of platic containers filled with leftovers. A good rule of thumb, do not let these great foods go to waste! Be creative and enjoy the flavors of the holidays for days to come.

Freezable, reusable containers come in extremely handy this time of year. Schedule another family get together in a couple weeks, and voila! All you will have to do is take the food out of the freezer and heat it up. In a simplified manner, you and your family can enjoy all of the awesome tastes, once again, that accompany the holiday season.

As your guests are departing; send a reusable container, with leftovers, right on out the door with your guests! This really is a no brainer when it comes to leftover holiday food. Not only will you be able to enjoy some of the tastes of the holidays, but your guests will also be able to savor the last few bites of the holidays. If you live in a warm climate, make sure the food will be transported home in a safe manner. Nobody enjoys a bout of food poisoning over the course of the holidays.

If you are like many other people, you will probably have to work a couple days over the holiday. Remember, leftovers make awesome lunch time meals at the office. Your meal at the office will be healthy and also very affordable. Holiday meals can provide a healthy alternative for your lunch while at the office. A nifty way to reuse that turkey is to toss a tortilla shell into your lunch box, along with turkey and stuffing. Warm the tortilla and then heat the turkey with dressing. This makes a great tasting wrap sandwich, with all of the flavor of the holidays!

One of the easiest ways to avoid the leftover issue, is to plan your menu for the number of people that are attending your holiday meal. We all get caught up in the buy, buy, buy mode and throw more than we need into our shopping carts. When we go armed with a list in hand, we tend to shop smart. In today’s tough economy, we all want the biggest bang for our buck. If you enjoy holiday leftovers, as well as leftovers at the office, plan your shopping list accordlingly. By planning for five extra people, you will have leftovers for a good week!

By shopping smart and arming yourself with some knowledge, your holiday leftovers will not become an issue. If a couple weeks have passed and you still have containers of leftovers in your refrigerator, toss them out! Treat this day as a day to clean out your refrigerator and alleviate all food bourne illnesses. A well stocked refrigerator is a lifesaver for many of us today. Keep the food fresh and healthy. Your family will thank you for not subjecting them to an outdated holiday meal! By practicing good hygiene and healthy habits in the kitchen, your leftover food will be enjoyed by many.

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Do people vacation primarily for excitement or relaxation?

Who doesn’t think about relaxation when it comes time to plan a vacation! The very idea of getting away from your routine at home and from an arduous job is reason enough to look forward to a nice vacation.

Some people daydream about lying on a beach, sipping a cool drink and basking in the sun as a perfect way to relax on vacation, and yet there are others who schedule rigorous activities on each day of their vacations without any down time. It isn’t my place to judge how people spend their time off. This planet is filled with so many diverse personalities! I’ll bet if we asked 50 people to define a relaxing vacation, we would probably get 50 different replies.

However, the fact that we humans are so diverse is what makes life so interesting and perhaps exciting! The thought of every person wanting to do the same things on their vacation presents a whole other set of problems! For instance, if everyone in the world wanted to go to Tahiti for a relaxing summer vacation, it would not only create enormous booking conflicts, airports would be a place of utter chaos to the likes we have never known, and, even if you got a flight there, Papeete would be inundated with people! Beaches would be lined with wall-to-wall people, and it would be impossible to enjoy neither a relaxing nor an exciting time on your vacation!

In a sense, it is a great thing that most of us define our vacation times with varying degrees of distinctions. The fact that we don’t all take vacations at the same time of year gives us slightly more freedom to find flights, hotels and space to explore new territories without floods of people around you wanting to climb the same hill at the very same time you do!

There is no doubt in my mind that a relaxing vacation can be just as exciting to those who desire a less active time, as opposed to those who must keep busy all the time. I say, “To each their own.” That’s why they make chocolate and vanilla! Yes, I realize that little quip I so often use, is a rather humorous way to look at the diversity among us. However, there is a lot of truth in those words, because if you think about it, our own individual tastes and interests are the very traits that set us apart from one another.

Our differences are what make up our individual personalities and make each and every one of us unique in our own way!

When it comes to vacations, the most important thing is that we all earned that very special time to do what we want, and in the style that we as individual, free-thinking human beings are entitled to do, and that is choose a vacation destination that makes us feel great!

Because of our wide array of diversities, choosing a vacation destination can be very subjective. To emphasize the point I am trying to make here is to say that even your very best friend who you trust and admire, may have completely different ideas of what to do on vacation than you do!

I must admit, this is a tough debate to lean strictly to one side or the other and I hate to “sit on the fence” on this one, but in my opinion, when I have the opportunity to take time off from my routine, I consider myself fortunate! All kidding aside, to my way of thinking, a vacation should include activities that are definitely exciting to you, but it is equally as rewarding to allow a little time to relax as well. These are both very important ingredients to a well-balanced and memorable vacation!