Information on Eating Disorders

Eating disorders afflict millions of people, thousands of which will die from them yearly. There is good news though, eating disorders can be beaten. You do not have to be a prisoner to this anymore. You have the power within yourself to beat this and you will. Recovery takes a lot of time and hard work, but in the end it is all worth it. You will finally be free and you will love yourself. When recovery happens you will be able to look in the mirror and say, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all” and it will be you :)

A person with an eating disorder may have started out just eating smaller or larger amounts of food than usual, but at some point, the urge to eat less or more spirals out of control. Eating disorders are very complex, and despite scientific research to understand them, the biological, behavioral and social underpinnings of these illnesses remain elusive.

Up to 10 million teens develop eating disorders, abnormal attitudes and behaviors with foods, which include anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa. For most kids, eating disorders begin when they are 11 to 13 years old. While they are more common among girls, boys can experience eating disorders too. Unfortunately, many kids and teens successfully hide these disorders from their families for months or years.

Women are more likely than men to have eating disorders. They usually start in the teenage years and often occur along with depression, anxiety disorders and substance abuse.

Some research suggests that media images contribute to the rise in the incidence of eating disorders. Most women in advertising, movies, TV, and sports programs are very thin, and this may lead girls to think that the ideal of beauty is thinness. Boys, too, may try to emulate a media ideal by drastically restricting their eating and compulsively exercising.

Eating disorders frequently appear during adolescence or young adulthood, but some reports indicate that they can develop during childhood or later in adulthood. Women and girls are much more likely than males to develop an eating disorder. Men and boys account for an estimated 5 to 15 percent of patients with anorexia or bulimia and an estimated 35 percent of those with binge-eating disorder. Eating disorders are real, treatable medical illnesses with complex underlying psychological and biological causes.

Eating disorders are more common in cultures focused on weight loss and body image. Body dissatisfaction and dieting may lead to unhealthy and dangerous eating behaviors. Sometimes, these eating patterns can lead to eating disorders. Fortunately, there has been an increased awareness about these types of illnesses. Eating disorders are treatable.

Anorexia can slow the heart rate and lower blood pressure, increasing the chance of heart failure. Those who use drugs to stimulate vomiting, bowel movements, or urination are also at high risk for heart failure. Starvation can also lead to heart failure, as well as damage the brain. Anorexia may also cause hair and nails to grow brittle. Skin may dry out, become yellow, and develop a covering of soft hair called lanugo. Mild anemia, swollen joints, reduced muscle mass, and light-headedness also commonly occur as a consequence of this eating disorder. Severe cases of anorexia can lead to brittle bones that break easily as a result of calcium loss.

What is kosher food?

Kosher foods are those that are allowed according to Levitical law (Leviticus 11) and prepared according to kashrut. Not only are certain foods prohibited, but how those foods are prepared either makes them kosher or not. Chinese food, Mexican food, or “good old all-American home-style family southern” food can all be prepared as kosher. Although the specific details of kashrut are extensive, the laws all originate from a few straightforward guidlines.

In restaurants, deli establishments, and grocery stores we often stumble across the “kosher” section right next to international foods. There is a significant misconception, though, about what is and is not kosher? What is kosher food? Is it merely Jewish food, another international cuisine, or is there more to it? Simply put, kosher food is food allowed by Levitical law and prepared in accordance with Jewish religious tradition.

“Kashrut” is the group of laws dealing with Jewish food law, what foods are acceptable and how they must be prepared to be considered “kosher,” fit, proper, or correct. The term kosher means that something is being used in accordance with proper Jewish culture and tradition. There is actually no such thing as “kosher style” cooking or food. It is not a book of recipes passed down from Jewish grandmothers to their daughters and granddaughters. Kosher foods are those that are in agreement with Biblical, Levitical law and Jewish traditional preparation.

Although the blessing of food is part of Jewish tradition, the rabbi does not “bless food” to make it kosher, nor does the family make it kosher when blessing it prior to consumption. If food is advertised as kosher in restaurants or grocery stores, the probability is high that it is not. What this usually means is that it is traditional Jewish food, but not necessarily prepared according to “Kashrut.” There is no such thing as kosher-style food. Any food can be kosher if it is prepared in accordance with Jewish ritual or law and it is an acceptable item for Jewish consumption.

Some believe that Judaic food laws found in the Old Testament, the Jewish Septuagint, exist for health purposes, and there are some truth to this. Many of these food laws do parallel what modern food science and medicine have discovered to be healthful. Improperly cooked pork, for instance, can contain the trichinosis parasite that if ingested by humans can be fatal. Animals that eat plants and chew their cud, like cattle, are acceptable

Day Out at a Restaurant with Live Music

If you are dining out, step into any restaurant that provides live music. If you haven’t enjoyed it before, do it now. You will never regret your decision as enjoying your food with live music is great fun. Jazz, Rock, Country music, Folk, Rock and Roll, Soulful songs, Melodies, Live Piano and so on; whatever be your taste you can find restaurants with live music.

Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York are some of the happening destinations in U.S with great night life. Let’s check out some of the restaurants that organize live music in these three cities.

Las Vegas is the center of entertainment and gambling and therefore has many of the largest restaurants, hotels, casinos and resort properties in the world.

Las Vegas Restaurants with Live Music includes Terrazza, a good Italian restaurant that provide live jazz music. With candlelit tables and elegant décor, you can spend romantic evenings here. Hard Rock Cafe is a music-themed restaurant with an all American menu. It has live rock music and music lovers can enjoy the Rock and Roll memorabilia on the wall. So you can worship Rock legends while munching on American favorites. Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas is a German restaurant with German style open seating. You can enjoy beer brewed in Munich with Bavarian music and dancing.

Los Angeles leads the world in producing popular entertainment, which forms the base of its international fame and global status. One of the Los Angeles Restaurants with Live Music is El Compadre, which is a Mexican restaurant where you can enjoy Salsa with the tasty Margaritas. Tangier is a fantastic dinner spot for Mediterranean cuisine. You can enjoy Live Piano along with exquisite cuisine. Palms Thai Restaurant dishes out Thai cuisine. Their entertainment show Thai Elvis is very popular.

New York restaurants with live music include Son Cubano, which doles out Cuban and Latin American dishes. It creates a fantastic atmosphere for its diners with its great Cuban live music. So don’t miss this place if you wish for a fun night.

Avenue A Japanese Restaurant is famous for its Sushi. DJs with their foot tapping music and back lights will force you to come to their dance floor. Jules Bristo, a French restaurant is a combination of live Jazz, great food, friendly service and an affordable bill.

Select any of these restaurants from the restaurant guide and chill out.

The health risks of eating at restaurants

The risks of eating in a restaurant depend on the restaurant and its location. Health risks associated with restaurants range from environmental risks due to poor sanitation to actual illnesses like food poisening due to contamination. These risks are higher in restaurants as opposed to in your home because the risk of thawing food and spoilage are much higher and more people are handling the food.

One issue when dining out can be whether or not the restaurant is smoke free. Secondhand smoke is just as harmful to you health as smoking the ciggerate yourself. Over fifty percent of americans are covered by statewide smoking bans but some states sre still fighting to pass the bill. The problem with the restaurants that aren’t smoke free is that their smoking sections are not adequate and generally are only devided by small areas of glass or diveders.

A bigger health issue in restaurants lately has been food poisening. We’ve all heard of salmonella,e-coli, hepitatis A and most recentlt mad cow desease. The food becomes contaminated from poor sanitation or preperation causing these food born illnesses. Foods stored improprely and at the wrong temperature can also promote contamination.

Another health concern is the actual food that we are eating and whether or not it is healthy. Artificial trans fat oils are used in restaurants at least until recently. These trans fat oils promote heart attacks and are actually liked to early deaths. Alot of restaurants are using soybean oil or fat free oils which are much healthier for our bodies.

In todays society, eating out has become a way of life. Both parents work, kids have soccer or dance and there is no time to be at home in the kitchen making dinner. We go out to eat because its convienent and practical. So how do you chose a restaurant knowing the health risks involved?

First, find out if the restaurant is smoke free.

Second, Inquire about the restaurants score from the Department of Health (usually posted at the establishment).

Once you’ve found a good restaurant, find out what kind of oil they use and ask for a nutritional guide for their menu. Some restaurants have them out but all restaurants have to have them, so if you can’t see them, ask.

To avoid food poisening, when ordering a burger make sure its cooked to 160 degrees and make sure they are using pasterized eggs when ordering eggs or omlets.

I enjoy eating out, as does most of america. Eating out does not have to be a risk. Just take precautions when choosing a restaurant.

South Street Seaport Restaurant Assures Perfect Dinning Experience

Are you willing to eat out at a restaurant that not only offers best food, but its surroundings should also be mesmerizing? If it is so then South Street Seaport restaurant is the perfect place for you to be. This place is situated in the city of lights, New York. You can have a real good time in dinning in the restaurants situated at this place. Well, a dinning experience can be the most memorable one only when the restaurant, its ambience, its menu and service quality are excellent. If either of them is not up to the mark, then customers would shrink them off from visiting that restaurant again.

As restaurant is situated in South Street Seaport, there is a lot of variety in sea food and beef products that adorn the menus of these restaurants. A wide variety of sea food includes numerous types of fishes, tasty lobsters, crabs and much more. This is not just the end of the menu list. If you are a beef lover, then you have come to the right place. Many of these restaurants have beef delicacies that are simply mouth watering. Grilled buffalo meat, mozzarella di bufala and lots more are a part of the beef menu. Beef lovers can take this chance to dine at some of their favorite restaurants at South Street Seaport.

Every restaurant at South Street Seaport has a mesmerizing view that adds to the attractiveness of the place. Just imagine that a perfect combination of location, food, ambience of restaurant, drinks and service quality can leave an ever cherishing moment in your life. So why not visit that place for a change and why to stay in the home every time. After all, you got to have a change from the hectic schedule as you keep on working for the whole week. Dinning at restaurants of your choice not only gives you a tastier experience, you also get to spend some quality time with friends and family.

Each restaurant owner, be it at South Street Seaport or any other place, has to take care about each and every inch of his restaurant. There are various customers who are very fussy and particular about the place they visit. The restaurant owner has to cater to every slot, so he has to be quite a perfectionist in every thing. If the food of his is not tasty and does not raise the customer’s taste buds, then nobody will visit that restaurant. A restaurant owner has to be selective and have a creative bent of mind, so that his restaurant can have appealing touch to every aspect.

Restaurants at South Street Seaport are quite famous as party places and for enjoying quite dinners. If you are arranging for party and looking for a venue, then South Street Seaport restaurant is the most suitable place. After all, you are spending a lot of money and would like to have everything best. As far as this place is concerned, you don’t have to worry about anything. Your party would be a hit, if you select the right type of restaurant. So, just go about looking for a restaurant here and you can enjoy the fun.

Rats in restaurants: Tips for surviving unsavory sanitation when dining out

Rats and other pests are difficult to avoid. In restaurants, in homes, in schools…they’re everywhere! Sometimes the only thing worse than dining in a restaurant with rats is working in a restaurant with rats, or living in a home with rats. These jumbo rodents can carry infection, spread disease, or attack your pets.


Don’t be afraid to admit that you need professional help. Rats and mice are hard to get rid of because they are hard to find. Getting a cat is not the answer. This just brings another animal into the picture that may or may not be able to solve your rat problem, and may just be attacked by the rats. You really need to bring in a professional, particularly if you are running a business.


As a consumer, if you are thinking of dining in a new establishment, get a few recommendations from friends first. Pay attention to the conditions of the neighborhood the restaurant is in, and pay attention to the kitchen and bathrooms in particular while you are being seated. Don’t be afraid to walk out if you find that the conditions appear to be substandard. Also, pay attention to the cleanliness of the wait staff. As I stated in my article on “Maximizing tips for wait staff,” the physical appearance and cleanliness of a server can make or break a restaurant’s reputation. This is really the most important part of a restaurant experience. If I get sick at a restaurant, I never go back. The cleanliness of food prep areas, cooks, and servers is essential.


The best dining survivial tip I can give you is to insist on a decent dining experience. If you don’t get what you want, don’t pay and don’t go back. If you find yourself in rat infested territory, get out immediately. Don’t wait until you get sick or vomit. Walk out the door. The restaurant cannot stop you if you walk out due to unsavory conditions.

Why need a restaurant equipment supplier

Opening a business is a good idea and if you are planning to open a restaurant, it is even more exciting. The restaurant business is not like any other business. Those who already own a restaurant have very clear idea about what are multiple responsibilities involved in this business. But if a fresher has taken the pledge to enter into the restaurant ownership, he needs to learn quickly about the prerequisites of running a restaurant business.

A restaurant owner needs to make a detailed planning of the requirements to meet his customers need and make it a profitable business. The basic requirement to run a successful restaurant is good staff including chef and waiters. Secondly, he needs good quality kitchen appliances, cookware and cutlery etc. Lastly, a restaurant owner must know the time management to run the business smoothly. For the better time management, opting for a good quality restaurant equipment supply company may prove to be the best resource.

A good restaurant equipment supplier provides the products that are needed in preparation, storing and preservation of food. The list of basic equipments required in the restaurant kitchens are refrigerator, dishwasher, food processor and cutlery. All these equipments need to be maintained and repaired regularly to prevent the sudden breakdown of supplies. This can protect your food from spoiling and save the unwanted losses to the business.

For the competitive functioning of the restaurant, one needs good management and adequate supply of equipments. Generally, restaurants have a massive requirement of equipments which involves a huge cost. Therefore, a restaurant owner prefers to make the acquisition from the whole seller. They make a bulk purchase of equipments on discounted prices from the whole seller which is quite lower than the market price of the same equipment. Equipments like food processor, dish washer and refrigerators are not acquired in bulk. The other things like glasses, forks, knives, plates, aluminum foil, paper napkins and food stuff which do not get spoil easily like oil, coffee, tea, beer and wine etc.

Wholesale purchase of equipments and foodstuff not only saves the money but also ensures the regular availability of supplies that help in smooth functioning of the activities of the restaurant. Sudden shortage of any of these things can spoil the whole goodwill of the restaurant in the market.

How to get the most from your dining experience

Everyone thinks that the path to a pleasant dining experience rests in how much you tip, but the key to getting the most out of your meal begins the minute you decide to eat out, and it hinges on five key factors: choosing the restaurant, time of day, ordering, attitude, and payment. Let’s begin.

1) Choosing your restaurant.

In today’s volatile economy restaurant chains rise out of nowhere everyday just to sink just as quickly back into obscurity. However, literally hundreds of choices from national chains like Olive Garden, to refined New York steak houses or and mom and pop diners are available to people in every region of the country, on any budget. This then begs the question, “Where do I want to eat?”

Your night begins here, with this very simple yet important question. It’s more than just a matter of Italian food or vegan tacos – it’s about your expectations.

What do you want – “want” being the operative word? You can dine anywhere, but you’re choosing to be there so make it for the right reasons. Are you looking for fine dining and an extensive wine list to dazzle a client or a cozy booth to spend hours catching up with an out of town friend? We “go out” for more than just food – we pay for an experience, and even if you’re there for a quick bite, asking yourself a few questions can tease out your ideal atmosphere. Questions like:

Am I willing to wait a long time for a table?

Do they take reservations?

Is it loud?

Is it a family style restaurant?

Is it expensive?

Is the menu large or small?

Am I willing to try something new?

Am I in a hurry?

The answers to these few questions can help assess the mood you’re in, and a little forethought can save you a two hour wait in a noisy, kid-filled lobby to finally sit at a table in a restaurant that doesn’t serve salmon. Instead of just heading out the door and picking a restaurant based on the spinning marquis that catches your eye from the freeway, put a little thought into your expectations.

2) Choosing the time

Let’s say for the sake of argument that you choose a mid-sized regional chain. Excellent, most people do. You’ve been to an establishment like this before, even if it may be your first time at this particular chain or location, therefore you know what to expect, right? Not always. A restaurant is just like anything else, with its unpredictable qualities, but the one truth you can count on is that timing really is everything.

When you dine is almost as important

Dining etiquette: Why you should be polite to your waitress

Enjoying a nice, relaxing and delicious dinner is a favorite pastime of many. A couple’s first date often involves a nice dinner at a restaurant. Celebrations, such as birthdays and anniversaries oftentimes take place at a nice restaurant. Allowing a day off for the cook, whether that be Mom, wife, or Dad, is another reason people choose to dine out. Regardless of the occasion, when we dine out, we expect that we will receive good service and a delicious meal. Many restaurant employees are involved in providing us this dining experience. However, the backbone of this dining experience is the person who waits on your table. This is why you should be polite to your waitress. After working as a “Server” (I prefer the title “waitress”), I realized that this occupation must be the most under-appreciated, underpaid job available. Though I try to approach every new guest with a positive attitude and a gleaming smile, it isn’t difficult to determine those certain guests that you know are going to be trouble from the start. You can see it in their eyes. The way they hold their posture. The way they look at you, as if you are merely someone they can bark orders at and run ragged without any gesture of appreciation. It didn’t take long to understand why the title “server” replaced waiters and waitresses. That is what we do. We serve the hungry public. I learned that when people are hungry, they aren’t exactly the most friendly and courteous. This shouldn’t give them a free ticket to treat servers badly though. It seems that servers get the blame for most anything and everything that might happen in the restaurant. It doesn’t matter if they are upset because they had a forty-minute wait, when promised it would only be twenty. The guest may be upset because they were sat at a table next to a crying baby. Or, if the guests idea of a steak cooked “medium” is a little less pink than the restaurant’s idea of “medium.” Whatever the reason, the server is the one who suffers the consequences. And by consequences, I mean “gratuity.” First of all, the server is not a host or hostess. We didn’t have control over how long our guest waited, nor where their table was situated in the restaurant. And, we are not to blame for the steak not being properly cooked, considering we ordered it as the guest requested. My job as a server is to provide my guests with a comfortable, relaxed, and delicious dining experience. I believe I do an excellent job as a server. Unfortunately, at the end of the evening, my tips don’t always add up to what they should. A tip, or gratuity, can be defined as a gift of money given to someone for performing a service or menial task, over and above the payment due for the service. Tips are not required, but they are expected by many people in the service industry. I have to wonder if the public realizes that servers rely on tips as their income; that we only make around $3.00 an hour. When a guest leaves me a $2.00 tip on a fifty dollar check, especially when I have been waiting on them for over an hour, refilling drinks several times, fetching all of the “extras” they have to have immediately, clearing plates, bringing more bread, and fulfilling all of the many other requests they have, I become pretty disappointed. I don’t know how many people can survive on $5.00 an hour, but I know I can’t. I have no intentions of continuing as a server for a long period of time, but for the sake of those who have chosen to make this a career, please be polite and tip your servers.

South street seaport restaurant is an enchanting place for foodies

South Street Seaport Restaurant is a perfect place to enjoy your evening.Usually, the atmosphere of a restaurant is mind-blowing and astonishing and so it is successful in attracting a lot of customers. The place is the favorite place of many people as they really have a wonderful time to splurge here. The restaurant offers an appeasing ambience to make your time very pleasant. The restaurant in South Street Seaport will undoubtedly give some exceptional and unforgettable experience of your life .You will be so much fascinated that you will always want to visit this place as they solve both the option of enjoying and dinning. You are so much spelled by this place that you always look out for some reason to visit it quite often. The delicious food and the enchanting atmosphere makes you so much involved in the activities that you forget rest of the things.

A restaurant is the preferred place of all those who are fond of mouth watering dishes and partying with friends, colleages and with beloved ones. You can have anything that you whether lunch, dinner or a party and others that you desire. It’s really a loving and romancing moment to visit the restaurant with your spouse or beloved ones to enjoy the candle light dinner. The ambience of a restaurant is the first thing that attracts all the visitors. It energizes you so much that you forget other stuffs and get fully engaged in the activities to make a pleasing evening. The furniture needs to be trendy and comfortable also to help you to have a good sitting. The lighting system of the restaurant should be classy and fashionable to spellbind you. A dim light is mostly preferred as it creates a soothing and gentle environment that most visitors prefer. Such a wonderful place is an ultimate destination where everyone would like to spend their quality time.

If you are residing in South Street Seaport then you can find various restaurants that delivers quality service. You can browse in internet or can ask your friend who has ever come across the best south street seaport restaurant in that place. You must look for the type of food and the quality of service that they cater to the customers. A good restaurant will definitely consider customer satisfaction as it will help them to business well and get reputed among the restaurant lovers. The manager of the restaurant has to ensure that the visitors get the best quality service and all their demands get fulfilled promptly. In this way the restaurant gets much advertised and it encounters an increase in the number of visitors.

A restaurant does have all the option of fooding.You can also have drinks on demand. The menu card contains all the food items that the restaurant has for the customers. Almost every restaurant has a food specialization and this thing makes it different from other restaurants. You can find all the beef products that are very popular among the guests. You can also party with your friends and colleagues or can throw a party if you want. The restaurant has all these arrangements to let you have a wonderful and mesmerizing moment .Before throwing a party in the restaurant ,you must look for their experience and the quality service that they deliver after all you are going to spend your money.