Rats in restaurants: Tips for surviving unsavory sanitation when dining out

Rats and other pests are difficult to avoid. In restaurants, in homes, in schools…they’re everywhere! Sometimes the only thing worse than dining in a restaurant with rats is working in a restaurant with rats, or living in a home with rats. These jumbo rodents can carry infection, spread disease, or attack your pets.


Don’t be afraid to admit that you need professional help. Rats and mice are hard to get rid of because they are hard to find. Getting a cat is not the answer. This just brings another animal into the picture that may or may not be able to solve your rat problem, and may just be attacked by the rats. You really need to bring in a professional, particularly if you are running a business.


As a consumer, if you are thinking of dining in a new establishment, get a few recommendations from friends first. Pay attention to the conditions of the neighborhood the restaurant is in, and pay attention to the kitchen and bathrooms in particular while you are being seated. Don’t be afraid to walk out if you find that the conditions appear to be substandard. Also, pay attention to the cleanliness of the wait staff. As I stated in my article on “Maximizing tips for wait staff,” the physical appearance and cleanliness of a server can make or break a restaurant’s reputation. This is really the most important part of a restaurant experience. If I get sick at a restaurant, I never go back. The cleanliness of food prep areas, cooks, and servers is essential.


The best dining survivial tip I can give you is to insist on a decent dining experience. If you don’t get what you want, don’t pay and don’t go back. If you find yourself in rat infested territory, get out immediately. Don’t wait until you get sick or vomit. Walk out the door. The restaurant cannot stop you if you walk out due to unsavory conditions.