Enjoying A Journey To Low price range Bangkok Hotels Thailand

The city presents accommodations and places of lodging in all shapes and sizes. They provide locations that will surely fit in along with your taste. Touring for business or just exploring the town and land on an adventures holiday you will be sure it is going to be a visit to remember.

You possibly can get pleasure from memorable dinner cruises on the Chao Phraya River or take pleasure in an exhilarating rooftop bar on a excessive-rise skyscraper. Traveling in and around the city and countryside could possibly be made simple and effortless with the tuk-tuk and taxis that is obtainable everywhere. The quickest method to journey can be on the Sky prepare and on the underground systems.

No must worry getting misplaced or battling with the language barrier, as there’s space guides who assist guests to make their method in and around Bangkok. First time guests find the crowded streets quite overwhelming.

There will likely be 5 start motels that are normally utilized by rich people or you may relax and settle in a funds lodge or accommodation. The budget hotels would usually cater for families and businessmen. Another important use for the finances motels could be for students who’re touring the world.

Funds Bangkok hotels and in different parts of Thailand even present for backpackers and college students who travel the world on a low budget. This procuring paradise is a superb vacation spot to experience for many who enjoy the exotic and vibrant atmosphere of a bustling metropolis in beautiful surroundings.

Luxury Hotels in Berlin and Deutschland

There are a number of luxury and superior hotels providing accommodation facility to guests coming to Berlin, Deutschland. This article lists some of the most popular hotels available for booking in Berlin, Germany. You can also book a Berlin hotel or Hotel Deutschland by visiting HotellWeb sites.

5 star Hotels in Berlin

Hotel Adlon Kempinski: Celebrating its 100th anniversary, Hotel Adlon has a unique interior combination of an illustrious tradition and dynamic modernity. When entering the hotel, at once you’ll be enveloped in an atmosphere that is German from the very core. Situated in the heart of Berlin you’ll find everything conveniently provided at your doorstep along with it you can enjoy the hospitality of the very friendly and welcoming staff making you feel truly pampered and at home. Occupying the 5th place in Berlin luxury hotels, this century old hotel boasts an ambience and an experience that you won’t find elsewhere. The hotel comprises of 304 luxurious rooms and 78 suites, from which 141 are non-smoking, 2 are handicapped-friendly and 6 are built and furnished for allergy sufferers.

The Regent Berlin: Being the first choice for all leisurely travelers, The Regent Hotel has the credit of being rated as the top most hotels in the city. Situated near the Berlin’s famous Friedrichstrabe and the magnificent Unter den Linden boulevard, all the 246 rooms of the hotel boast a lavish and elegantly stylized interior.

Hotel Steigenberger: For more than 25 years the hotel has been a home to many famous and esteemed guests. Being a prestigious hotel, it is the ultimate choice for all elite class travelers. The hotel offers 386 rooms with luxurious comfort and 11 individually styled suites

4 star Hotels in Berlin

Best Western Kanthotel: Situated in a prime location where you can easily access all the public transport, the Best Western hotel offers good value for money and yet facilitates all guests with more than just the necessities. Comprising of 70 elegantly decorated rooms the hotel is a good choice for those who want to travel in an economic yet stylish way.

Park Inn Berlin Alexanderplatz Hotel: With a supreme location near the 368-metre TV Tower and the parliamentary district, the Alexanderplatz Hotel boasts 1.012 modern and comfortable rooms which include Business rooms, suites and classic rooms. Being the largest Berlin hotel, the hotel has a ballroom which can host up to 350 guests.

Hotel Hackescher Markt: Reasonably priced, elegantly decorated, tastefully designed are some of the compliments that the 31 rooms of this hotel have received from many guests. The hotel is within walking distance from the Museum Island, and good restaurants in the Hackescher Market and offers very good price range that won’t be a burden on your pocket and yet you can enjoy all the amenities required to enjoy your memorable trip.

3 star Hotels in Berlin

Mercure Airport Hotel Berlin Tegel: Situated conveniently at the Tegel Airport, the hotel is only 6 kilometres from the centre of Berlin. The 186 guestrooms which reach up to more than five floors feature simple, neutral decor and functional furnishings, including desks and sofa beds. All rooms offer facilities like high-sped internet, Television, mini bar, direct phone facility and complimentary newspaper service.

Hotel Ambassador: Ambassador Hotel Berlin is a Partner of Sorat Hotels and is situated at a distance of 200 meters from the KaDeWe department store and 11 kilometers from the airport. The Hotel has been designed keeping all modern trends and services in mind. The rooms are a unique blend of 1970 retro style furniture coupled with modern amenities. The hotel consists of 218 elegantly decorated and designed rooms complimented with 1970’s style furniture and colour schemes.

Berlin Mark Hotel: The prime locality of the hotel makes it conveniently accessible and the hotel is located only a 3 minute stroll to the Kurfurstendamm, is what that sets this hotel apart from its competitors. Guests will experience superb dining and excellent accommodation facilities all at very reasonable rates in the Berlin Mark Hotel. All the 95 rooms are equipped with tasteful decorations combined with modern amenities to make all guests feel at home.

Expand your Business and Keep your Employees Content With Vacation Certificates

Vacations are the one thing that everybody looks forward to refresh life. I mean who does not want to enjoy a nice and refreshing vacation to rejuvenate oneself. Everybody wants to take a leave from office for some days so that they can enjoy some quality time with their families, after all everybody works hard for their family and their loved ones. Moreover, working for late hours in office, trying to fulfill goals and living to realize their aspirations, people tend to take breaks in the form of vacations to some nice place. Therefore, it is quite natural for employees to expect their bosses to let them go for a nice vacation. In fact, my suggestion to all bosses would be that why do not they give their employees vacation certificates as an incentive, once in a while. In fact, vacation certificates are one of the best forms of business incentives that can be given to employees to keep them happy and content.

Vacation certificates not only help to keep the employees of an organization happy and satisfied, but also give the employer a chance to earn huge profits from it. Employers can actually expect to earn as much as 30% increase in sales by using vacation certificates as a part of their marketing strategy. The general tendency of people is that everybody loves getting things at free of cost and if it is a vacation, then what could be better than that. This can be used as one of the success strategies for businesses to expand and to grow. By offering free vacations and vacation certificates in all the promotions of the company, one’s business can be made to grow at a huge scale.

Responses of companies with vacation certificates have been really good and tremendously successful as they have not only been able to satisfy their employees but have also managed to increase their sales target. Now if you want the certificates to be a sign of your business, there are various vouchers that offer legal discounts, dental discounts, gas savings and even golf club membership. This is in fact; a huge range and you can generally find something that suits the module of your business. However, it is the vacations and flights that are most popular since they represent a great deal and genuine hard cash savings. Vacation certificates can also be used in online marketing or online promotion, newspapers and magazine adverts, direct mailing and even as attached inserts.

Now let us understand the form of vacation certificates and what do they have to offer to people in reality. Vacation certificates basically are physical certificates in various designs. These certificates offer any one of the vivid range of incentives that include hotel vacations, resort vacations, cruises to various destinations, flights and various other offers. The recipient of vacation certificates generally needs to pay the tax and some minimal admission fees. The demand for vacation certificates as good business incentives are increasing and these certificates offer marvelous opportunity in increasing business profits.

Booking an accommodation in Dublin, Ireland – Part 3

Parts 1 and 2 of this article discussed factors such as your budget, and location that need to be considered when making a booking for your visit to Dublin and Ireland. Dublin is divided into 5 major divisions, namely Temple Bar (City Centre), North City Centre, South City Centre, North County and South County. The locations near the city centre are closest to the popular tourist attractions and also have the most popular pubs and restaurants. The areas further from the city centre are ideal for people who want some privacy, and who want to stay away from the busy life of the heart of the city.

When choosing an accommodation, you should also consider factors like the type of accommodation. Dublin offers a number of accommodation types, which include Hotels, Hostels, Guesthouses, Townhouses, Apartments, Bed and Breakfasts and Self Catering Apartments. These accommodation types are discussed in this part of the article.

Dublin has a chain of hotels each providing quality service in its arena. All these hotels cater to the needs of the clients and ensure that the guests feel at home with their staff and services. All hotels in Dublin have bars. For a list of hotels in Dublin, Ireland, visit DublinEvents.com

Hostels in Dublin are available to provide warm service and accommodation to both students and travellers. They provide economical and budget accommodation to backpackers or to those who are on budget vacation. Hostels also provide an ideal accommodation for students, and have the facility of letting you choose whether you want to have a separate room or are comfortable in sharing a large room with other people. A list of popular hostels in Dublin, Ireland is given at Dublin Events.

Dublin has a wide variety of top class guesthouses each competing in providing the true Irish welcome to its guests. They are one fine option to ponder about when considering accommodation in Dublin. Some guesthouses boast of traditional décor suitably coupled with all the latest modern amenities for perfect leisure and perfect relaxation for the business and leisure guest. Find some great Guesthouses in Dublin, Ireland and book your stay with them on your next visit.

Dublin’s townhouses are rightly boasted of being the finest in the country as each provides services which are second to none. Majority of the townhouses are situated in the heart of Dublin making easy reach possible to the city attractions. For a list of Townhouses in Dublin, visit Dublin Ervents

Dublin’s traditional Victorian inspired large houses are being replaced by the contemporary lifestyles of living, where people are now acquiring and living in apartments. These apartments are not only compact, but also hold all the required essentials for both travellers and residents. Find all information about apartments and shared houses in Dublin, Ireland online.

Bed and Breakfasts
Dublin Bed n’ Breakfasts offer Romantic Vacations, accommodations for Business Travellers, venue for meetings, reunions, weddings and have many more things in the offering. Each Bed n Breakfast accommodation has distinctive style, which adhere to the highest standards of excellence in accommodations, facilities, culinary delights, and guest services. You will experience some real top-quality Bed n Breakfast experience in this part of Europe. To get a list of some of the Bed and Breakfasts in Dublin, check online at DublinEvents.com

Self Catering Apartments
Self Catering accommodation offers a wide selection of self-contained properties ranging from apartments, holiday cottages, apartments and other holiday complexes. They are available for rental over a short or long period, and provide tourists with comfort and privacy. These self-catering accommodations are available in different price ranges depending on the services they have in the offering. Dublin Events lists some of the self catering apartments and accommodation available for rent in Dublin, Ireland.

These articles will help you choose an appropriate choice for your stay in Dublin based on your budget options, area/location where you plan to stay and your selection of living. For more detailed information on availability and online booking facilities for accommodations in Dublin, visit DublinEvents.com. Our accommodations resource will help you pick the best deal for your visit. You will also find some special deals on hotels and other accommodations as well as hot deals, and accommodation for major events like the upcoming Ryder Cup. Online booking facility is also available so that you can book your accommodation well in advance.

Bangalore Car Rental: Save Your Time

When you are at an unknown place or for that matter known place and time is your major factor of concern then, the best way to save on time is by having your own vehicle for conveyance. This gives you freedom to move at your own pace and wish. And for that matter if you are at a place like Bangalore where the roads are so beautiful that it is a sheer pleasure to travel through your own rented vehicle. So if you are planning for your next trip at Bangalore, then do make sure that you get yourself a car rented because nothing can compare the pleasure of travelling by your own route and way and in case if you are worried about the expenses, then be relaxed because there are good car renting company’s which provides car which suit every budget and needs.

So, be it business or a family trip hiring a car would really help you save on time as well as be comfortable for you. And as far as Bangalore car rental services are concerned, it’s a unparallel match in terms of service and price because of the multiple option it provides, that means you can go for a normal car or a luxurious one or a SUV depending upon your need and budget, infact if you are a big group of friends going out there to have some good time, you can hire a vehicle with a capacity of 12 seater to 50 seater. Also, Bangalore car hiring companies provides you with a fleet of options starting from a Indica to Qualis esteem or for that matter coaches with big seating capacities, you name it and you’ll get it. As far as service is concerned you can instruct them to pick you up from the airport and then the price will be charged on the Kms that you cover further. If you want to enjoy the joy of driving then you can opt for driving yourself, but you need to have a driving licence and in case if you are not all that sure about your driving skills, then opt for a driver, which will be charged additionally and that will depend upon the type of the vehicle you opt for. And also Bangalore is a beautiful place, so save upon your time and try exploring the place more and more because there are multiple options available to the tourists and when there is so much to do and see, you just can’t waste your time on waiting and locating for the public transport.

So go ahead and enjoy your trip to Bangalore and do make sure that you hire a car for yourself from a Bangalore car rental company because they really work for you. And in case you’re still confused about what to do then carefully have a look at the multiple options and also the affordability factor and you yourself would not help to hire a vehicle for yourself. And even if you compare the prices with the public transport, it might cost you slightly more but then if you see the comfort and luxury which is priceless and you won’t get that anywhere else. So get set and go explore the beautiful Bangalore by hiring a car for yourself.

6 Car Hire Rip-offs to Look Out For When Hiring a Car?

Your holiday package includes a hire car to use whilst you are on your holiday and “the car only cost me an extra $50 for the entire 7 days hire”. And, then the unexpected happens such as a scratch on the bonnet, windscreen damage caused by flying debris or the worst case is that the car is hit by another motorists. “We are covered says Jamie because the insurance will take care of it”.

You bring the car back to the garage and the hirer hands you an unexpected repair bill of $600. You are shocked with bewilderment and the car hire people point you to the finer points of the hire contract which you duly signed when you collected the car. Below is a list of tricks car hire companies use to siphon money from you:-

1)Hidden costs.

Hire companies advertise hire charges that are inclusive of insurance but they fail to disclose the high excess charges before you sign the hire contract. If you own a car you may choose to have a small access of say $200 added to the policy to lower your premium but the access on a hire car can be as high as a $1,000. In case of a small damage say a scratch, the rental company can, if it chooses to, send you a bill for the entire access amount ($1,000.00) even if the repair costs are mush less.

2)The repairs con.

Customers are billed huge amount as much as a $1,000 for superficial repairs and hire companies don’t actually carry out the repairs. It is reported that cars are actually handed to other unsuspecting hirers before repairs are done on them. Therefore, these large access charges in respect of the repairs are income extra income that the company earns from unsuspecting customers. Ask them for a copy of the repairs bill? Well, you will have to wait a long time. If repairs are not carried out then the bills can never be produced. Can they?

3)Hire vehicles not properly maintained.

Imagine having a package holiday with a hire car thrown in as a bonus. You did not really want a car but it is there so you decide to use it. You take is for drive, it breaks down because it is not really road worthy and when you finally get it back to the garage you are landed with a repair bill. Being in a foreign country and not knowing the law you are more likely to hand over the money but you’ve just been conned.

4)Can we inspect the vehicle sir/madam?

You return a car after your holiday. The hire company staff inspect the car and find something wrong. You have no idea what is under the bonnet or even on the under floor of the car. The hire staff produce a list of three mechanical problems and then hand you a bill. Those three mechanical problems could have been paid a 1000 times a year. It is just another revenue generating scam.

5)Hire company fuel will cost you an earth

A tank full of fuel can cost you double what you will pay at the pumps. If you bring a car back to the hire company then expect a big fuel bill. This situation can be avoided by filling up the tank before you arrive at the hire depot to return your hire car.

6)Filled up tank with the wrong fuel? Big mistake

Putting wrong fuel in your car tank is a mistake easily made. Particularly, if your normal car at home runs on diesel fuel and your hire car uses petrol. If you were unfortunate enough to make such an error you will incur exorbitant costs running into $500 to $1500 to have your error put right.

Which car hire companies are operating their businesses in this unscrupulous manner?

From the sound of things, you will conclude that these are cowboy outfits out there to rip off unsuspecting customers. They cannot be large well established brands names that we recognise. Here is the shocking news, these car hire companies are national and international chains:-

Bad hire Company 1: Avis car hire charged 87% more for fuel and argued that they were right.

Bad hire Company 2: Hertz car hire charged a customer nearly $1,500 for filling the tank with the wrong fuel.

Bad hire company 3: Alamo car hire conceded that they charge customers for repairs which are never carried out.

Bad car hire company 4: Europcar; according to their representative, cars are returned back to the manufacturers having had all the repairs carried out first. It would appear that Eruopcar is no different than the other suppliers in the market place.

Finally, if you need to hire a car ask the hire company about the hidden costs; matters relating to insurance and excess charges before hiring your rental car. If you come across unethical practices/conduct please report your hire company to the authorities as a matter of course.

Car Rental – A convenient mode of transport in Bangalore

Bangalore, a place which probably is considered one of the best places in India as far as infrastructure is considered and reasons are many for that, one is because of the IT hub that it is and also because it is one of very good places if you are considering holidays and because of this very good facility provided for the people visiting Bangalore is that you have many options in case if you are thinking of hiring a car because of the large inflow of people visiting there every year either for business or vacation; Whatever your reason of visit may be hiring a vehicle for yourself will be a easy task and also you will be spellbound with the kind of options available to you for hiring a car at Bangalore.

First things first, whatever may be the reason for which you need a car , you’ll have a variety of options for that, weather you need a car for the most basic purpose of moving comfortably or you want a luxurious ride and you need to move in style or in case you are moving in a big group and you don’t want to part away with the fun of moving together, every need of yours would be taken care of by the Bangalore car rental companies. Also you can hire a car which suits your budget, so you can hire an economical car which will serve the purpose of moving around the place comfortably, obviously the luxuries will be missing but all the bucks that you would save on your travel would be all worth it. And if you are one of those who like to move out in style and want to make a statement everywhere you go, than you can hire a luxury car which would cost you a little more but then luxury has to come with a price otherwise it’s not a luxury and if you are moving with a large gang and don’t want to compromise on the fun of being together, then you can hire a coach for yourself which also depend on the no. of people, the capacity of coach varies from 12 seater to 50.

Now if you want to have the fun of riding the vehicle by yourself, than you can opt for driving for yourself provided you have a valid driving license and in case if you’re not very confident upon your driving skills than you can opt for a driver which will take you places. So if you are planning your next trip to Bangalore then make sure that you hire a car for yourself from one of the car rental companies in Bangalore because it not only saves you time that you will spend unnecessarily locating the public transport or finding place and also the comfort of moving at your own pace and in your own vehicle is priceless which you cannot get at any price and moreover exploring Bangalore with your own hired vehicle will be a fun that you would never forget your trip to Bangalore. So go on and hire a car for yourself for an easy and comfortable trip. Also the service provided by the Bangalore car rental companies also makes it easy to hire a car because you can make them work according to your comfort and they will be more than happy to serve you in the best possible way.

Information on Eating Disorders

Eating disorders afflict millions of people, thousands of which will die from them yearly. There is good news though, eating disorders can be beaten. You do not have to be a prisoner to this anymore. You have the power within yourself to beat this and you will. Recovery takes a lot of time and hard work, but in the end it is all worth it. You will finally be free and you will love yourself. When recovery happens you will be able to look in the mirror and say, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all” and it will be you :)

A person with an eating disorder may have started out just eating smaller or larger amounts of food than usual, but at some point, the urge to eat less or more spirals out of control. Eating disorders are very complex, and despite scientific research to understand them, the biological, behavioral and social underpinnings of these illnesses remain elusive.

Up to 10 million teens develop eating disorders, abnormal attitudes and behaviors with foods, which include anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa. For most kids, eating disorders begin when they are 11 to 13 years old. While they are more common among girls, boys can experience eating disorders too. Unfortunately, many kids and teens successfully hide these disorders from their families for months or years.

Women are more likely than men to have eating disorders. They usually start in the teenage years and often occur along with depression, anxiety disorders and substance abuse.

Some research suggests that media images contribute to the rise in the incidence of eating disorders. Most women in advertising, movies, TV, and sports programs are very thin, and this may lead girls to think that the ideal of beauty is thinness. Boys, too, may try to emulate a media ideal by drastically restricting their eating and compulsively exercising.

Eating disorders frequently appear during adolescence or young adulthood, but some reports indicate that they can develop during childhood or later in adulthood. Women and girls are much more likely than males to develop an eating disorder. Men and boys account for an estimated 5 to 15 percent of patients with anorexia or bulimia and an estimated 35 percent of those with binge-eating disorder. Eating disorders are real, treatable medical illnesses with complex underlying psychological and biological causes.

Eating disorders are more common in cultures focused on weight loss and body image. Body dissatisfaction and dieting may lead to unhealthy and dangerous eating behaviors. Sometimes, these eating patterns can lead to eating disorders. Fortunately, there has been an increased awareness about these types of illnesses. Eating disorders are treatable.

Anorexia can slow the heart rate and lower blood pressure, increasing the chance of heart failure. Those who use drugs to stimulate vomiting, bowel movements, or urination are also at high risk for heart failure. Starvation can also lead to heart failure, as well as damage the brain. Anorexia may also cause hair and nails to grow brittle. Skin may dry out, become yellow, and develop a covering of soft hair called lanugo. Mild anemia, swollen joints, reduced muscle mass, and light-headedness also commonly occur as a consequence of this eating disorder. Severe cases of anorexia can lead to brittle bones that break easily as a result of calcium loss.

Car Rental Availability: How to Budget a Vacation with Style

Car rentals are aplenty in most tourist crazed countries such as Europe and the United States. Most tourists who visit various countries prefer to take their own private means of transportation and thus become the great season for most car rental owners to grab the opportunity for the valued visitors. The notion for most tourists is that car rentals will cost a fortune, considering that the stay of most people is not that short, hence the need to do some pencils pushing when it comes to budgeting their expenses for these trips.

There are a lot of car rentals in most countries and perhaps the distinguishing factor are the available vehicles they have to offer for most visitors of their country. Among them, Alamo Car Rentals and Avis Car Rentals stand out as the most well known and reliable car rental organizations that are practically present in most countries. In most instances, they are packaged altogether with the cheap hotel accommodations for their stay to avail of discounts given to them usually by travel agencies as well as cheap flights, which prepare the itinerary for the whole trip. A budget alone is not enough. Most people would prefer a packaged tour deal so that they would not have the problems of needing to identify the places, the mode of transportation they have to consider and the length of their stay.

The key significance and benefits that a car rental service provides to tourists is that they have the luxury of time and getting away from the usual crowded places at times, where their time is limited especially when group tours are on hand. Some get hold of discount car rental coupons savings to help ease the load of car rental expenses. In tourist spots such as Greece, Greece car rentals are in demand since there are places to go and lands to explore. Various car rentals such as National Car Rental and Thrifty Car Rentals are available together with Avis and Alamo to widen the array of possible car rental groups to which their specific car needs can be satisfied.

The ideal car that most people would go for are the exotic cars for rent. While the price may be stiff to the pockets, the point of it all is making the most out of a tourist’s vacation in such great places like Greece and parts of Europe. As stated earlier, most people would want car rental preferences such as a 4 x 4, a sedan or maybe even a van, largely depending on how many people are present to be accommodated on. Ideally, people can do preliminary scouting as to the available cars that car rental groups have through the web. Usually, the available cars, if not immediately reserved, may not be available at times, and this is not surprising considering that tours are open to practically anyone in the world for people who want to visit and unwind at times from their stressful lives. Also, advanced bookings and reservations will make the trip a whole lot less to be worried about, especially for people who give due preference as far as accommodation and car rental services are concerned.

What to do with holiday gifts you dont want

What to do with holiday gifts you don’t want

Holidays are meant to be occasions when you trade gifts with each other, and try to show your love and affection to your near and dear ones. Holidays are one of those times that makes you relax and make you think about those who are closer to you, you do things that brings you more close to them. Trading holiday gifts is one of those steps that people indulge in making relationships work.

Still you come across circumstances, when you do not want holiday gifts accumulating inside your homes. You may not find enough space in your store house to keep those holiday gifts, or you simply don’t need them. You probably had received an identical gift which is already there at your place. Some of your holiday gifts are stuff that has no value for you, and you would be happy getting rid of it.

It is advised to keep holiday gifts, even though you may not want it. Holiday gifts are given out of great love and affection, there’s a certain sentimental value attached to each gifts bestowed. Why then would you want to throw it away? You can keep in your store cupboard and let it be there. Still if you look to get rid of those unwanted holiday gifts, there are places where your holiday gifts can find shelter.

Collect those unwanted holiday gifts and put it safely somewhere inside your homes and use it to gift others. For instance, you can change the wrap of the holiday gifts and give those gifts to someone else, perhaps, on another occasion. You save hassles of finding another gift, and you save money. You don’t need to buy gifts for somebody’s birthday, you can simply pass on the gifts that you received, to somebody else on his birthday.If you still feel you are not completely satisfied with the idea of passing your gifts to someone else, then find an orphanage that needs people like you to support their cause. Pick one of many social organizations that does work for deprived people, and tell them you want to lend a hand by supporting their organization in whatever little way they can. Pass your holiday gifts to those organizations, and they in turn will distribute your gifts among the poor.You can also join hands with a daycare centre and distribute your gifts among children, who gather for a mid-day meal.And finally, if you look to send gifts to children, who reside in underdeveloped countries, then you might well pass on your holiday gifts to “Samaritan Purse, an organization that works for the welfare of children in African and south Asian countries.