Taxi Cabs Versus Chauffeur Car Hire

Anybody that has ever used chauffeur car hire will know only too well it is an entirely different experience to that of grabbing a taxi. Use chauffeur car hire and you will get a polite, courteous, fragrant driver who is smartly dressed. Try a taxi and you’ll be often be greeted by a pungent smelling sweaty individual who will extinguish his cigarette reluctantly. He will bark at you, apparently this is an enquiry as to where you want to go.

You will then depart on a white knuckle ride through the streets, sinking lower in your seat while the ‘driver’ hurls abuse at any other motorist that might get in the way. He will cut people up on roundabouts, narrowly missing collisions and you will arrive at your destination ashen faced and wet trousered.

This is the point where you are subjected to daylight robbery. The driver will issue a barked demand for a sum of money that would probably buy you a small property in outer Mongolia. Until he receives this money, you are locked into the car. Not that you are too concerned about handing over the cash – you’d willingly double it just to get out alive.

I once visited Hong Kong and not knowing the area, had planned on using chauffeur car hire to get around. Deciding that a cab would probably be cheaper, my family and I approached a waiting driver. In a scene that resembled something from a James Bond movie, the driver activated a switch and all the doors flipped open with no external force.

We nervously boarded the vehicle, eventually making it clear where our destination was. In the blink of an eye, the driver had taken off, almost literally, and we were speeding down the road. I’ve seen more contained journeys on bank robbery films than the one we experienced that day!

This must be the type of journey the Pope regularly experiences because when we stopped I wanted to get out and kiss the ground! At least it wasn’t an expensive trip this time.

Users of chauffeur car hire do not have any of these problems. Routes are planned in advance, a price is set and a leisurely drive can be enjoyed. You can take the scenic route if you so wish. You can even raise the privacy panel between driver and passenger so even if he does smell like a rose, you do not feel obliged to try and make conversation.

With chauffeur car hire you will never be exposed to the driver’s road rage. In fact, you can rest assured that if you pick a reputable company, the driver will be professional at all times. He will be courteous at all times, well versed in chauffeur/passenger etiquette and security conscious at all times.

This is one of the main reasons that celebrities and royalty use chauffeur car hire. Not simply for the thrill of riding in a fancy car but for the security it offers. Armour plated vehicles that look the business will protect and transport in a style to make any taxi cab passenger green with envy.

You will glide through traffic with the sensation of floating, knowing that your driver is in full control of not only his vehicle but also his emotions. After experiencing chauffeur car hire once, you will never want to revert to taxis.

What is the best form of travel?

Today there are many options for you choose from when you need to travel. The method you opt to take will probably be contingent upon several factors. Before deciding which system of traveling you should take, it is a good idea to determine your needs and how fast you have to get to where you need to go.

The most common forms of travel are car, bus, train, airplane or perhaps even a boat. There are pros and cons associated with each method of traveling and for the most part the “best” form of travel is dependent upon the reason for your journey.

At times it will be best to fly, other times a car, bus or train would be more appropriate. This can vary dependent up on whether you are commuting, taking a leisure trip, faced with an unexpected necessary trip or are going on business travel.

*Commuting travel

If you are commuting every day to work or school typically a car, bus or train is the way to go. Taking public transportation is often cheaper and more efficient, but if your destination is not near any bus or train station it may be necessary to take a car in order to commute.

When deciding which form of travel is best for commuting you should consider the cost effectiveness and feasibility of each. It is a good idea to calculate cost, time and convenience when deciding which course of travel to take.

*Leisure travel

Leisure travel is probably the most flexible for travel because you are taking the trip for pleasure and can pretty much map your journey according to your own preference and time schedule. For the leisure traveler any form of transportation can be appealing.

Flying is often a popular choice, especially if the distance is significant. Taking the airlines saves a considerable amount of time if you are traveling many miles and gives you more time on your vacation and you are less tired when you get there as opposed to driving; the down side is flying can be rather expensive.

Other travelers prefer the feel of the open road and like to experience different views and scenery as they travel to their destination and for these travelers often a car is most appealing. Driving gives you absolute control and freedom over your trip experience because you can stop off at any location along the way.

Busses and trains are usually also a good choice because you can see more of the scenery and it is less expensive. The down side is you have no control over taking a break or stopping along the way, but the plus side is you can nap or relax along the way because someone else is doing the driving.

*Necessary travel

There are also times when a trip comes up unexpectedly and you may not have a lot of time or flexibility in getting to your destination. Some reasons you may need to travel are for a family medical emergency or a funeral and the method of travel you choose must be able to get you to your destination in a timely fashion. In these cases driving for close locations or flying for distant locales may be your best bet.

*Business travel

The business traveler may or may not have some flexibility; the may also be required to take precise travel options in order for the company to organize travel or reimburse travel expenses. When choosing the best form of travel for business purposes it is best you check with your company’s travel coordinator to see if there are any requirements or constraints which bounds you to a specific type of travel.

Ultimately when choosing the best form of travel it is best to consider finances, time, convenience, comfort and personal preference. There are pros and cons associated with most kinds of travel and what’s “best” is likely to vary depending upon the reason for your need to travel.