Popular Luxury Hotels in Oslo

Luxury hotels usually consist of 5 star hotels and 4 star hotels, and offer a range of services needed for the status conscious and for those who prefer to travel in style. This article lists some of the most important luxury hotell Oslo, including Grand Hotel Oslo, Hotel Bristol, Hotel Continental, Best Western Ambassador Hotel, Clarion Royal Christiania and First Hotel Nobel House.

5 Star Hotels in Oslo

Grand Hotel Oslo: The Grand Hotel in Oslo has hosted heads of states, Nobel prize winners and famous figures belonging to the entertainment industry. The Grand Hotel has 290 rooms, including 52 suites, 15 conference rooms, and a number of restaurants and bars. Situated at an ideal location in the heart of Norway’s capital it is a meeting spot for people from all parts of the globe.

Hotel Bristol: Hotel Bristol opened its door to the world in 1920 and since then has maintained its traditional interior style which sets this hotel apart. The Hotel Bristol has 10 luxurious suites, 10 Club rooms, 172 Comfortable and cozy double rooms equipped with internet facility along with a mini-bar, trouser-press and interactive TV service. The hotel also has 47 single rooms. All rooms have been tastefully and elegantly decorated which gives the true feeling of the Norwegian tradition.

Hotel Continental: Hotel Continental being 100 years and having passed down four generations is ideally situated in the heart of the city where all the activities are easily accessible than from any other destination. All rooms in Hotel Continental have been paid special attention and each room boasts about its own individuality. Some rooms have been decorated with a modern touch while others have a traditional ambiance. Hotel Continental has a total of 154 hotel rooms, 23 of which are suites, 119 double and double deluxe rooms, and 12 single rooms. Every room has a broadband Internet connection.

4 Star Hotels in Oslo

Best Western Hotel Ambassadeur: A combination of traditional atmosphere and business environment sets this hotel apart from its competitors. All the 35 rooms speak of a tradition that has been maintained since years. It is an ideal choice for those who want to mix business with tradition.

Clarion Royal Christiania: Situated in downtown Oslo, this hotel with 503 rooms offers supreme quality and services to all guests. The multilingual staff is always at service for both the business and the leisure traveler. The hotel is only a short walking distance away from the shopping, dining and entertainment, spots. The Parliament Building, The Royal castle, the Opera House and Oslo harbor are close by the Clarion Royal Christiania.

First Hotel Noble House: The hotel is situated 45 kilometers from the Oslo airport and has 69 tastefully decorated rooms. All areas of interest like shopping, exhibitions, dining and entertainment are at a short distance from the hotel.

3 Star Hotels in Oslo

Thon Cecil Hotel Oslo: A relaxing environment and a favorable location is the pride of the Cecil Hotel. Being just 50 kilometers away from the airport, the hotel is near to the Karl Johans Street, City Hall, restaurant and shopping areas. The 111 rooms of the hotel have been furbished in a modern and trendy way ensuring that you have a comfortable stay.

Anker Hotel Best Western: Comprising of 137 rooms this hotel offers many facilities like scuba diving, fishing and golf. On site recreational facilities include aerobics classes. Anker Hotel is an ideal choice for those who want to be light on their pocket and yet want to enjoy all the basic necessities.

Best Western Hotell Bondeheimen: The Hotel is located 100 meters from the parliament building and the main street Karl Johans gate, all the 127 rooms have been decorated in a traditional Norwegian style; even the choice of colors has been inspired from the Norwegian culture. Room amenities at Best Western Hotel include mini-bar, trouser-press, TV and internet facilities.

You can also reserve cheap hotels in Oslo, locally known as billig hotell i Oslo at and Hotels in other cities in Norway by visiting Hotell Web online.

Travel tips: Researching your destination

Travel is a key for vacationers, to get away for a change. That’s the reasons why transportation keeps improving, to give comfort to the travelers; to give them happy experience on their travel. Either traveling by plane or by boat or by car, have the same goal; to get away and enjoy.

The truth is people travel not only for get away vacation but also to see and discover other places. Some travel for business, some travel for antique collections and some travel to visit relatives. Some people travel to see the original place of their immigrant ancestors. It is very hard but they have to seize opportunities while they could. But mostly, people travel for vacation and to get away from pressure and enjoy.

In traveling, it is important to plan ahead to get organize. The goal for travel is safety, comfort, enjoyment, free from pressure and most of all should be economical. To obtain all these, what should you do? Below are the tips.

Select destination: In doing this first, you could research the place and see all the possibilities of your travel goals. The Hotels, airfares, security and safety, the food, etc, have to be known. People’s attitude towards foreigners is also important to know. You have also to find if tourism is under government look out. The best thing to learn ahead is the place you are going, so that you have a little background of your destination. All these could be learned ahead through the Internet or websites, there are hundreds of travel websites in the Internet.

How to obtain great deals of travel package: There are several ways of finding good deal for money wise travel. You could search the Internet for vacation package, what are included and for how many days. Get also the prices of individual category like airfare, hotel, food and compare which is lower, to get the package or buy individually. Also find out which one is economical to get the package through Internet or to get it from the travel agency. Be wise, to save.

Travel with group or by yourselves: You have to consider this category for your safety. Traveling with the group, make you feel safe and secured. You are with the group to see the different places and you are sure where to go, unless the purpose of your travel is to see your relatives, you could go alone. Traveling with the group is more enjoyable and safe.

Traveling with children: This category should be searched also, to know the discounted cost for children by age. What are the regulations, inclusions and exclusions, when traveling with children?

Baggage limitation: This is important to search and know how much baggage included in the airfare and how much the charges for extra baggage.

Researching your destination is important before hand, to get a little background of the place. Make sure you feel comfortable when you travel, therefore consider wearing comfortable clothes. Get immunize and if possible, get health and travel insurance. Your passport and other legal papers should be with you all the time. These things give you security and assurance while you are traveling or vacationing.

Getting Around in Guildford

If you are planning a trip to Guildford, you might also be wondering how to get around once you reach your destination. Fortunately, you have to leave your worries aside as you can receive numerous facilities in Guildford. Guildford is similarly a beautiful place to visit with all the landmarks that commemorates its magnificent history. Thus, anyone who has come to Guildford for the first time may definitely want to see what it has to offer.

You may get around in Guildford by foot. Not all areas in Guildford are walkable. The central area in Guildford may be the most suitable one but it is a bit hilly. You may have to cross the River Wey from the railway station to reach the bus station and town centre. Another means of visiting Guildford is by bus. The local bus service may provide an easy way to discover Guildford. It is equally suitable for most Guildford inhabitants. There is as well a free bus which rounds the town around three times per hour. But the bus can sometimes be stuck in the traffic. So, if you can, walking may become a faster means to see some of Guildford’s countryside.

Moreover, there is also a taxi service in Guildford. Nevertheless, it may be considered as one of the most expensive ways to get around Guildford. Should you want to travel by taxi, you may find taxi ranks at the front of the Railway Station. On the other hand, visiting Guildford by car can be extremely pleasant. However, you may sometimes get trapped in traffic jams on the roads of Guildford. This may normally happen during the peak periods. Getting around by car can basically be said to be one of the most practical ways to see the best that Guildford has to offer. Cycling around Guildford can also be an appropriate thing to do.

Furthermore, if you plan an in depth visit of Guildford, it may be wise to keep a map of the area handy. But you have to make sure that the map contains the national grid reference lines. These can be important especially to indicate you certain out of town places. Some of the maps you could buy may be the Ordnance Survey Landranger 186 or the Ordnance Survey Explorer 145. Both of these maps cover the regions of Guildford for specific purposes. For example, Ordnance Survey Landranger 186 may be best used for exploring Guildford by cycle or by car. Alternately, the Ordnance Survey Explorer 145 may be used by people who prefer to discover Guildford by walking. Such maps may be bought in any well known bookshop in Guildford.

As seen, there are numerous ways of getting around Guildford. The place can be worthwhile to go with so much its lands promises to let you discover. In other words, Guildford can be a place to visit at least once in a lifetime. So, if you have the money and want a trip to an exceptional place, Guildford could probably be your answer.

Cheap Travel – Airport Parking Tips

When it comes to budget travel, a big expense can be car-parking costs at airports. In this article, we look at what to look out for when booking parking and money saving tips on airport parking.

Firstly, do you know the company you are booking your parking through? Take a minute to check out the ‘about us’ page. Reputable companies will tell you about themselves so you know who you are dealing with. There are literally hundreds of companies reselling airport parking so it is worth finding out who is actually providing the service. You don’t want to get back from holiday to find your car has been accidentally lost!

Booking you car parking at a certain time during the day can save you money as prices fluctuate daily. If you spot a bargain, reserve your parking space right away

If you know your holiday or travel date well in advance, book your parking in because you can save up to 25% on early bookings. Many car parks offer advance purchase prices and the earlier you book the more likely you are to find them. If you do find one, book straight away because these prices are withdrawn as you get closer to the departure date and are subject to availability.

Transfer times and frequency of transfers are very important as you want to be able to catch your flight with minimum hassle.

One choice worth considering is looking at staying the night before you travel at a nearby hotel and leaving your car in their car park for the duration of your holiday/travel. Check the cost of a hotel with a parking package compared to airport parking. You may well be surprised to find out that it is cheaper to stay in a 4 star hotel with breakfast including 14 days car parking than airport parking alone. Compare the price of airport parking with the price of a hotel packaged with parking. At certain times of the year, especially August and September, parking packaged with a hotel can be up to £20 cheaper than parking on its own. If you have an early check in, staying overnight takes all the stress out of getting to the airport on time. Compare the prices on the parking results page. You can click straight through from parking to hotels.

It’s recommended that you never turn up to an airport without pre-booking your parking. Airport car parks charge a premium for turning up on that day which can be up to 60% more than our internet prices, even if you have left your booking until the last minute! You can still save even if you only book your parking on the day of travel. If you see someone putting money into a parking machine at the airport, tell them to pre-book online next time!

There are 3 main choices of airport parking and your choice depends on budget and whether you need to park your car for two weeks or just a couple of days

On-Airport Parking
This refers to parking within the airport boundary. Airports, however, are generally big places so always check the transfer times and distance to the terminal. In general the closer you are to the terminal the more you pay for the convenience.

Off-Airport Parking
This means it is located outside the airport boundary. Ironically, the transfer times for off-airport car parks can sometimes be less than the on-airport times, due to their location, so make sure you check.

Valet or Meet and Greet Parking
Arguably the most convenient option for parking at the airport; this service means you are met at the terminal by a driver who will collect your car and take it to one of the on or off-airport car parks leaving you free to check-in. When you return, your car will be delivered back to the terminal for you. This is great for large families with loads of luggage. There are some variants on this service so be sure to read the details.

12 Questions to ask to save you money on airport parking

Airport parking can be expensive but asking the following five tips could save you money:

1. Use discounts offered by online airport parking websites. Keep an eye out for offers as many airport parking sites offer seasonal discounts.

2. Ask if the airport parking lots have different rates for long-term/short-term parking. Many airport parking lots charge more for lots closer to departure gates than for parking lots a considerable distance away.

3. Determine whether your membership with the AAA or other organizations offers you any advantages as far as airport parking lots are concerned.

4. Consider parking at an off-site airport lot. You will save a lot of money and be able to use a shuttle service run by the parking lot to the airport. You will also save considerable time and effort by not having to lug heavy bags across parking lots.

5. Use a comparison website of different on and off-site airport parking sites and their costs as well as pros and cons such as distance, transportation, safety, time saving and so on.

6. Collect parking coupons from operations near the airport. Look for discount rates offered say mid-week and offers of one extra day’s free parking if you book x number days. Some sites even have what is termed as a “free day” of parking.

7. If you are a frequent traveller, consider staying at a hotel near the airport overnight and use their car parking facilities. Most hotels allow guests staying at the hotel to park their cars for a limited period free of cost.

8. Plan to travel during the week and not at weekend when prices are higher.

9. When booking your flight or holiday, ask the travel agent or airline whether they offer pick and drop services.

11. Consider taking a taxi to the airport it may be cheaper than parking. This would of course depend on the distance you will be travelling.

12. Find out if you can buy parking coupons at a bulk rate. This will be a saving if you are a frequent flier.

The early history of transportation

The early history of transportation is important for people to think about especially in today’s world. We have large, fast, gas guzzling vehicles that have contributed over time to our issue of global warming. When suggested that we carpool, buy a hybrid or ‘heaven forbid’ ride a bicycle the majority of us laugh at the thought. The remaining people continue to go about their daily lives taking for granted the resources that fuel our modern vehicles. Imagine being in the early 1800’s and still traveling my horseback and later by boat? In the 1830’s the train era began and I imagine people then were thrilled to have a means of transportation much faster and easier than horseback and wagons. We have public transportation and trains that run today but the majority of Americans refuse to use these systems because of the convenience of modern automobiles. We have not only adjusted to the convenience of personal automobiles but we are very impatient and don’t like to wait to get anywhere, thus why vehicles continue to be made even faster and more powerful. The American home used to own one family vehicle and children used bicycles as a means for transportation but now some households have one vehicle per family member. Transportation has come such a long way but sometimes I think we should convert back to older means of transportation to conserve energy and possibly have a few accidents less per year. This couldn’t hurt anyone and the idea of waiting on public transportation or a carpool could make people a little more patient. The idea of walking or riding a bicycle to get from one point to another can also benefit many of us that are not participating in enough physical activities.

Cheapest Flights Last Minute And How To Get Them

There are several avenues to get some cheapest flights last minute, but you must know where to go to get them. Here are some ways by which you can get them. Some of these could be quite obvious, but it is worthwhile making a total list of the options available.

The first method is, of course, to get the unsold and canceled tickets that every airline gets stuck with at the last moment. In order to avoid a loss to them, airline services do not mind giving away these tickets at extremely low prices. If you visit the airline websites, you can get some of these tickets. Even travel booking agents will have a stock of such cheapest flights last minute tickets which you can avail of by contacting them a few hours prior to when you want to leave.

One more sure way of getting cheapest flights last minute is to approach the courier services. Many reputed courier services will have packages to be delivered all over the world. If they have a shortage of staff – which they most usually have – then you can offer your services to deliver the package for them. By choosing your destination, you can get a free ticket that these courier services generally avail of.

If you are an air miles member of an airline service, then you will receive email notifications about their offers on flights, which are mostly at discounted rates. Be alert when such notifications come. If you are planning to travel someplace and there is a flight going there, you must respond promptly to the offer.

Firstly, it will be a discounted flight. Secondly, since you are an air miles reward-holder, you will get much better prices. In fact, this can be the best way to get your cheapest flights last minute, because by cashing in your air miles rewards points, you might even be able to fly free, and that too by booking at the very last minute.

You can get some good cheapest flights last minute if you are willing to compromise a little on your travel. For instance, if you are willing to take a night flight – which is not very popular among people – you might save even up to 50% of the total ticket fares. These flights are also not full generally, so it is easy to get tickets on them. Another compromise you can do is to be willing to land at a smaller airport. If you land a little away from the main city and then travel there by public transport, you will be able to save a pretty sum on the total ticket.

Similarly, you can get cheapest flights last minute if you look for the newer and lesser-known airline services. These airlines need not necessarily be of poor quality – they are low-priced only for promotion sake. They might be a very good option for you to get tickets at low prices. It is also worthwhile to become a air miles rewards holder of such airline services because there is a possibility of getting continuous good offers from them as long as they are promoting. And, when the airlines grows in stature, they will not forget their original loyal customers. Their rewards will come in the form of better ticket rates for you, and priority in reservations.

My dream vacation

Having a vacation is such a relaxing event in life that everyone wants to experience a good vacation once in a while. It is a time to be free from work and all worries and it is a time to really enjoy life. A dream vacation is one that someone would really, really enjoy and would become a part of his or her life.

I have yet to experience a dream vacation and I am looking forward for one. Maybe a few years from now when my son would finally finish his studies and I wouldn’t have any obligation to be worried about. I am looking forward to having a long vacation in a beautiful island that would make me forget every worry and every failure in my life.

Having a long vacation in an island is what I am looking forward to. There are lots of islands in my country and I will not be looking beyond that. I could have a dream vacation alone or with a friend and have the best vacation of my life. Since I had started working, I only had a few vacation that took only a few days then I would be back to work again. But my dream vacation is a long one that would take a month.

I love nature and the reason why I want to have a vacation in an island is to have a closer encounter with nature. I couldn’t imagine how I feel when I will be in an island full of nature around. The trees, the waters and every kind of nature hugging me would be a dream vacation for me in the near future. I won’t be asking for more in life if I could have this dream vacation.

Having this dream vacation would be enough to make me forget every failure, every pain that I had trudged in the past. This dream vacation would serve as an inspiration for me in life. It is enough that I will have a very close encounter with nature as I am a person with simples dreams and simple wants in life. A month’s peaceful vacation is what I have in mind. With all the lovely creatures in front of me, it would seem a paradise. Just looking at nature is enough to make my dreams be realized and fulfilled. If I could drink the fresh water from the palm trees and pick fruits direct from the wild fruit trees, I would consider that a dream fulfilled in life. Nothing could equal what nature could give and bring to me.

At my age, I am not asking too much anymore in life. I just want a simple vacation in a lovely island where I could meditate and fix the flaws in my life. Having a peaceful vacation is my dream vacation. It would make me come at peace with life and enjoy life better. What more could I ask for if this dream vacation would soon be happening in my life?

Discount International Airfares – Up In The Air?

If you haven’t yet used the Internet to look for discount international airfares, then you’ve been seriously missing out. You can save yourself a huge amount of time and especially money by taking advantage of this system.

These days, the invention of electronic ticketing, also known as the e-ticket, allows your entire travel experience to be easy safe and, well…. electronic. No more lost tickets en-route to the airport, no torn or damaged paper tickets and it’s a breeze to make changes and/or cancellations.

Now that so many people have access to the Internet, all of the major airlines are using websites to offer their best discount international airfares in one place. The Internet gives the airlines one central point to make their discount airfares available to the general public. All the power and savings of this research can be accomplished in the comfort of your own home and all you have to pay for is a tiny sum for your internet and electricity bills.

To make the best use of this facility when searching out discounted international airfares, search and be very particular on which airlines you fly on and when you fly on those airlines. By making small changes to these you can cut ticket costs down considerably.

There are various sites listed below that offer discount international airfares;

www.airfare.bootsnall.com is a internet site which will serve as a valuable tool. In this site, you will find flash international airline tickets as well as access to loads of other products and services.

www.cheaptickets.com is a great spot to start your review for great value international airfares. You can either try to get a discount flight or you can view their special offers, either way you will end up with a good deal. This site also holds an innovative idea of holding FAQs or posts any new inquiries regarding your travel arrangements.

www.expedia.com is an first-class location for getting cheap international airline tickets. You will be able to select from a variety of deals offered by this web site. The stuff such as flight with lodging, flight with car hire or flight only.

www.hotwire.com/index.jsp can help you to get discount airfares for international flights, garish accomodation, cheap car-hire, and cheap insurance. You can save on last minute vacations by being their late deals section, and you can also benefit from their bargain holiday ideas section.

www.smarterliving.com is the ideal way to find lucrative travel deals without having to worry about any concession on quality or comfort. Some swell deals on discount international airfares as well as laying your hands on a variety of excellent tools and resources. You will find offers and deals on accommodations cars, cruises and packages as well as on cheap tickets.

For many years now airlines have been fighting a ticket price war. That’s all to your advantage when the airlines themselves are competing to control a particular market or region. The best way for airlines to gain more control is to gain more customers, and having the biggest discount international airfares is the most obvious way to do that. When comparing prices among the different airlines that service a region, you will often find that at least one of the airlines has much better pricing than the other airlines do.

Have fun finding that perfect flight at a perfect price.

Profiles of Hotels in Madrid

Madrid is one of the hot spots in Spain. Amongst the nightlife and attractions lie some of Madrid’s top hotels. If you are traveling and looking for a hotel in Madrid check out the three hotels profiled below to see if one meets your needs. These hotels offer a wide range of features, they are: Hotel Santa Domingo, Hotel AC Santo Mavro, and Hotel Cuzco.

The Hotel Santa Domingo hotel in Madrid offers its guests comfort. It is located in de Santo Domingo with 120 rooms, each of which is uniquely decorated so no two are alike. Each room has thermostats and bathroom water temperature controls. A choice of background music is also offered in each room of this hotel in Madrid. The television offers six international channels and three pay view channels. Other perks of these comfort driven rooms are adjustable lighting, telephones in the bedroom and bathroom, electronic locks and safety deposit. In the Superior Double hotel in Madrid rooms there is a hydro-massage bathtub. The Hotel Santa Domingo hotel in Madrid also caters to its business clientele with fax machines, copiers, messenger and secretary services, interpreters, computers, sound equipment, slide and overhead projectors with screen, and video equipment. Other extra services offered are babysitting, medical assistance, laundry services, and money exchange. For those traveling with a small pet, th
e Hotel Santa Domingo hotel in Madrid welcomes you. Enjoy comfort in a setting designed for business at the Hotel Santa Domingo.

The Hotel AC Santo Mavro is located in Chamberi close to Paseode la Castellana. It is a 100 year old French Palace hotel in Madrid that has been reconstructed in a combination of classic and avant-garde architecture. The original library and dancing hall have been preserved in their original state, but are now used as a dining room and conference room, respectively. This hotel in Madrid has a garden which provides some rooms with a beautiful, blooming view. The Hotel AC Santo Mavro has 37 rooms which offer 24 hour room service, a free minibar, web TV, cable TV, free coffee shop, and 24 hour laundry service. For a touch of history with all the modern conveniences try the Hotel AC Santo Mavro.

The Hotel Cuzco is located in the financial district, within walking distance to Congress Hall, local shopping centers and entertainment. It has 330 rooms and 8 suites that boost top notch amenities. You will find marble bathrooms, air conditioning, free private safe, electronic minibar, interactive TV, am fm radio and a direct telephone line. The Hotel Cuzco also provides an electronic wakeup system, coffee shop, restaurant, cocktail bar, parking garage, gymnasium and sauna. The Hotel Cuzco hotel in Madrid is in the heart of Madrid’s action. This is a fine hotel in Madrid

These three hotels give a glimpse into the fine accommodations available in Madrid. There are hotels for every price range and to fit every need. You are sure to find a great hotel in Madrid that meets all your needs.

Cheap Air Flights – The Best Way Of Traveling

Each year, millions of individual implement the use of air travel to get from one location to another. However, most of the airfares that are purchased are priced relatively high. This can often place a burden on the finances of the individual who must endure the expense.

When searching for the best cheap air flights, the first thing that you should keep in mind that the results of your search will not render themselves easily. With the recent rise in gas prices, the recent loss on the stock market, and many other economical issues, you will certainly find that searching for cheap airline rates will be a challenge.

It is critical to understand that the search for low prices is not as simple as entering in a price on a major search engine. The proper key to finding the best cheap air flights lies in the components of your search. The number one component is that of adequate planning and preparation.

If you know that you will be required to travel six months down the road, it is imperative to begin your planning for the trip. The sooner that you make your preparations with an airline, the better prices you will get. Those individuals that wait until the last minute must often purchase the flights and seats that are available. It is almost always inevitable that the remaining flights and seats are among the most expensive items.

Travel peak times are another important consideration to be examined when attempting to find the best cheap air flights. It is a known fact that, each year, there are certain months that many individuals select to travel at the same time. This is most common around major holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Spring Break and the summer months are also quite popular among travelers. During these times, you are not likely to find discounted air flights. As a matter of fact, you may actually pay higher rates than are normally charged. Choosing to travel in the months that are considered to be “off season” will allow you a better opportunity to find the best cheap air flights.

Just as traveling at peak times throughout the year will result in your paying more for air flights, there are also peak times during the different days of the week, and various times throughout the day. It is essential that you do a little research on these particular trends and choose your flight accordingly. We all know that the weekends are usually quite busy at most airlines, so, this means these tickets will generally be priced a bit higher. However, Mondays and Fridays are often quite busy as well. Many people who travel with their companies fly out on Mondays and return home on Fridays. This means that airfare on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays will normally cost less.

When selecting to travel, if you are trying to find the best cheap air flights, it is important that you understand that business hours are normally quite busy. If you wish to pay less for your airline tickets, it is best to select a late afternoon air flight, or an air flight that is scheduled late at night. Many people do not select to travel at these hours for one reason or another. However, airlines still need to make money at these times. In order to do so, they will lower the air flight rates.

In addition to the above-listed methods, many individuals are able to obtain the best cheap air flights by searching through the internet. There are many online websites that have been established that promote discounted air flights. Furthermore, many have been able to successfully uncover the best cheap air flights by implementing the use of a travel agent. Many times, these agents can issue you a travel package that includes discounted air flights, as well as discounted hotel accommodations.

As you have learned by the content in this article, there are many ways to uncover the best cheap air flights. It usually takes a little patience and some dedication to the task, but it is highly possible to find the best match for your travel budget.