The benefits of travel in your life experiences

My flight being delayed left me with time to ponder upon the idea of the convenience of airplane travel. I am on a flight traveling to the US from my country, Bangladesh, in search of a college education. Airplane travel offers me with opportunities that will allow me to have a prosperous future. Therefore, having the convenience of traveling by airplanes is very important to me.

Being a citizen of a third world country, I feel that it is vital for me to be able to travel great distances, to places like the US and the UK, in search of opportunities for success in life. Currently, I am traveling to pursue of a college education in the US. Without airplane travel, it would not have been possible for me to travel such a vast distance for a better education.

Airplane travels make it possible for me to travel back and forth from my country, so I am able to get a good education as well as see my family during holidays. As I am living far away from home, I miss my family during holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Airplane travel allows me to visit my family during those times as it is the fastest known way of traveling back and forth among continents in the world. Therefore, without the existence of airplanes it would have been impossible for me to be able to visit my family at home.

I also love to travel for fun. During my childhood, my family and I would travel to various countries during holidays. Those travels have instilled in me a passion to tour the world. And I believe airplanes allow me to follow my passion allowing me to travel anywhere at ease.

Airplane travel is also very enjoyable. I love being able to see the sunrise and sunset from above the clouds; and during take off and landing, being able to look down at the world and watch minute cities is a thrilling experience. Also, when I am above the clouds and there isn’t really a great view to look down upon, I enjoy watching the in flight entertainment that always consists of the newest movies, and playing video games on my personal screen.

Airplane travel has offered me and many others the ability to have the freedom to be able to travel anywhere in the world. I am able to travel long distances at a short period of time, and the cost seems to be affordable when compared to the convenience it provides. Therefore, I can conclude that airplane travel is a great invention that not only helps me in my personal life but also has led to the boom of the tourism industry for which I am able to travel the world.