Choosing a location for a new restaurant

Most important thing is that find out several things of pre-opening area; such as peoples’ population, average age, people’s eating habit and their purchasing ability etc. Make a comparison from different area to find out the better result.

Try to find the location near the commercial area or office towers. The location can be reached by walk or drive, it just takes a few minutes to arrive. The location should avoid facing another restaurant because it may mislead the people to enter the wrong place when they want to go to your restaurant.

Find out the location in the convenient zone, the transportation tool and pedestrian can pass by it conveniently. Ensure the parking lot has enough space for your customers parking.

Investigate the town, which area is well known dinning area and find out the location to open the new restaurant. More people will go to your place because your restaurant is in the famous area.

Choose a location near the street corner to open a new restaurant because everybody will know when they pass by it no matter car driver or pedestrian. When people feel hungry or they think the location is convenient they will come to your restaurant enjoying your place without hesitation.

If open a restaurant inside of the building, avoid opening at the upper floor, because people always think they want to find a convenient place to diet not to go high floors to waste their time. The best location is open at the ground floor because where are most people concentrated.

People can find your restaurant easily when they get together at the lobby of building. Everybody can see your restaurant if your restaurant at the lobby level.

Nowadays more and more people to use the transportation to go to diet at the restaurant. The best way is the restaurant should have its own parking lot or the restaurant location should be close to the city parking lot. The street face to the restaurant should be wide and without any traffic jam. The street’s name also should be well known and people can be found it easily.