The best business travel tips

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The best business travel tips

It is a necessity and not a perk to have one individual in charge of planning the travel for the entire staff. In this way, it is that one individual’s specialty.

This one person, an office assistant can do other tasks other than travel arrangements, but it is important not to overburden them with too much, as researching, among other important travel tasks should be a priority.

What other tasks should be involved in office travel implementation? These are just a few business travel tasks that should be considered:

Create a file for each business travel and include inside:

Airline Seating Preferences

Frequent Flyer numbers for each airline (if the business traveler does not have one, sign them up and keep the card inside the folder)

Hotel Room preferences

Does the traveler prefer to be on a lower or higher floor;

Does the traveler prefer to be near or away from the elevators?

Does the traveler prefer a Smoking or Non-Smoking room?

Does your business traveler need a passport? Does he/she already have one?

These are also important aspects to consider for your travelers portfolio.

These are just a few of the many important things to consider and to have in your business traveler’s folder.

Research is the key to making good business travel decisions.

Find the best travel site to accommodate your business travel needs and stick with it. Sites such as Expedia or Orbitz offer good deals and a convenient experience.

On a travel site such as the ones above, your travel specialist can input each traveler’s information and save it for future bookings. Although inputting all of this data in at one time is time consuming, it makes things go a lot smoother in the long-run.

Which car rental company offers your business travelers the best offers? Things to consider when looking at car rental agencies:

Are there frequent rental rewards?

Does the site offer easy sign-up with no fees?

Do they offer a drop-off service? Is one necessarily needed?

Are the rental agencies located within or very close to the airport?

Once again, these are just a few things to consider. Always have a back-up car Rental Company that you do business with just in case!

What types of Hotels or which Hotel chain does your business traveler prefer? This is an important aspect to keep in mind. You would not want to book your traveler into a hotel that is in any way unsatisfactory to the business traveler.