Youth Hostels in Japan

Regulations and membership
It is possible to stay at a youth hostel even if you aren’t a member, but it will cost you approximately 600 yen more per night at the privately owned ones (the government run youth hostels charge you the same regardless of whether you are a member or not). At the privately run youth hostels, if you are staying more than 5 days you are better off becoming a member because as a non-member it will cost you 3,600 yen for 6 days. In fact, if you stay for 6 nights as a non-member you automatically receive a member’s card.

Membership prices vary according to age. If you are over 19 it is 2,500 yen with an annual renewal fee of 2,000 yen. If you are under 19 it is 1,500 yen and an annual renewal fee of 1,000 yen. You must be over 4 years old to use the Youth Hostels. To become a member is fairly easy to do by going to one of the youth hostels prefectural offices. If you are already a member of a youth hostel in your own country you can use that membership. There are 60 locations in Tokyo and 800 in Japan where you can register. When you go there you are required to have a license or something which identifies you such as a health insurance card. Once you become a member it entitles you to receive discounts (usually 10-20%) on train travel, plane fares, museums and other public facilities. You can also get cheap rent-a-car from Orix (10%) or Nissan rent-a-car (5%).

Most bunk bed rooms are in western style, but there are some rooms with Tatami Mats. Although youth hostels are gender separated, private rooms can also be made available to families or groups.

Average pricing for accommodation at a Youth hostel with 2 square meals is about 4,500 yen/day, although pricing varies between 3,000 yen to 5,000 yen per night. If you pay 5,000 yen you can often get a room with a bath.

When you stay at a youth hostel in Japan you are required to clean your own table and put your sheets on the bed. Although the food is pretty good the prices are comparatively low.

You can book a room 90 days in advance by phone. Generally, cancellation fees don’t apply if you cancel at least 4-6 days in advance. If you cancel one day prior to your stay it costs 50% of the accommodation fee.

Alternatives to Youth Hostels
In addition to youth hostels, there are youth guest houses which are a grade up from youth hostels which are explained in a separate article. Youth Guest Houses are a great alternative for people who don’t want to ‘rough it’ and for those travelling in groups who are looking for decent accommodation. According to some industry insiders, one reason why youth guest houses have come about is because the number of people using youth hostels dropped in recent years. According to one of the youth guest hostel owners there used to be over 600 youth hostels with over 600,000 members but now there are only about 350 youth hostels with 100,000 members. This drop is possibly due to the poor state of the facilities and comparatively low standard of service.

Houston Apartment Search Tips — Getting the Best Deal

Lease a Houston apartment and get $100 in cash and a bonus gift

Houston apartments are expensive. But getting a great deal can make your Houston apartment less expensive. This article provides tips on getting the best deal possible when leasing a Houston apartment.

What Do You Want

A great deal for a Houston apartment varies from person to person.

1 Do you want the lowest possible price for a luxurious two-bedroom, 1200 square foot Houston apartment with granite countertops, hardwood floors and an enclosed garage? Do you want the very lowest price for an efficiency apartment in far northwest Houston? Or do you want the very lowest available move-in cost for a two-bedroom bills paid apartment in Pasadena?

Organize Your Thoughts

Precisely define the features and factors important to you in a Houston apartment. Think about factors such has location, rental rate, application fee, deposit, unit type, unit size, unit amenities, and property amenities.

2 There is an amazing variety of Houston apartments available. Organize your thoughts in writing before starting to search with a high-quality online Houston apartment search service.

3 Houston Apartment Online Search Service

Select a Houston apartment online search service which provides access to information on all Houston apartments and provides a $100 rebate. (You did say you wanted the best available deal, so you may as well get $100 rebate!) Some Houston apartment search services only provide information on 10 to 15% of the available apartments.

4 The services only provide information on properties which pay to advertise or which pay a locator fee.

5 However, it is unrealistic to get the best possible deal when you are only looking at one in six or one in 10 apartments which are available for lease.

Select Five to Twenty Houston Apartments

Use the online apartment search service to identify perhaps five to 20 Houston apartment complexes.

6 Start initially by focusing on geographic location.

7 Then use your other search criteria in descending importance to select target properties. In other words, use the second-most criteria (after location) next to further limit the options. Then use the third most important criteria.

8 Let’s Make a Deal

Use your notes (regarding what is important for a Houston apartment) to develop a list of questions. Call and interview the on-site leasing staff at each property. Focus on getting your questions answered. Listen both to what is said and how it is said.

9 Also ask for details on pricing. This includes information regarding application fee, deposit, first months rent and monthly rent. Ask if they have a “look and lease” special. (This is a special offer when you sign a lease shortly after initially visiting the property.)

Visit the Apartments

Select two or three properties after completing your phone calls. Before going to the office, drive around the perimeter and through the property to see if it means your minimum standards. (Don’t waste time visiting the office if you would not live at the property.) Visit the staff at each of the properties. Ask to see that the model and the unit you would be occupying.

10 Ask about their maintenance policy. Do they have any apartment maintenance work orders which have been outstanding for more than one week. Do they have a courtesy patrol? Ask detailed questions about the other factors which are important to you. If you are interested in a particular amenity, confirm that it is working and ask to see it (if appropriate). Before leaving, ask for the best pricing they have available for the unit you are considering. Can they waive the application fee? Can they reduce the first months rent? Can they reduce the monthly rent? What about a look and lease special?

Make a Decision

Choose an apartment which is best for you considering your criteria. Call once again and ask for their best deal. If you lease today, what is the best deal they can offer?

11 The Lease

Read and negotiate a lease. The lease is a legal document. You should read it. It describes what you must do to have your deposit returned. Ask questions if the lease is not clear. Remember, the lease was written by an attorney for the benefit of the apartment owner. Don’t be embarrassed to ask questions.

12 Enjoy

A great deal is in the eyes of the holder. By carefully considering the location, unit type and features which are important to you, you clarified the first element in a great deal. By gathering information through phone calls and then negotiating with properties offering the best options, you have likely found the very best deal on a Houston apartment.

One The first step in getting a great deal on a Houston apartment is organizing your thoughts. Review the factors such as location, unit type, unit amenities and price. Rank your top three or four factors in descending order.

Two Select a location before proceeding with the other criteria. It is practically impossible to start searching for an apartment until you have selected the area where you want to live. However, it is possible this would not apply is another factor is more important. Realistically though, most people select a location before addressing other issues.

Three Your written notes do not have to be in a presentation format. Most people find writing notes while they are thinking helps to crystallize their thinking and increase the clarity of their ideas.

Four (If you were buying a car, would you go to a dealership that had 12 cars for sale or one that had 100 cars for sale? You have a much better chance of finding a car with the color and accessories you want at the dealership with 100 cars.)

Five It is understandable that some online Houston apartment search services only offer information on apartments which pay them. However, you are unlikely to get the best possible deal when starting with such a small portion of the available apartments.

Six There is nothing magic about the number of 5 to 20 Houston apartments. If you can comfortably narrow the list to only three apartments using the online search service, go ahead and do it. If you have time to call more properties, and want to shop the market very, very carefully, go ahead and call more than 20 properties.

Seven Consider the location of your job, family, friends and leisure when thinking about the location for your apartment. The decision regarding location is critical. If you change her mind regarding the location, you will have to effectively restart the search process.

Eight By narrowing the options using your search criteria in descending order, you’re more likely to include all apartments which are best for you. If you start screening out properties using less important criteria, you’re likely to eliminate properties which have features which are important to you.

Nine How something is said is often more important than what it said. For example, if the leasing agent is defensive when responding to the question regarding their maintenance policy, it tends to indicate there are problems with their maintenance.

Ten Apartment shoppers are sometimes shocked to find that their apartment unit looks different than the model. Expect the model unit to be in excellent condition and to have beautiful furniture. If the leasing agent can’t show you the unit you’ll be occupying, ask to see other units which have been made ready for the tenants to move in. This will help to avoid an unpleasant surprise.

Eleven Don’t be embarrassed to ask about pricing for your Houston apartment. Leasing agents typically have some latitude in pricing to close the deal. If you ask about their best price several times, it is highly likely they will give it to you. They are more concerned with closing the lease than with getting the best possible price.

Twelve Houston apartment residents often do not read the apartment lease. Perhaps it is because they do not want to take the time to read it or perhaps it is because they do not think the apartment management staff will change the lease. However, you are making a substantial financial commitment when you sign the lease. If you read the lease, you are less likely to be surprised in the future.

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Why cheap youth hostels are best for students?

Student life is indeed the best time in the life of an individual. Being a student is indeed a lot of fun. But it isn’t a bed full of roses either. Cumulating pressure from parents, the burden of countless books and not to forget the endless list of education expenses. Other than the mandatory expenses that need to be incurred on studies, there are several other costs too. These include those never ending requirements of wardrobe, those hang outs with friends, buying those teeny-weeny presents for that someone special and many more. Though you cannot cut down on all these expenditures, you can save that extremely precious money by cutting down on accommodation. Here is where youth hostels come in.

Cheap youth hostels are best for students. These hostels are the perfect way to live on the go, or while you are studying in far off places. Unlike the paying guest arrangements or other accommodations, these youth hostels are far more inexpensive. And there is nothing that pleases students more than saving some very precious money. Youth hostels make for a cheap and yet a comfortable way of living for the student. Other than offering low costs to the student, there are several other benefits of living in a youth hostel. These youth hostels provide what even private accommodations don’t – the room for interaction. Since you are sharing the same space with other people, boredom is something that you shall never have to face. To add on some youth hostels even offer additional facilities like a gym, evening games, barbeques in the evening, and a lot more. Living in a youth hostel is not just inexpensive but can be quite fun too.

One of the main reasons for reluctance of living in a youth hostel is security. Many people are concerned about their belongings while living in a youth hostel. But security too is no longer an issue with youth hostels. These days, some youth hostels even offer private lockers making sure that your belongings are always safe. With all this there is no possible reason for one to not choose a youth hostel. Though looking for these hostels can be a little tricky, you need not worry in this case too as we at HostelTraveler make sure that you get the best of youth hostels at your service. Simply log on to and make the most out of your student life with some wonderful youth hostels.

Your Guide to Hotel Accommodation in Oslo

Traveling to a new place can be an exciting experience. The best way to enjoy what any city has to offer is by enjoying its hospitality in any of its classified hotels. Oslo hotels are categorized from luxury or 5 star hotels to cheap and economical hotels, including 1 star and 2 star hotels, providing all the amenities to make your trip comfortable and memorable. Luxury hotels are suitable for the class conscious people who are looking for ease and luxury, and are also suited for the business traveler.

Luxury Hotels in Oslo: These luxurious hotels have a lot to offer with their outstanding facilities and services, including all the basic amenities. Facilities at these luxury five star hotels make them some of the most prestigious hoteller Oslo. These five star hotels are best suited for the status conscious, or the business traveler, or those looking for a romantic luxury break. Visit to book luxury hotell i Oslo.

4 star hotels: Four star hotels in Oslo also cover all the basic facilities needed for stay and also include advanced facilities which make them a good choice for those who are traveling in style and comfort. 4 star hotels are also known as Superior hotels and most of them match with the services offered by 5 star luxury hotels.

3 star hotels: Providing a high standard of accommodation with their facilities and services, 3 star Hotels are best suited for the budget conscious traveler. Comfort and ease along with pleasant decoration and presentation are their priorities. Most of the 3 star hotels in Oslo provide luxury and facilities you will find at any other 4 star or 5 star hotel; at much affordable rates.

2 star hotels: Economical and comfortable 2 star hotels provide easy and relaxed accommodation for many of the cost-conscious travelers. They might not have the luxury of a 5 star hotel but their airy and homely environment is all that’s needed to put you at ease. Have a look at some 2 star cheap hotels in Oslo.

1 star hotels: One Star hotels all the basic amenities to guarantee a comfortable and relaxing trip when you visit Oslo. These hotels provide all necessary facilities and services at affordable rates for the traveler looking for a cheap and affordable place to stay.

Oslo Hotels range from a wide variety and you will find just the right accommodation you are looking for in this beautiful city with ease. The best thing about these hotels is that they are located very close to some of the most popular tourist attractions and market places in Oslo. The hotels also have transportation facilities nearby which make it easy for the tourists to travel to and from these hotels with ease. Cheap hotels, also known as billig hotell i Oslo in Norwegian, are also available for booking at Online booking for Hotels in Norway, locally known as hotell Norge are also available online. Facility to book worldwide hotels is also available online at The website is available in 5 different languages.

Accommodations In Spain Are Spartan And Splendid

Spain is a big, beautiful country that attracts many tourists every year because there are many great sights to see. The accommodations in Spain vary greatly so there are accommodations in Spain for those looking for luxury and those looking for a bargain. Spain has many great cities, beaches and villages, and the accommodations in Spain at these different locales will provide a home away from home for many tourists. Madrid is the largest city in Spain, and this beautiful city of often the place that most tourists begin their trip. There are many fine accommodations in Madrid that will provide comfort on many different budgets.

There are some wonderful five star hotels in Madrid, and these accommodations in Spain are expensive but luxurious. Many tourists can get some good deals on these fine hotels by making their arrangements through some kind of package tour. There are great small hotels throughout Madrid that are reasonably priced for those on a budget. These accommodations in Spain are usually very comfortable and located conveniently throughout the city. These smaller hotels often provide a place where tourists will feel welcome by the staff of the hotels.

Accommodations In Spain Are Modern And Ancient

Spain has some magnificent beaches, and the accommodations in Spain around the beaches are often designed for the informal lifestyle around the seaside. The beaches of Spain attract thousands of tourists every year, and there are many facilities for the tourists close to the beaches. Most of the tourists looking for a holiday in the sun make reservations for accommodations in close proximity to the beaches. Most of the people in charge of the beach accommodations cater to those who want a holiday in the sun.

The accommodations in the beach areas are often very modern, and these accommodations in Spain seem to increase constantly. Some of the accommodations in Spain are very old. Tourists often look for the older accommodations in Spain because they are looking for the flavor of the country and the culture. These accommodations often provide great insight into the past and present of this beautiful country at the same time. Spain welcomes people from all over the world every year because of the fascinating sights and events in this great country. Tourists can visit great museums, beautiful shops or a bull fight with colorful matadors. Many of the tourists who visit Spain return to see what they missed on their first trip.

Skip The Hotel And Stay In A Hostel

Hostelling is a great way to travel if you are on a tight budget. Popular with college students who tour Europe, hostelling offers low budget and low luxury accommodations for those that don’t mind bunking up and sharing with other travelers.

This method of travel can offer adventure and the chance to meet different people but is not for everyone. It’s great for the solo traveler or group of young people but families with small children and couples who want a romantic vacation should spring for more private accommodation’s.

Most hostels are set up as dormitory style rooms, with a number of bunk beds arranged throughout the room. The number of bunk beds in a single room varies, with the average from four to ten bunks per room. Each traveler is assigned a specific bunk upon check-in.

Almost all hostels in the United States divide their accommodations according to gender, with the female guests in one block of rooms and the male guests in another. In multi-floor hostels, each gender is often assigned a specific floor or group of floors.

In Europe and other locations throughout the world, you may find hostels with mixed gender rooms. If you don’t feel comfortable bunking with members of the opposite sex, then make sure you inquire as to the arrangements before you settle in.

The bathroom accommodations at hostels vary as well, with some rooms containing a shared bathroom and shower, while other hostels will have shower and bathroom facilities located in the hallway. If this is an important consideration, you should make sure to ask about bathroom facilities when making the reservation.

Although hostelling is a very informal way to travel, you do need to make reservations especially during the summer. It used to be you could just drop in and be accommodated, but this method of travel is becoming more popular and some hostels can be booked for months during popular tourist seasons. Better to call ahead than to be left out in the cold!

The main appeal of staying at hostels, of course, is the price. The nightly rate for a hostel rarely rises above $25 or $30 per night, with most hostel accommodations costing far less. With the average hotel room hovering around $100 to $150 in many locations, it is easy to see why hostels are becoming so popular.

In addition, the staff at most hostels are extremely accommodating and knowledgeable about the local area. Unlike many staff members of some luxury hotels, who travel in from the suburbs and rarely see the city in which the live, hostel staff tend to live in their city, and they have an intimate knowledge of the local attractions, including which attractions are can’t miss and which ones are a waste of money.

In addition, hostels often have access to discounts and coupons for local area attractions and restaurants, and they can provide valuable information on the best, lowest priced restaurants in the area.

Hostel accommodation’s won’t please everyone and certainly aren’t for every vacation but they can be great lodging for the budget minded tourist. If your main goal is to go out and seek new adventures and places to see and you care less about luxurious accommodation’s then hostels will allow you to save money on lodging so that you can spend more on your travel destinations and experiences.

Luxury Accommodation: Choose from the Worlds Best Luxury Hotel Accommodation

There are many choices available when it comes to luxury hotels. Places where you can get outstanding views and beautiful locations. But when we talk to travelers about luxury accommodations we find a wide array of differing expectations. So if you are interested in embarking on a once in a lifetime luxury stay in one of the most luxurious hotels in the world you need a guide to help you choose luxury hotel accommodation that will match your needs.When it comes to selecting your luxury accommodation you will find big differences between the services on offer. Hotels each have their own standards when it comes to defining luxury and these differing definitions can create confusion and disappointment if you book the wrong place.It is not advisable to book a hotel just because it labels itself as luxurious. We strongly advised that you have a look at all the details before making a choice. In this situation the best way to match your needs with what is available is to check online at http://www.luxuryaccommodation.usIf you are planning to spend some beautiful moments with a loved one in luxury accommodation, let us try to define the word luxury for you. Generally the word luxury raises thoughts of lots of money and expense. But thats not necessary true! Although some of the worlds most expensive accommodation can be found in our list it should not be the main criteria to base a decision upon when it comes to having an incredibly wonderful time with someone you love.Luxury hotels traditionally come with a set of relatively standard luxurious bathrooms and bedrooms but some hotels have specially designed accommodation for honeymooners and couples, where the luxurious bedrooms and bathrooms are designed to enhance your mutual feelings of romance and affection so you can, in an incredible atmosphere, learn about each other and your relationship.Food is as important as any other aspect of your stay when we talking about luxury accommodation and hotels. The food served in any truly luxury hotel always looks beautiful, smells like heaven, is the best-of-the-best and tastes delicious. If there is one thing that will let you know that you are spending time together in a place you will never forget it is the food you will be served. Instead of meals that offer low quality, watered down drinks and terrible service your luxury accommodation will serve you only the best.s sMost luxury hotels come with exciting extras and whether you want to swim with dolphins, explore local culture or ride a camel you will find something different and out of the ordinary to enjoy. Real luxury accommodation and hotels come with all the facilities you can imagine and often many you never expect.Be ready this vacation and check out luxury accommodations from the worlds most comprehensive list at http://www.luxuryaccommodation.usManish Sharma is copy writer for luxury accommodation, provider of best luxury hotel luxury accommodations, luxurious hotels, luxury hotels guide, luxury family accommodation, luxury hotels of the world, luxury accommodations guide.

10 Tips for Finding a Great Apartment

1.Basic Decisions


The next step is Apartments 101. Set a budget for your apartment. Select the unit type for your apartment. Gather information the apartment management will require when you complete an application. They will want information on where you have lived, contact information for the landlord, where you work, how much you make, how long you’ve been there and a phone number.


2.Online Search Service


Find a quality online apartment search service. Only use a service which has information on all apartments in the metropolitan area. Some online apartment services only have information on 10 to 15% of the apartments in a city.


3.Limit Options


The online apartment service can help you limit the number of options to between five and 20 depending on how much time you have to review options. The more options you review, the better your chance of finding your ideal apartment.


4.Is it looks too good to be true…


WOW! — an apartment has no application fee, no deposit, $0 first months rent and it’s in the area I like! Be very careful of apartments offering deals this aggressive. In many cases, their resident profile is rough compared to other properties in the area.




Call and speak to the leasing agents at various apartments. Are they friendly and professional? Are they knowledgeable? After speaking with them, do you feel this is a professionally run the apartment complex whose staff will be attentive and service oriented?


6.Visit Apartments


The next step is to personally visit the apartments. Drive around the perimeter of the property. Then drive through the property if you can. Your observations will be meaningful. A clean, well-maintained apartment complex probably offers a better apartment living experience.


7.Meet On-Site Staff


Next, go to the office and visit with the on-site staff. 8 Ask to see both a model and the unit you would occupy. Ask to walk through a large portion of the property. Are the buildings well maintained? Is there junk on the balconies? Is the property clean? Are there tough-looking people hanging out in courtyards during the middle of the day? What you see when touring the property is important.




Ask the leasing staff about their maintenance policy. How long does it take for them to complete repairs? Are there any maintenance requests which have been pending for more than one week?




Apartment complexes describe security as a courtesy patrol. Ask if they have a periodic courtesy patrol. Ask if there have recently been any criminal incidents at the property. Ask about the property’s policy regarding limited access gates. In other words, are the limited access gates usually operational?


11.Speak to a Resident


Speak to a resident at the apartment complex. Try asking the leasing agent if they will let you speak to one resident. Perhaps you can speak to someone who enters the office while you are visiting. An existing resident will probably give you the best available information regarding the apartment living experience at that property.

12. Planning and organizing your apartment search will help you to find a great apartment at a great price. Try to start your search two to four weeks before you have to make a decision. Allowing adequate time improves your chance of getting a great apartment.

One However, this will be a personal decision. You may prefer a property with more amenties and more space in a less attractive area. What is important is whether you like the apartment. Decide what is most important to you. Seek and you shall find. Two Organizing this information will make the apartment search process less stressful. It will also make a great impression on the leasing staff. Although the apartment leasing staff spends most of their time selling you, they do have to approve your application. Three It is not likely you will find your ideal apartment while only looking at 10 to 15% of the available properties. If you had selected a new type of car to purchase, would you go to a dealership that had 12 cars in stock or a dealership that had 100 cars in stock? You are much more likely to find a great apartment if you start by reviewing all possible options.

Four Organize the information in a table format. Put apartment names along the top and features all along the left column. Think about which features are most important to you. Is the unit size more important than the amenities? Is having a washer dryer in the unit worth a little more rent? Is it essential to have a dishwasher?

Five Apartments offering “killer” deals tend to be unattractive. Yes, it is hard to pass up a low down move-in deal. If you really need an apartment with the lowest possible move in cost, it may be your best option. However, it is not likely to be the best available apartment complex.

Six You can call many apartments in a short period of time. The first conversation can be short. Focus on getting information, instead of giving them information. They will want to ask you a variety of questions. However, you focus on requesting the information you need. Be polite but be firm.

Seven Before you go to the office, think about the appearance of the property. Is the property well maintained? Would it be a great apartment for you? Does it meet your minimal standards? If not, drive on to the next apartment complex on your list.

Eight Is the office clean and organized? Is the management staff dressed in an appropriate manner? Did the leasing staff greet you in a friendly way? Is there are any residents in the office, observe the interaction of office staff and the residents.

Nine When you meet a new person, they usually offer their best impression during the first several meetings. The same is probably true for your first visit to an apartment complex. Your impression of the apartment property is unlikely to improve over time.

Ten Is the staff proud of their maintenance policy? Do they flinch or look defensive when you ask about the maintenance policy? In some cases, reactions and gestures are more important than what is said.

Eleven In most cities, you can obtain a criminal report by contacting the police department. It will give you factual, detailed information regarding criminal activity at the property. In most cases, a clean, well-maintained property will have less criminal activity than a poorly maintained apartment property.

Twelve Ask if you can speak to the resident in private. Or ask for the resident’s phone number so you can call them. Yet another option is to wait outside the leasing office and asked to speak to someone as they’re entering the office. Most people are friendly and willing to help.

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SATs and learning disabilities: Accommodations for special

Your child has been identified as learning disabled and has received appropriate services at school. Now enrolled in high school, he or she plans to apply to a college which requires SAT scores.

Each year approximately 2 percent of students taking the SAT do so with accommodations. Your child may be eligible if his or her disability currently requires testing accommodations at school, documentation supports the need, and your child receives and uses requested accommodations for school-based tests. Also, a plan for testing accommodations in school must have been in place at least four months before taking the SAT.

Your child should request the appropriate SAT accommodations that affect his or her testing performance. Due to policy changes in recent years, students with disabilities are no longer penalized for non-standard test administration, nor are their scores flagged. If your child has taken the SAT without accommodations, consider requesting them before he or she retakes the test.

To start the procedure, the school psychologist or guidance counselor completes the College Board’s Student Eligibility Form. Supporting documentation includes the specific diagnosed disability with current evaluations or eligibility reviews. Relevant educational, developmental, and medical history, criteria used to support the identification of the disability, the professional credentials of the evaluators, as well as a description of the disability’s functional limitations and the accommodation(s) being requested for the SAT must also be included.

Your child’s eligibility may also be determined by submitting documentation directly to the College Board for review by a panel of learning disabilities’ experts. However, most guidance counselors are familiar with the Board’s verification process, and if the guidelines are followed, they can save you time and paperwork.

Once the Board establishes your child’s need for accommodations, those accommodations may be used for the Board’s major tests including the PSAT/NMSQ, SAT I and II, and Advanced Placement (AP). The Board will request an annual renewal notification by your child’s guidance or special education services’ department.

Accommodations will not be granted if your child’s documentation fails to meet the Board’s guidelines, or if the requested accommodation has not been proven to affect his or her testing performance. If your request is not approved, make certain all related comprehensive testing and diagnostic techniques used to identify your child’s disability have been reported.

For more information, contact your child’s high school guidance counselor, visit the College Board website at

or call the Educational Testing Service (ETS) at: (609) 921-9000.

For a list of possible testing accommodations, visit d/student/accom.html

A comprehensive information website about learning disabilities can be found at cs

Find a step-by-step process for requesting SAT accommodations at udent/testing/sat/reg/ssd.html