How to meet people when traveling alone

Do you love traveling? If you do, you probably will meet two circumstances, where all travelers will definitely without fail have to answer this ultimate question. Do I have the money to travel and do I have the time to travel? A lot of travelers, nowadays struggle with this ongoing problem and thus at the end of the day, it may boil down to while you have the money to go for this vacation, your partner may not have that kind of money to splurge or situation where you have the time to travel, your partner can’t afford the time to travel with you. Hence, at the end of the day, you may be faced with the situation that you’ll be traveling this vacation alone. I’m going to share a bit of information on how I have cope with traveling alone and meeting different kind of cultures and people along the way.

Before you embark on any given trip that your heart desires, you will have to look through any given information on this particular country or city which you will be visiting. Normally, for any trip which I’m deciding to go, I will try to look up at some travel guide books, tune in to some travel programmes geared towards the destination where I’m planning to travel. If you have access to your local libraries, these are good information centers where you can gather as much information before you travel and all for free, save up those money and set aside for your traveling. When looking up on the travel guides or books, be sure to look up for lone travelers lookout which is ideal for you to read them up to avoid any unnecessary disruption to your tours.

While traveling to distant places, you might want to check out on your accommodations through the travel guide books, normally those books will provide lots of information on the different accommodations, like budget hotels or youth hostels, medium to luxury ranges of accommodations to suit every travelers budget. I personally, will choose those budget or youth hostels, especially since I will be on a budget tour and it’s the best way to meet up with like-minded travelers. Remember to email or call up the accommodations in advance to avoid the rooms fully taken up by other travelers. Meet up with like-minded travelers while having your meals in the cafes provided by your hostel or hotels and there are many activities where you can join in and have fun with other lone travelers too. I remember my experience in Australia, where I stayed in a youth hostel, every other nights, there is a certain movie which they will put up for travelers to enjoy their evenings and this will be a fun platform for travelers to get together and share your experiences.

While traveling, you might want to check out the itineraries that local travel agents offer to all travelers. These are fun, as you can meet up with fellow travelers, whom share the same interest whilst traveling together towards a certain sightseeing spot. For my experience while I was holidaying in Melbourne, I joined a 2 days tour to Great Ocean Road with a night accommodation in one of the hostels which my travel agent has arranged. We had four guys including me to bunk in for the night and we talked and laughed and shared our experiences together. During the day, while we are traveling and taking photographs as souvenirs, we acted as partners to help each other to take photo shoot of one another at scenic spots which we just can’t miss.

And this is my experience of traveling and meeting up with like-minded people whom don’t mind traveling alone which does have its own advantages.

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