Gold Coast Car Rentals: Getting Around in Style

Gold Coast Car Rentals: Getting Around in Style

When you book your Gold Coast accommodation, you might want to consider the hassle of having to wait or call for a taxi to take you to the places you may want to go to. Finding the right car from one of the numerous Gold Coast Car Rentals that are associated with your rented accommodation is often pretty easy. When you rent a vehicle that you can either drive or one that has a driver, you can go to spots you wish to see or restaurants to want to dine in without having to wait too long to go to and from your choice venue.


Your Car Rental Choices


When in the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia, you may want to check with your local car rental specialists for the many different kinds of vehicles they might have available for your use. There are economy cars and compact cars you can rent for your vacation here that are often self-driven. There are also family size cars and even vans for those people who often vacation in large groups. These many vehicle choices are made available due to the many different needs vacationers have. If you are a solo person on vacation, you might want to get a compact vehicle to take you around the area. If you are with your family, a full sized vehicle or family sized sedan might suit your needs more.


Different Car Rental Rates


Depending on the kind of vehicle you might want to rent, rates can vary from a low $25 per day for a three door compact car to $39 per day for a four door family sedan. Some rates include an unlimited kilometre use of the vehicle, and start of usage may be from the time you land at the airport or from the time you have the vehicle delivered to your Gold Coast Apartment or whatever accommodations you have in Queensland. Additional options for your rented vehicle may include baby seats or baby boosters and even a navigation unit. These additional items can be had at an extra cost of a few dollars per day or a fixed cost for the whole duration of your use of the vehicle. You should also note that the vehicles you rent are often subjected to a minimum number of days of use before you can rent them. There are sometimes Gold Coast car rentals that stipulate a mandatory 7-day rental of the vehicles, and payment is sometimes asked for upon reservation.


Vehicle Availability


If you need a vehicle of a certain type for your stay in the Gold Coast, you may need to book your vehicles in advance or ask for a reservation of the kind of vehicle you will need. There may be times when the car you want is in demand, and units are hard to come by if you book these at the last minute. This is often true for those peak vacation seasons when people flock to Queensland for special occasions or events. You may need to ask your travel agent to book your rental car along with your travel plans to ensure availability of the car you want.