Boston tour reviews: Boston Tours

The first historic tour in Boston that is great to do would be the Newport Tour. The Newport Tour is a driven tour on a very comfortable motor coach listening to the driver about knowledgeable and historic things about Boston and its past. The Newport Tour goes to Newport’s waterfront where you will stop for lunch where there are many historic buildings around to look at. Also while on the Newport Tour you will see the city’s fishing fleet and the marble house. One last thing the Newport Tour will see is the waterfront of the lovely beaches in Boston.

Now the second and third tour offers the same exact things, so you must be careful when choosing your tour. You can choose to do this tour in one or two days and. This tour is a trolley tour and even a cruise tour that brings you around historic Boston. This tour is narrated like many other Boston historic tours and the trolley brings you too many different stops along the way to the cruise tour the stops include the constitution museum, the north end of Boston, and the Fanevil Marketplace where you can shop. You will have to choose one or two days to do this tour.

Many of the tours that Boston does offer all do almost go to the same places so be care full to pick the right one.

Another tour that Boston offers is the Boston Duck Tour. It’s a fun tour on water and even on land. Enjoy very many Boston historic scenes and with a narrated tour guide to talk you through.

The fourth historic tour to do in Boston would be the Boston lunch and sightseeing cruise tour. This cruise tour is all about fun with a DJ on board any so many cast members to make it your best tour through out Boston. Some sites you will see are very historic in Boston and the sites are the Battle of Bunker Hill, Boston Tea Party, and Fort Independence and im sure you have read about them sometime in your life past. There are more sites along this your that you will see while being along the cruise tour. You will also eat lunch aboard this cruise tour.

Boston has also a whale watching cruise tour. This tour is also narrated and is a great family tour while seeing three different species of whales. Your will definitely see a whale on this tour.

The helicopter tour is a must. You see all the historic scenes and building of Boston. You will see the Zakim Bridge, Quincy market, Charles River, Fenway Park and many more scenes. Boston’s helicopter tour will help you to see even more than you though was in Boston.

Toronto Restaurants – a Variety of Cuisines in One City

Toronto is a big city with millions of inhabitants. It is the place where you can find everything you need. You can get all the necessary information about all the restaurants you want online. The schedule and the information about the restaurants are posted online. You can book some places if you want, you can rent the entire restaurant for an event if you want, and all the services became accessible and easy to manage due to online address of all Toronto restaurants. The prices for the dishes are available for all the budgets. You can choose the cuisine specialization of the restaurants if you have some preferences for it. There are a lot of possibilities to have a nice meal in Toronto all you have to do is to decide what you want.

There are a lot of specialization restaurants, with certain cuisine among Toronto restaurants. For example you can find Russian restaurant, with traditional Russian, Ukrainian, Moldovan, Kazakh, Turkmen, Belarus and other cuisines of the former USSR countries. Russian restaurants are designed in typical Russian manner. There is always life music in Russian restaurants there are always Russian folk dances at certain events. The Russian restaurants are suitable for any kind of event.

The Amulet restaurant is one of the Restaurants Toronto which is very famous with the local Russian emigrants. Its banquet hall is perfect for weddings, celebration of anniversaries, corporate events, community gala evenings, birthday parties and other events which take place in Toronto. The restaurant big hall can seat up to 170 clients. In the menu, you will find traditional Russian Pelimeni meat wrapped in pasta, of round shape and boiled in salt water. Moldavian Mamaliga boiled think corn porridge served with fried ham and garlic. Ukrainian Vareniki special type of cheese or boiled mashed potatoes wrapped in pasta and boiled in salt water.

There is also African cuisine present among restaurants Toronto. The Addis Ababa restaurant impress with its Ethiopian cuisine, tasty roasted coffee and affable service. A dinner in this restaurant is a nice experience for those who are not afraid to discover new tastes. You will savor the soft and piquant crêpe, the brand of the cuisine to dig up pieces of spiced split peas, puréed black beans and collard greens. This all is carefully flavored with spices, garlic and ginger.

Blue Bay Café is another African food based restaurant. It offers fiery food of Mauritius, which is represented by a mixture of African, French and Indian cuisine. This is a comfortable place where you can sit on bentwood chairs; the tables are cover with white tablecloths and many traditional African art objects. The prices are pathetically low, with a respectable quality. The dishes contain a lot of vegetables and fish. The traditional dishes are more or less light.

There are Toronto restaurants that represent European cuisine. The Mediterranean cuisine has also its representatives in Toronto. Auberge du Pommier is a French restaurant. Its rustic atmosphere will remind of the French regions’ country charm. Its menu consists of many country dishes which are popular in France. The Hungary is represented by Country Style Hungarian restaurant. There you will find schnitzel and paprika, half-sausage top pleasingly chewy pierogies with deeply caramelized onions and with sour cream. The restaurant offers the best European beer and its best service.

Luxurious Accommodation For Your Family Vacation

So you go abroad for a luxury family vacation and you have chosen your destination now you have to choose Luxurious accommodation. Few years ago, you probably visited your travel agent and confidence face-to-face advice you were given by the so-called “experts”. The 21st century way to select and book you Luxurious accommodation is, on the internet, using an online guide.

But how can we go through all the choices to find the right Luxurious accommodation for you? And more importantly, can we really trust the photographs and descriptions of the hotels that were probably placed there by the management of the hotel you are checking out.

Traveler reviews about Luxurious accommodation can be useful, but you must exercise caution. They are often biased, sometimes exaggerated (no one wants to admit they made a terrible mistake), and may not answer your questions or serve your interests at all. How do you know that the characteristics that are deemed important by the reviewer are the same ones that are important to you? Then there’s the problem of reviewer motivation. The most critically you read, the more you will notice how they tend to cluster at the extremes of opinion. On one side, reviewers are apparently angry and have an axe to grind, and on the other, you have delighted guests who praised beyond belief.

You probably will not be surprised to learn that Luxurious accommodations have been known to post their own comments and reviews, or they comment on their competitors and grab any opportunity to lambaste the competition with terrible reviews – it seems that no action is too low to be involved with – it’s a cut-throat world out there.

It is best to consider what is really important to you in choosing your Luxurious accommodation. You need to choose an online accommodation guide which gives up-to-date, independent and impartial information that really matters.

Here are some of the key facts you should bear in mind while choosing your Luxurious accommodation:

Location: if it is important that the hotel is, for example, on the beach, near the theme park, or the airport, then the location is paramount. Any decent directory should provide a map of the location of the Luxurious accommodation and its surroundings.

Style: it is important to choose a Luxurious accommodation that makes you feel comfortable – traditional or contemporary furniture, decoration local or international, formal or relaxed. The ideal hotel directory will be able to show the options available.

Restaurants, cafes and bars: local color is great, but in-hotel restaurants and bars can play an important role in your stay. You must be aware of your choices and style and whether or not they are formal or informal. A good accommodation report should tell you. Also are meals included in the standard tariff and if so which meals – remember that at times only breakfast is on offer as part of the standard price.

Room facilities: you should always carefully consider the type facilities you need in your room and find a Luxurious accommodation that offers those you consider important. A good site directory of hotels, should address questions such as: bed, internet access (and maybe the additional cost of WiFi or wired broadband connection), equipment, mini-bar, sauna, Jacuzzi, room service, the views from your deluxe room and what’s on offer in the way of sheets, blankets, pillows, bathrobes and the choice of smoking or not smoking; and this is a short list. Make your own list and match the hotels on offer to it.

These things really do matter; any decent Luxurious accommodation directory should give you this kind of information – not just a listing of the rooms and their prices, which is the usual option!

Children’s facilities: important to the family traveler is an understanding of how your children are going to manage with your Luxurious accommodation of choice. One thing worth looking for is whether the place offers baby-sitters because if it does then you know it’s aware of the needs of parents with kids.

Business facilities: For the business traveler who wishes to escape with their children the point above is very relevant too – but you will also need other facilities that may allow you to remain in contact with the working side of your life. So what facilities does your Luxurious accommodation of choice have that can help you continue to do what you need to do while you’re away with the family? WiFi, high-speed broadband, meeting rooms, conference facilities, photo-copying, courier services and so the list goes on. Again; make up your list of needs and match it with the hotel. If what you need is not there then maybe you should not be either.

Leisure facilities: the site should provide a detailed analysis of leisure services – spa, pool, gym, sauna – and details of any other nearby facilities such as golf courses, fun parks, etc.

Special Needs: a directory of Luxurious accommodations, should inform potential patrons of available special needs services and their accessibility policy. Although this may not apply to all visitors, it is absolutely vital for some.

Finally and most importantly, a high quality directory of Luxurious accommodations should not accept only external feedback but should be supported by an inspection team who has members that have visited the hotel in question, met the staff, slept in a room and tried the food. They should have extensive hotel experience and understand the need of hotel customers as only a hotel customers can and it is only then that they are really in a strong position to write about the Luxurious accommodation l.

If you want to access a guide of luxurious hotel accommodation for you and your family vacation then have a look at

Rediscover Life With Cheap Bahamas Vacation

If you got exhausted due to tiring work at office then nothing can better work in relaxing and revitalizing your body mind and soul than a vacation with your family. Whenever people initiate deciding on destination places, the very first name that comes in every mind is Bahamas. As Bahamas has everything to entertain every age group, it has become the dream destination of every tourist. You must be looking for a package that offers the best and the cheapest vacation to you and your family. If you have a dream to take your family to the Bahamas and cannot realize it just because of expensive airfare and touring packages, then cheap Bahamas vacation has a lot to offer you without affecting your budget.

Cheap Bahamas vacation could be the perfect place to enjoy your vacation within your budget. With this you can plan a gala time with your near and dear ones without pestering for money. Your cheap Bahamas vacation package covers a wide range of services right from air ticket reservation to hotel accommodation and fun activities. You can find many travel agents in your city that are operating vacation services in a well-established office. Just contact the one who is known for the best deals in tourism industry and apply for cheap Bahamas vacation. By the time you apply for a vacation package under guidance of the best travel agent you will find that going to Bahamas is not as expensive as you considered it to be.

For convenient vacation management, you can take help of the Bahamas vacation manager. A vacation manager can make your tour more convenient as he makes every possible arrangement that you may require during vacation. Internet is the finest tool to search for the most affordable vacation packages; you can visit sites that organize cheap Bahamas vacation with quality services. You can find numerous enticing offers and discount schemes on such sites but to get best vacation deal, spend some time on checking out multiple options so that you may make the best selection out of them. You can make a selection from wide range of touring services that offer cheap air fair, economic hotel accommodation and easy transportation means. Now with online services, you do not need to rush here and there to book your vacation package as with the help of such vacation organizer sites you can apply for you cheap Bahamas vacation package online.

Having a cheap Bahamas vacation never means that you are not going to get proper treatment, in fact, you will remember this vacation for luxurious accommodation and quality air travel. Cheap Bahamas vacation provides you a great opportunity to spend your precious moments in the lap of nature. It could also be a perfect gift to your beloved on his or her birthday as it gives everyone a chance to forget every worry of life. As Bahamas is an all time favorite tourist destination, it never turns off for tourism. Therefore, instead of waiting too long for off season cost reduction in vacation packages, plan a vacation to Bahamas with cheap Bahamas vacation.

Just how safe are food establishments

Out of the Mouths of Babes.

I was telling my grand daughter about helium.

“It’s a gas granddad. They told us that at school”.

Yes but it is also a community of people, a community of forward thinking people who talk to each other , write articles and read each other’s articles.

“So- could we write an article granddad?”.

We could try.

“Right let’s do it. What should we write about ?”

Well what do you suggest ?

“What about food ? I like food”.

“When I go to the supermarket with Mum, she is always going on about Organic Food. What’s that granddad”?

Well Organic Food is produced so that it has no pesticides or harmful food additives.

And that the soil and the animals are looked after carefully.

“Is there a lot of Organic Food then?”

Oh yes.

“Facts granddad we need facts”.

Right. Well, sales of organic food in the UK have increased dramatically in recent years. According to the latest figures by the Soil Association , in their 2006 Organic Market Report :

– sales of organic food in the UK were up 30% on 2005 figures.

– supermarkets are expanding their organic food ranges.

– but a growing number of consumers are buying directly from the farmers, through farmers’ markets, box schemes, and farm shops.

The market is worth 125 million per year.

“Is organic food better then granddad?”

Many people turn to organic food because of concern about pesticides.

There are government rules about the use of pesticides but they still end up in our food, and they are known to have harmful long term effects on our heath.

” So that’s good then granddad”.

Yes, but organic food costs more. Organic production is slower, more labor intensive and the crop yields are generally lower. Organic food can be up to 63% more expensive, according to a report by the consultants Morgan Stanley.

“What about America, do they have organic food there?”.

Oh Yes. All organic food sold in the USA carries the USDA Organic Food Label. The National Organic Standards were introduced in Consumer spending on organic food in the USA had reached $9 billion by 2001, the year after the standards were introduced. And the sales have increased 20% every year since then. That’s progress for you.

My granddaughter was concentrating hard. She had a firm intense look on her face.

But then I made my mistake.

I told her that in the old days, we all ate organic food. We didn’t call it organic food them, because all food was produced naturally. It was only when some wise man decided that it didn’t last long enough that additives were used to help keep the food fresher for longer.

“And was it more expensive?” she asked.

Yes I replied.

There then followed a long silence. You could almost see the Grey cells working.

“So now we are going back to the old ways and they are charging us more for it. They take all the pesticides and additives out, so we actually get less, and they charge more. We are going backwards, and you tell me it’s progress”.

” Suppose in 30 years time, when we are all organic, someone else decides that the food isn’t lasting long enough it needs preservatives. And they will charge more for it.”

“So – what we’re doing is paying more to go back to how it was when we had to pay more for getting less”.

“are we absolutely sure that’s progress ?”

Can somebody out there in helium help me out here?

Binge Eating Disorder – Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Binge eating involves more than just eating a lot. With binge eating, a person feels out of control and powerless to stop eating while he or she is doing it.

That’s why binge eating is also called compulsive overeating.
People with a binge eating problem may overeat when they feel stressed, upset, hurt, or angry. Many find it comforting and soothing to eat, but after a binge they are likely to feel guilty and sad about the out-of-control eating. Binge eating is often a mixed-up way of dealing with or avoiding difficult emotions.

Food is important for growth and development, but we do not always eat to satisfy our hunger. Most of us overeat from time to time, and we may feel bloated or excessively full as a result. Occasional over-indulgence does not constitute an eating disorder, and binge eating has only recently been recognized as an eating disorder in its own right.
Causes of Binge Eating Disorder
· Depression. As many as half of all people with binge eating disorder are depressed or have been depressed in the past.

· Dieting. Some people binge after skipping meals, not eating enough food each day, or avoiding certain kinds of food.
· Coping skills. Studies suggest that people with binge eating may have trouble handling some of their emotions. Many people who are binge eaters say that being angry, sad, bored, worried, or stressed can cause them to binge eat.


People with binge eating disorder can get sick due to a lack of proper nutrition. Binging episodes usually include foods that are high in sugar and/or salt, but low in healthier nutrients.
People with binge eating disorder are usually very upset by their binge eating and may become very depressed.

People who are obese and also have binge eating disorder are at risk for type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol levels, gallbladder disease, heart disease, and certain types of cancer.
On the other hand, people with binge-eating disorder often have numerous behavioral and emotional signs and symptoms. These include:
· Eating until the point of discomfort or pain
· Eating much more food during a binge episode than during a normal meal or snack
· Eating faster during binge episodes
· Feeling that their eating behavior is out of control
· Frequent dieting without weight loss
· Recurrent episodes of binge eating
· Frequently eating alone
Cognitive behavior therapy – Focuses on the thoughts that envelop food and eating. One of the main goals is for you to become more self-aware of your relationship to food. Your therapist may ask you to keep a food diary or a journal of your thought processes about food.

Psychotherapy can involve a significant time and financial commitment. You are worth it! Particularly if you are struggling with other issues (sexual abuse, depression, substance use, relationship problems) psychotherapy can be very helpful in addressing not only your disordered eating, but also your overall emotional health and happiness.

Behavior therapy – Uses rewards and repercussions to change the behaviors of bingeing, compulsive overeating, and emotional eating. The behavior therapist teaches you to recognize triggers for bingeing and to interrupt emotional eating episodes by substituting relaxation and other coping strategies.

A Critical View of the Law of Attraction and Quantum Theory

The law of attraction which claims itself to be a law, fails to justify itself on the grounds of falsifiability, that is, “the logical possibility that an assertion can be shown as false by an observation or a physical experiment”.

Falsifiability implies that if a certain condition applies to a situation, or a person, an inference may be drawn out of it and the same condition may not apply to all other similar situations or persons. For example, a man who is dark skinned is Asian. This does not mean that all dark skinned men are Asian or that all Asians are dark skinned. The law of attraction takes a few incidents where people have tasted success, and attempts to apply the same philosophy to all situations.

When judged by many scientific testing parameters the law fails to live up to its logical quotient. This means that the claims brought by the theory are unable to give an exact relation between the thought process and the results. The cause and effect relation, as posited, often overlooks the probable deterring factors or differences in circumstances. The theory makes a hypothetical study of human nature and draws out the inference, by frequent and repeated reference to a few instances, some of which may also be coincidences.

Modern believers in the law of attraction are of opinion that the theory originates from quantum physics, in its treatment of thoughts as atoms.
According to theories in quantum physics, the world is composed of countless atoms. Each of these atoms is charged with energy and is interchangeable, i.e. they can be used to influence each other and are open for infinite changes. This explains a sense of dynamism of thought. The law of attraction speaks on somewhat similar lines as quantum physics in terms of thought as energy atoms.

Following the example of quantum physics, the law supposes the human mind to be composed of thoughts. Each of these thoughts are like charged atoms which are capable of generating enormous power. The law of attraction, going further along the lines of quantum physics, points out, that since energy and matter are interchangeable and can be utilized for good results, the human mind, which is also open to changes, helps us in molding the situations in our life to shape our reality.

According to quantum physics atoms have energy and are drawn towards atoms with similar energy composition. So following that principle, the law of attraction states that thoughts like atoms are drawn towards same kind of thoughts. Thus, the law of attraction points out that “like attracts like”. This explains how thoughts relating to ones goal attract thoughts centering on the ways to achieve it, eventually attracting thoughts of reaching the goal.

Again, quantum physics points out that everything has potential and nothing is fixed, which means, if our goal is fixed, there are a number of ways to achieve it. In the same way, the law of attraction points out that if we are focused over what we want to achieve, nothing can prevent us from reaching it. Thus, quantum physics also speaks of what the law of attraction referred to as fending off negative thought through thinking.

Though the law of attraction bears similarity with quantum physics in many ways, it is not a scientific law, in the true sense of the term. The law of attraction is more a part of pseudoscience and a gathering of spiritual philosophies to gauge the power of human mind. Quantum physics may be considered a concrete means of explaining what the law of attraction aims at propagating.

The references to quantum physics made by the law of attraction are mostly incorrect. The proposition that thoughts, like atoms have energy fields is not a proven fact in science. The principles of thought, as supposed by the law of attraction, underline certain beliefs that are true in some cases and may be followed as example. Many of its credos have a hypothetical explanation, often attaching magical imagination. The law of attraction is mostly refined pseudoscience and has very less to do with concrete scientific truth.

Among the spiritual circles, the law of attraction is criticized strongly because of its attempts to hold individual ego and self will at unity with the higher self. The two are contradictory and cannot operate in synergy. On the other hand, the law of attraction which emphasizes repeatedly the inner consciousness and spiritual integrity makes a generalized statement; it overlooks the diversified collective mind and treats the single as the many.

The law of attraction refers to abundance. The theory explains profundity as feeling of happiness. The question is, why the law of attraction, (which is capable of resolving every situation), is unable to solve the problem of inequality of wealth? Moreover, the law of attraction aims at abundance, taking into account, there is enough for all and one only has to find his share of prosperity. The theory wants us to believe in a truth which hardly exists. The law of attraction does not delve deep enough to consider the societies or cultures where it cannot operate likewise.

The law of attraction, no doubt, is an inspiring theory dealing with the unrealized powers of mind. However, the theory appears too generalized and often misses out on external factors which may not be within the minds reach.

How to get free accommodations during your trip

Tired of paying through the nose for hotel and motel accommodations that aren’t worth the price? If you’re ready, you can determine that, as of today, you are done with that world and move into the ranks of travelers who stay outside of the travel industry. You’ll be able to travel much more and see more fun details when you break free of the expenses of temporary housing.

Camping is one option. Plan to meet your own needs minimally and pack a lightweight setup to take care of yourself. If you’re willing to work at it a bit, you can approach virtually any place as you would a wilderness area. I’ve been known to stealth camp in the center of metropolitan cities, on the edge of international airports, and alongside major highways. Wherever you go, there you are. Keep it simple.

Services exist dedicated to introducing you to local hosts wherever in the world you choose to go. Some are more formal while others are decidedly casual. Most ask that you host travelers in your home, as well as staying with others when you travel, but each give you options to participate in various ways. Some are specifically designed for bicyclists, while others are open to everybody. Try out a few to find the best one for your needs.

Different cultures have differing attitudes toward wayfaring strangers. I’ve discovered that most of the world’s poorer people are thrilled to host a respectful person from another culture, especially when I’m willing to buy groceries. For much less than the cost of a restaurant, I’m able to eat truly authentic local cuisine and experience the culture up close and personal.

Even in the USA, it never hurts to ask. Most anybody will provide accomodations to a polite person who is willing to work for the favor. Try asking in a small business where you can look the owner in the eye. In those places where it’s too difficult to find people to ask, there is generally a “social services net, if you’re willing to go there. Besides helping to develop humility, staying in a shelter can put you in touch with the other side of your own culture.

The bottom line always seems to be the same. You get what you pay for, but you don’t have to pay for anything you don’t choose to consume. Life is free to those who choose to live that way. Keep yourself pleasant to be around and others will choose to be around you. We get by with a little help from our friends, be they old friends or brand new ones.

Buy Cheaper Car rental to travel American Capital Washington

Washington, D.C. that is also known to be District of Columbia located by the north bank of the Potomac River is surrounded by states of Virginia and Maryland is capital of United States of America. Being the capital of United Sates of America, the most powerful country of the world and all the three branches of federal government in Washington, it is center of all the political activities in America and always remained witness to the vital changes, globally. It is headquarter for many International bodies and 172 embassies are located in Washington.

The city named after George Washington, who selected the city for its location being on the Potomac River. The amazing thing about Washington Skyline is that it is devoid of skyscrapers because of building laws for the capital. Apart from being a political center Washington is full of places of historical and cultural importance. The National Mall is great place in the Washington for visitors as many centers of historical, cultural and administrative purposes are located here. The White House, the US Capitol Building, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, the Vietnam War Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, the National Gallery of Art, the Air and Space Museum, the National Natural History Museum, the Holocaust Museum, the International Spy Museum and many other places are scattered through out Washington.

In order to travel through the city of Washington you can depend on any mode of transport. You can board on to the bus transit system, can hire a taxi or travel by a metro rail in the city. But among all the modes of transport it is the car rental in Washington that you will find most comfortable while traveling different parts of the city. On a car rental in Washington you can save upon handsome amount of money.

However it is not that much simple and straight to save money on car rental in Washington, however you need a proper plan, guideline and guidance when you plan for a car rental in Washington DC. One of the best ways to save money on car rental is a proper plan, guideline and guidance before going for a car rental. Booking car rental online can be one of the smartest ways to save money on a car rental. Online you can select from a number of attractive car rental offers provided by car renting agencies on a very attractive and affordable rates. While selecting the car you should always think for the option of a budget car instead of luxury car.

After the total estimation of people traveling along with you now you can compare lower as well higher rates for car rental from visiting the car rental website online. The reputation of the company is also of great importance when it comes to the term of buying a car rental as reputable is the car rental company as cheaper price you can bargain on car rental. Weekend car rental deals also led a hirer to save money on car rental deals.

Are Cheap Flights Becoming an Endangered Species?

A few years ago back when budget airlines like EasyJet and RyanAir were first on the scene we were all promised ridiculously cheap flights to all sorts of destinations from European city breaks to viable alternatives to ferries to Ireland. There seemed to be a growing market of flights that appeared to operate at a price lower than the cost to the airline itself.

This was all well and good especially after other destinations received discount flights like New York and even locations like India and Turkey. The problem is that in the past few years most people haven’t noticed the price of these flights has managed to creep up and now the moniker of cheap flights seems false.

Holidays site Travelocity has found that prices have raised by roughly 7 percent compared to last years prices, so why has this happened? Well the price has risen due to a number of different factors and depending on which airline you select you may have to pay considerably more on top of your flight cost.

One common raise has been the rise of fuel tax, with the airline industry receiving a lot of flak in the battle to make our lives “greener” air travel is said to produce one of the most destructive gases to our environment (as well as bovine flatulence, but that’s another matter) and so fuel surcharges has been increased to discourage people from taking flights.

Some people think that this initiative is a direct response to the cheap flights industry as many more people flew to destinations once cheap flights were readily available. Other than this cause there are a number of trivial extra charges such as aisle seats, the boxed lunches and with some airlines if you have more than one item of baggage checked.

So are cheap flights lost to the ether, an afterthought in the history of air travel? Well not necessarily there are a few ways in which you can help reduce the cost of your flights, such as booking as early as possible. A leading travel agent explained that flight prices gradually rise in the lead up to the summer holiday period and are at their most expensive during the period of March to September. They also advised that December is the optimal time to book your flights as this is when they are at their cheapest.

Apart from booking good and early there is a number of air fares monitoring websites that can track multiple flights companies so you can hunt down the cheapest flight possible and pounce on them when the timing’s right