Kenya Tour All Inclusive Packages-kenya Tour Discount Packages

Kenya Tour -All Inclusive tour of Africa

All inclusive Kenya tour information. The most bargain Kenya tour options are the all inclusive safari packages. Best all inclusive African Kenya tour packages will mostly include a package of bargain flights to Africa, national park tour, local transport and accommodation in wilderness lodges and hotels. In Kenya, inclusive packages have a characteristic of putting all the components of a safari in one. The tour operators are able to negotiate discounts from suppliers of beds, flight seats, local transport seats and entertainment spots. The discounts are further passed on to the travelers to Kenya.

This provides a discounted Kenya tour package to an otherwise expensive tour. For example, the cost of a return flight from the USA to Kenya would normally go for usd 1700 in the tourist season. If you calculate how much a family of six would have to spend on air fare alone, then the sense of purchasing all inclusive packages becomes evident.

All Inclusive Kenya Tours-How You Benefit From

On the local scene, Kenya tour providers would include lodges in Kenya tour national parks, safari van transport companies, Kenya car rentals and entertainment spots. When a tour operator negotiates for discounts and commissions from such providers, they are able to pass on the same to you on your Kenya tour. At the least you are able to get the best all inclusive Kenya tour packages at the cost price since the operator is able to enjoy commissions as his profit as opposed to marking up on the different components of the Kenya safari.

It’s therefore pennywise to insist on all inclusive Kenya tour packages when negotiating for your safari tour. In most cases you will be able to cut off more than 30% of the cost of the Kenya tour which s unnecessarily added up as mark ups by the selling middle men. More the reason to use Kenya local tour operator when booking your next Kenya all inclusive tour package.

There are a variety of all inclusive Kenya tour safaris which can be obtained from your tour operator. You will need to be wary of Kenya tour packages that seem overly cheap or low cost. The marketing gimmick mostly employed by overseas tour operators is to only present you with their cost price which includes only part of the Kenya tour components.

The Vacation Marketing Tricks Played On You By Operator

Other tour components like entry charges to game parks, taxes, cover charges are deliberately left out and no mention is made of them. Or if they do, they only give them rough estimate and label them as local charges. This marketing gimmick seems to work well into deceiving you that you are getting a sell off, down right steal all inclusive Kenya tour. However, what you might initially have cost you say, $1200 for a 10 day safari, turns out to be more costly when you arrive and the total cost of your Kenya tour tallies to $3000 for the same 10 days. Worse cases is where you jump into the Kenya tour deal without doing proper research into exactly how much more you would have to pay on arrival as local charges.

I once had a very very hard time trying to convince a potential visitor from Europe that a 20 day Kenya tour would in no probable way cost a paltry $300. When she gave me the website they had got the offer from (and even had confirmed prices on phone from them), she was shocked when together we tallied all the hidden costs that amounted to a whopping $5000. So much for the $300 Africa Kenya vacation tour. In an instant her dreams of a super cheap Kenya tour evaporated. Lets face it, it cant be that cheap to travel half way round the world to Africa without a sponsorship program!!

All Inclusive Tour Operator Tricks-How To Beat Them

The best way to beat this marketing trick is to compare, compare and compare prices, then bargain as best as you can. Of course your bargaining should also bear in mind that a low end cheap tour might not be what you want. And again, very cheap prices for all inclusive Kenya tour might mean that you are being accommodated in equally cheap places. It helps to know the average cost of accommodation, park entry and average transport in a Kenya tour.

This way your Kenya tour will not turn into a low end dirt cheap and uncomfortable adventure. In my work I have had visitors who bargained so hard that on arrival they felt they could have spent a little more to enjoy the comforts of the truly magical safari park lodges in Kenya. Believe me it helps to do your research well and know when you are being ripped off.

All Inclusive Best Kenya Tour Safaris

Some of the common Kenya all inclusive tour packages highlight one or more of the many Kenya tour attractions, parks and landmarks. Below is a list of some of the all inclusive Africa Kenya tour packages on offer either as a single attraction safari or a combination of more than two.

Africa Kenya all inclusive beach tour

Africa Kenya Africa all inclusive national park tour

Africa Kenya all inclusive animal tour

Africa Kenya all inclusive water safari tour

Africa Kenya all inclusive family tour

Africa Kenya all inclusive lake tour

Kenya all inclusive overland tour

Kenya all inclusive walking and trekking tour

All inclusive Kenya camping tour

All inclusive Kenya mountain climbing tour

All inclusive Kenya fishing tour

All inclusive Kenya golf tour

All inclusive Kenya rift valley tour

All inclusive Kenya Africa desert tour

All inclusive Africa Kenya bird watching tour

All inclusive African Kenya historical tour

All inclusive Africa Kenya cultural tour

All inclusive Africa Kenya education tour

All inclusive Africa Kenya mission and charity tour

All inclusive Kenya tribal tour

All inclusive Kenya sports tour

All inclusive Kenya adventure tour

All inclusive Kenya Christmas tour

All inclusive Kenya home stay tour

Kenya all inclusive wilderness tour

Kenya all inclusive forest tour

Kenya all inclusive African lion tour

Kenya all inclusive business tour

All inclusive worry free Kenya tour

All inclusive Africa Kenya sightseeing tour

All inclusive Kenya Africa coastal tour

Do the math-Yourself!

The best way to get a favorably priced all inclusive Kenya tour is to firstly research on the actual prices of the separate components of your itinerary. When you are done you can now compare prices of the different all inclusive Africa Kenya tour packages. This will be easy to compare which is the most favorable price with your original non discounted gross price. That is you establish the ceiling amount of the sum of all components of your safari. I know its hard work, but well worth it. You will be surprised at how much you know of the destination even before you set foot there.

You may need to bear in mind that cheap is also expensive at times. Otherwise; buy your self a very adventurous Kenya tour vacation in East Africa.

Boston tour reviews: Boston Tours

The first historic tour in Boston that is great to do would be the Newport Tour. The Newport Tour is a driven tour on a very comfortable motor coach listening to the driver about knowledgeable and historic things about Boston and its past. The Newport Tour goes to Newport’s waterfront where you will stop for lunch where there are many historic buildings around to look at. Also while on the Newport Tour you will see the city’s fishing fleet and the marble house. One last thing the Newport Tour will see is the waterfront of the lovely beaches in Boston.

Now the second and third tour offers the same exact things, so you must be careful when choosing your tour. You can choose to do this tour in one or two days and. This tour is a trolley tour and even a cruise tour that brings you around historic Boston. This tour is narrated like many other Boston historic tours and the trolley brings you too many different stops along the way to the cruise tour the stops include the constitution museum, the north end of Boston, and the Fanevil Marketplace where you can shop. You will have to choose one or two days to do this tour.

Many of the tours that Boston does offer all do almost go to the same places so be care full to pick the right one.

Another tour that Boston offers is the Boston Duck Tour. It’s a fun tour on water and even on land. Enjoy very many Boston historic scenes and with a narrated tour guide to talk you through.

The fourth historic tour to do in Boston would be the Boston lunch and sightseeing cruise tour. This cruise tour is all about fun with a DJ on board any so many cast members to make it your best tour through out Boston. Some sites you will see are very historic in Boston and the sites are the Battle of Bunker Hill, Boston Tea Party, and Fort Independence and im sure you have read about them sometime in your life past. There are more sites along this your that you will see while being along the cruise tour. You will also eat lunch aboard this cruise tour.

Boston has also a whale watching cruise tour. This tour is also narrated and is a great family tour while seeing three different species of whales. Your will definitely see a whale on this tour.

The helicopter tour is a must. You see all the historic scenes and building of Boston. You will see the Zakim Bridge, Quincy market, Charles River, Fenway Park and many more scenes. Boston’s helicopter tour will help you to see even more than you though was in Boston.

Rediscover Life With Cheap Bahamas Vacation

If you got exhausted due to tiring work at office then nothing can better work in relaxing and revitalizing your body mind and soul than a vacation with your family. Whenever people initiate deciding on destination places, the very first name that comes in every mind is Bahamas. As Bahamas has everything to entertain every age group, it has become the dream destination of every tourist. You must be looking for a package that offers the best and the cheapest vacation to you and your family. If you have a dream to take your family to the Bahamas and cannot realize it just because of expensive airfare and touring packages, then cheap Bahamas vacation has a lot to offer you without affecting your budget.

Cheap Bahamas vacation could be the perfect place to enjoy your vacation within your budget. With this you can plan a gala time with your near and dear ones without pestering for money. Your cheap Bahamas vacation package covers a wide range of services right from air ticket reservation to hotel accommodation and fun activities. You can find many travel agents in your city that are operating vacation services in a well-established office. Just contact the one who is known for the best deals in tourism industry and apply for cheap Bahamas vacation. By the time you apply for a vacation package under guidance of the best travel agent you will find that going to Bahamas is not as expensive as you considered it to be.

For convenient vacation management, you can take help of the Bahamas vacation manager. A vacation manager can make your tour more convenient as he makes every possible arrangement that you may require during vacation. Internet is the finest tool to search for the most affordable vacation packages; you can visit sites that organize cheap Bahamas vacation with quality services. You can find numerous enticing offers and discount schemes on such sites but to get best vacation deal, spend some time on checking out multiple options so that you may make the best selection out of them. You can make a selection from wide range of touring services that offer cheap air fair, economic hotel accommodation and easy transportation means. Now with online services, you do not need to rush here and there to book your vacation package as with the help of such vacation organizer sites you can apply for you cheap Bahamas vacation package online.

Having a cheap Bahamas vacation never means that you are not going to get proper treatment, in fact, you will remember this vacation for luxurious accommodation and quality air travel. Cheap Bahamas vacation provides you a great opportunity to spend your precious moments in the lap of nature. It could also be a perfect gift to your beloved on his or her birthday as it gives everyone a chance to forget every worry of life. As Bahamas is an all time favorite tourist destination, it never turns off for tourism. Therefore, instead of waiting too long for off season cost reduction in vacation packages, plan a vacation to Bahamas with cheap Bahamas vacation.

A Critical View of the Law of Attraction and Quantum Theory

The law of attraction which claims itself to be a law, fails to justify itself on the grounds of falsifiability, that is, “the logical possibility that an assertion can be shown as false by an observation or a physical experiment”.

Falsifiability implies that if a certain condition applies to a situation, or a person, an inference may be drawn out of it and the same condition may not apply to all other similar situations or persons. For example, a man who is dark skinned is Asian. This does not mean that all dark skinned men are Asian or that all Asians are dark skinned. The law of attraction takes a few incidents where people have tasted success, and attempts to apply the same philosophy to all situations.

When judged by many scientific testing parameters the law fails to live up to its logical quotient. This means that the claims brought by the theory are unable to give an exact relation between the thought process and the results. The cause and effect relation, as posited, often overlooks the probable deterring factors or differences in circumstances. The theory makes a hypothetical study of human nature and draws out the inference, by frequent and repeated reference to a few instances, some of which may also be coincidences.

Modern believers in the law of attraction are of opinion that the theory originates from quantum physics, in its treatment of thoughts as atoms.
According to theories in quantum physics, the world is composed of countless atoms. Each of these atoms is charged with energy and is interchangeable, i.e. they can be used to influence each other and are open for infinite changes. This explains a sense of dynamism of thought. The law of attraction speaks on somewhat similar lines as quantum physics in terms of thought as energy atoms.

Following the example of quantum physics, the law supposes the human mind to be composed of thoughts. Each of these thoughts are like charged atoms which are capable of generating enormous power. The law of attraction, going further along the lines of quantum physics, points out, that since energy and matter are interchangeable and can be utilized for good results, the human mind, which is also open to changes, helps us in molding the situations in our life to shape our reality.

According to quantum physics atoms have energy and are drawn towards atoms with similar energy composition. So following that principle, the law of attraction states that thoughts like atoms are drawn towards same kind of thoughts. Thus, the law of attraction points out that “like attracts like”. This explains how thoughts relating to ones goal attract thoughts centering on the ways to achieve it, eventually attracting thoughts of reaching the goal.

Again, quantum physics points out that everything has potential and nothing is fixed, which means, if our goal is fixed, there are a number of ways to achieve it. In the same way, the law of attraction points out that if we are focused over what we want to achieve, nothing can prevent us from reaching it. Thus, quantum physics also speaks of what the law of attraction referred to as fending off negative thought through thinking.

Though the law of attraction bears similarity with quantum physics in many ways, it is not a scientific law, in the true sense of the term. The law of attraction is more a part of pseudoscience and a gathering of spiritual philosophies to gauge the power of human mind. Quantum physics may be considered a concrete means of explaining what the law of attraction aims at propagating.

The references to quantum physics made by the law of attraction are mostly incorrect. The proposition that thoughts, like atoms have energy fields is not a proven fact in science. The principles of thought, as supposed by the law of attraction, underline certain beliefs that are true in some cases and may be followed as example. Many of its credos have a hypothetical explanation, often attaching magical imagination. The law of attraction is mostly refined pseudoscience and has very less to do with concrete scientific truth.

Among the spiritual circles, the law of attraction is criticized strongly because of its attempts to hold individual ego and self will at unity with the higher self. The two are contradictory and cannot operate in synergy. On the other hand, the law of attraction which emphasizes repeatedly the inner consciousness and spiritual integrity makes a generalized statement; it overlooks the diversified collective mind and treats the single as the many.

The law of attraction refers to abundance. The theory explains profundity as feeling of happiness. The question is, why the law of attraction, (which is capable of resolving every situation), is unable to solve the problem of inequality of wealth? Moreover, the law of attraction aims at abundance, taking into account, there is enough for all and one only has to find his share of prosperity. The theory wants us to believe in a truth which hardly exists. The law of attraction does not delve deep enough to consider the societies or cultures where it cannot operate likewise.

The law of attraction, no doubt, is an inspiring theory dealing with the unrealized powers of mind. However, the theory appears too generalized and often misses out on external factors which may not be within the minds reach.

Tips for enjoying the holidays alone

Holidays can be both wonderful and stressful even under the best of circumstances. If you have the added challenge of being forced to spend the holidays alone, what are some things you can do to ward off a case of the “Holiday Blues?” Here are just a few easy tips!

Celebrate with other holiday “loners”

Organizing a holiday celebration with others who will be celebrating solo can be a terrific way to avoid a lonely holiday. Find friends, co-workers, elderly neighbors or perhaps students or military families unable to travel home for the holidays and plan either a pot luck dinner at home or a restaurant holiday meal. You might even want to include grab bag or “white elephant” gift exchange for fun. Group outings like skiing, sledding or caroling around the neighborhood are another option. Or if you prefer staying in, invite the group over for a movie night or a video or board game extravaganza!

Attend church sponsored events

Even if you aren’t a regular member most church related holiday events will happily welcome visitors. Attending church sponsored dinners, holiday concerts and plays and special services can be a great way to lift your spirits and perhaps make some new friends. Check your local paper, church websites or simply call a church in your neighborhood to find out what types of holiday events they may have going on.


Helping out by serving holiday meals at a homeless shelter or food pantry or by distributing gifts to the needy can be a welcome relief to the holiday blues. You could also visit a nursing home or volunteer to shop, wrap gifts and make post office runs for elderly neighbors who want to celebrate the holidays but find it difficult to perform these types of tasks for themselves.


The holidays can offer the luxury of large, uninterrupted blocks of time to simply relax and recharge. Lounging around in your P.J.s and having cocoa and animal crackers might just provide a needed break from the stresses of modern life. If you feel too guilty being a total slacker, use the time to finish off a home project that you’ve been putting off like organizing those photos, finishing half-completed craft projects or sewing on all your missing buttons.


The holiday season can be an excellent time to go on a solo travel adventure. Cruise ships are a great choice over the holidays since there are always plenty of people around and plenty of options for both group and solo activities onboard the ship. Plus, shore excursion destinations are often much less crowded than at other times of the year. Travel sites like,, and, just to name a few, can help in arranging safe and fun group tours for solo travelers of all ages.

Above all, don’t despair. With a little planning and a healthy dose of creativity a holiday on your own could become one of your best yet.