Dublin car hire insurance – What are my options?

Do I need rental car insurance? Probably this is the most important question when you want to book your rental car in Dublin. It always depends on how much risk you want to take. It is your choice. Do you want to save money or do you want peace of mind?
Let’s see what are your car hire insurance options in Dublin, in Ireland.

Option 1: Drive the rental car with your basic CDW insurance
You can pick up the rental car at Dublin Airport or other locations in Dublin and drive away with basic CDW insurance, car rental quotes usually include CDW. It is also known as loss damage waiver (LDW), this is not technically an insurance product, but instead shifts liability for collision damage from the person renting the car to the car rental company. If the vehicle is damaged, you will be covered for the cost of repairing the rental car. You will, however, have to pay an excess charge towards the cost of repair.
For example, let’s say you want to hire a car at Dublin Airport in Ireland. Depends on the size of the rental car the liability (excess) would be €800-2000 in Ireland.
Advantages: you can save money by not buying additional insurance.
Disadvantages: in the event of accident you could pay up to €2000 toward the repair costs.

Option 2: Buy additional insurance at the car rental desk
Car hire users can buy additional insurance at the car rental desk which is €10-€20/day in Dublin. There are two different products which are offered by rental companies. The first is “Damage excess reduction”: it reduces your car hire excess to €100-€195. The second one is the “Complete cover package” which reduces the car rental excess to 0.
Advantages: if anything happens with your rental car, your liability shifts to the rental company and you deal with them directly in case of an accident.
Disadvantages: the additional insurance can cost you more than the original rental price and sometimes it doesn’t cover the damage of the rental car’s glass and tyres.

Option 3: Purchase car hire excess insurance online
You can also purchase car hire excess insurance online from €5.39/day. Customers, who rent cars more often, have the possibility to buy annual excess policy for only €66.15/year.
There are many online insurance companies on the market whose core business is the provision of car rental excess insurance. It covers you not only for the total amount of excess for which you are liable if the rental car is damaged or stolen, but also for damage to the roof and undercarriage of the car, windows and tyres.
The policy can be used with all car rental companies. It covers both the policy holder and all additional drivers, offers full protection against the excess charges and the start date can be selected up to six months in advance.
Advantages: it offers you convenience, peace of mind and significant savings when you rent a car in Dublin.
Disadvantages: In case of an accident you deal with a third party. The car rental company will charge your credit card by the amount of excess which will be paid back by the online insurance company. It takes time.

Option 4: Credit card rental car insurance coverage
Certain credit cards may cover car loss and damage in Dublin, in Ireland and others may not. You always have to confirm with your credit card company before picking up your rental car at Dublin Airport or in Dublin City Centre. It is also advisable to confirm it for security when you arrive to collect your rental car.
Advantages: you don’t have to purchase additonal rental car insurance because your credit card covers you.
Disadvantages: it may not cover every damage.

Consider these options when you rent a car in Dublin, at Dublin Airport or anywhere in Ireland. It can save you time and headache, so you can enjoy your Irish driving holiday to the full.