Travel To French Polynesia Getting Around And Climate

You can get to French Polynesia reasonably easily from most parts of the world. It appears inaccessible but that is simply the distances involved, and the length of the flight particularly if you are coming from Europe or the eastern Seaboard of the USA.In terms of getting around the scattered island of French Polynesia, there are two ways, and that is by boat or by air.There are a number of inter island boats which run regularly between the main island groups, and this is an incredible way of getting around this part of the South Pacific. There are huge catamarans that run between Tahiti and Moorea, but of course with the pressures of modern life and the probability that your vacation will be two weeks only, then flying is the most likely option for most people.On land in Tahiti and the more developed islands there is a local bus service which is cheap cheerful and pretty reliable. A much more expensive option are taxis, and you can rent cars scooters, and bicycles to explore the island you are on. Finally you can hire 4x4s to explore inland.French Polynesia has warm tropical weather all twelve months of the year. The climate is sunny and pleasant. You need to realise that as the islands of French Polynesia are south of the Equator, the seasons are reversed compared to Europe.It may take you a lot of flying time, but if ever a place was worth the effort it is French Polynesia