Top Luxury Accommodation in Hua Hin

Hua Hin is a beautiful seaside resort city in Thailand situated at a distance of about 200 km from Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. It is a favored weekend gateway from Bangkok for locals and tourists alike. It is also famous as a retirement or vacation home for many. Some of the major crowd-pullers of Hua Hin comprise Kao Takeab, one of the highest areas in Hua Hin and the outstanding beaches. A vacation in this majestic city is not complete without trying your hand at a few things like horse riding, go-karting, kite boarding and a visit to the busy night market.

Luxury accommodations in Hua Hin promise comfortable accommodation to all domestic as well as foreign tourists arriving in the city. The wide range of luxury accommodations in Hua Hin offers you to go through the most genuine traditional Thai hospitality with extra dollops of comfort. Some of the most valued names in the list of luxury accommodations in Thailand have their wings spread in Hua Hin too. Luxury accommodations in Hua Hin offer world-class accommodation and business amenities to the guests. You can safely depend on the hotel bookings done through AsiaRooms or any other quality rooms provider for any hotel in Hua Hin as per your needas. These rooms providers also offer some special discounts on online hotel bookings.

The luxury accommodation in Hua Hin is extremely comfortable and friendly. Most of the luxury accommodations in this city offer scenic views of beautiful surroundings. Guests will also get a all-around picture of the pristine sandy beaches from the wide windows of these luxury hotels. Speaking about the luxury accommodations in Hua Hin, one can say that the accommodation facilities encountered here are majestic. These luxury accommodations have elegant interiors and are decorated in mind-boggling fashion.

The luxury accommodation in this city offer services like concierge facilities, recreational facilities, laundry facilities, currency exchange and business facilities to make your time as pleasant as possible. The choices available in dining in the luxury accommodation in this city are simply unbelievable. Guests can enjoy a host of regional delicacies dished out by the master chefs. The restaurants in these luxury accommodations also offer continental and International dishes.

The rooms in the luxury accommodation are arranged beautifully and are airy. The rooms found in these luxury accommodations in Hua Hin are well assorted with the most contemporary amenities and facilities. The basic amenities offered are mini bar, satellite television, telephone, laundry facilities, luggage storage and others.

Luxury accommodations at Hua Hin are ideal for the honeymooners. The Hua Hin restaurants are also considered as the perfect place for a romantic stay. There are arrangements for candlelight dinner for couples accessing the luxury accommodation in the city. A number of adventurous and fun filled activities are available for newly married people as well.

You will find various choices in recreation to keep yourself alive during your vacation in this region. Beginning from the shopping, sightseeing to dining, there are various things to bank on in Hua Hin in that makes this place a renowned tourist destination.

Student Accommodation – Where To Live Whilst At University

Where you live makes a huge impact on the quality of your student experience. The friends you make in the first year are frequently the ones you keep, and where you live plays a large part in meeting them. Accommodation is expensive; it is difficult to over-estimate the impact of your accommodation on your total student budget.

Most universities house you for the first year – although some have very little accommodation and a very few universities (for example, Oxford and Cambridge) house almost all students for their whole course. There may be university halls (on or off campus), university-owned or managed local houses or other properties, some universities sub-contract student housing to a private company, use local private halls or private-sector housing – or a mixture of all of these.

University Accommodation
Go for living in university housing if you can. Standards and rents vary but it is easier to make friends, you have more clout with the landlord and it may be closer to the students’ union and teaching areas.

What is Available?
Usually you have a choice of rooms in different halls at different rents. Traditional halls are based on corridors; modern halls are usually clustered in flats and some rooms may have en-suite bathrooms (although the rent will be higher than for a shared room in a 1960s block). Most university accommodation is self-catered but catered halls are an option at some universities.

Check the university profiles in the University Search for a summary of what each university offers and the university website for detailed descriptions of each hall of residence. Go and see the accommodation you are applying for, if at all possible. And find out what is supplied before you arrive and what you need to bring for example, your own bedding.

How much will it cost?
From around 55 pounds a week for something basic in a cheap area, to 120 pounds per week for an en-suite room with broadband connection in swish new halls somewhere pricier. The university profiles (see the University Search) tell you how much (roughly) it costs at each university and, crucially, how many weeks your contract runs for.

You may have a term-time contract (perhaps having to move out over the Christmas and Easter vacations), which is fine if you have a home to go to in the holidays. Other contracts are for the 36-40 weeks of the academic year (best if you want a base for most of the year and plan to travel in the summer). Some are for the full 52 weeks – a must for those with a family or with no other home but a great waste of money for others.

How do you apply for student accommodation?
It usually involves filling in yet another form – increasingly online. And you may be asked to write a short personal statement or answer questions (for example, about your interests or whether you smoke) so the accommodation office can attempt to group compatible students together. Make sure you get your application in well before the closing date – some accommodation is allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Private Accommodation
In some cities with lots of students, there are commercial student halls managed by private companies for example, Unite. They are usually central and purpose-built, and you may share with students from a number of other universities in the city.

Renting a student house/flat
When you need to rent privately, the university accommodation service will almost certainly help and, if you are lucky, may also have vetted the accommodation on its lists. Colleges without first-year accommodation sometimes organise ‘housing days’, where new students come and meet each other and local estate agents to sort out house-shares. There is much information about local prices on our university profiles; also look at some of the national websites covering major student cities (studentpad). (accommodationforstudents); and for London, try the joint London universities’ site, studenthousing.lon.

Cheap rented accommodation is harder to find in leafy suburbs or holiday areas (where term starts before the holidaymakers go home). Self-catering accommodation is usually cheaper, so long as you know how to feed yourself cheaply. Remember to add in the travel costs when assessing rents (no point in something dirt cheap if it costs a fortune getting to lectures).

There is a lot to think about when looking at accommodation (and you must look). Here are a few
pointers to start you off.

– Security – is it in an area where you will be able to get burglary insurance; is it on a bus/tube route; and will you feel safe walking home from your nearest stop?

– Electricity/gas/water safety – sockets, pipes, wiring and appliances – do they look safe and regularly serviced? Particularly look at gas water heaters and fires; landlords now have to have gas appliances serviced annually and provide you with proof of this. (If you are concerned about a gas appliance, the Health and Safety Executive runs a carbon monoxide advice line, 0800 300 363 or via the website)

– Fire safety – smoke alarms, exits, windows and doors.

– Damp – any sign of it? Ventilation.

– Vermin and pests – signs, smell etc.

– TV licence – has it been paid? If not, it is legally down to you.

Get yourself sorted before the start of term if you possibly can; you will be at a long-term disadvantage if the course starts while you are still sleeping on friends’ floors.

Living at Home
If it’s close enough, it will almost certainly be cheaper to live at home. But you may miss out on some of the social facilities and be less involved in student life. You should move out if you do not have proper study facilities – a room of your own as a start.

Some mortgage companies have special packages for students who can afford to buy a flat or house and sublet rooms. You may need a parent to act as guarantor. Alternatively, some parents find that buying a house or flat is the most cost-effective way of making their parental contribution.

Squatting and other options
If all else fails, renting a caravan can be an option in some rural areas. Or you may be able to join student squatters (except in Scotland); whilst still legal, the law needs watching. You can get a copy of The Squatters’ Handbook and advice from the Advisory Service for Squatters (squatter org). You can also visit the Squatters Advisory Centre which is in Whitechapel, London. They will be able to give you good advice and help you find other people who are squatting too.

Top Three Mistakes When Booking A Vacation Apartment

Paris vacation rentals can be tricky to navigate, but the payoff is huge. Whether you are on a budget traveler who cannot afford the double-whammy cost of hotels and restaurants, or a luxury traveler who wants seclusion and over-the-top grandeur, you’ll get more space and privacy for your money by booking a rental property.

Convenience is probably the biggest advantage of a Paris vacation rental, you can come and go as you please and do what you like, when you like. An apartment rental is one of the most comfortable lodging options that can be availed for enjoying your vacation.

Besides more space and privacy, vacation rentals offer you a wide range of amenities without attacking your wallet. It’s you and your family enjoying a Paris pied-a-terre, your favorite snack from the refrigerator when you want it. You can impress family and friends with your culinary talent when restaurants and dining out becomes mundane, not to mention less nutritious and way more costly!

Fatal Mistake #1 Reserving last minute
Paris is the #1 visited destination in the world. It is safe to assume that premium vacation apartments are booked months and sometimes even a year in advance during peak season. The saying, “The early bird gets the worm” is especially applicable here.

The longer you postpone your vacation rental booking, the tighter the selection and higher the risk of losing prime vacation rental apartments since there are a limited number of top notch vacation apartments in select Paris neighborhoods.

The highly coveted 2 bed/2 bath or 3 bedroom/ 2 bath in St.Germain des Pres or Le Marais are booked way in advance especially during peak season June, Easter, September, October, Christmas and New Ys week. It not unusual to book, a year or six months in advance to secure these favorable dates. Actually it is strongly recommended to book as far in ahead as possible.

Those who begin their quest two to three months prior to their arrival are considered last minute bookings which are traditionally difficult and it is extraordinarily time consuming to find a suitable vacation apartment. Do not depend on cancellations and postponements which are rare since owners do not look kindly at refunding deposits or rental monies applied. The only way to insure the vacation rental apartment of your dreams is to book far advance.

Fatal Mistake #2 Know your deal breakers
One of the best ways to ensure that you choose the Paris vacation rental that is best for you is by examining and vocalizing your vacation apartment wants and needs. A clear cut idea about the type of vacation apartment, amenities, and any special requirement is crucial to securing the correct vacation apartment for your lifestyle.

You will want to closely examine your vacation style, namely who you are traveling with or what the purpose of your vacation is. Who you are traveling with will most likely play a huge role in choosing a Paris vacation rental. The size of your traveling party will not only determine how big of a rental you need, it may also have an impact on the type of rental apartment you choose.

For instance, families on vacations together may be better suited in a townhouse or a private house, instead of a vacation apartment. What you want to get out of your vacation is another one of the many factors that you will want to take into consideration.

For instance, if you are booking a romantic getaway or a honeymoon, you may want to choose a vacation apartment with a romantic ambiance. Appearances have been known to create romance. You can easily tell if a Paris vacation rental is elegant and luxurious in nature by closely examining pictures.

What you will need to do, while staying in a vacation rental, is also important to consider. For instance, if you are taking an extended vacation, you may need to do laundry or you may wish to eat in your Paris vacation apartment, to reduce expenses. Since you are on vacation and should enjoy yourself, you will want to take the simplest approach possible.

For example, if you need to do laundry, make sure that your vacation rental comes equipped with a washer and dryer. To reduce the amount of time spent cleaning up, consider vacation rentals featuring a dishwasher.

While it is important that you focus on your vacation rental needs, it is also key that you spotlight items on your wish list. For instance, do you want to have a Paris vacation rental that features a swimming pool in the apartment (yes, they do exist), a sauna, cable television, or internet access?

If so, it is important that you request these desires and refrain from securing your reservation until you have weighed your deal breakers.

It is also important that you examine your wants in terms of location. Would you prefer to roll out of bed and be sandwiched by numerous bistros and cafes or would you prefer a quiet residential street,

In keeping with location, it is also important to examine what you want to do, while on your Paris vacation. This can help you choose the Paris vacation rental that is most convenient. For instance, if you are planning on walking everywhere than you want to be in an arrondissement that is close to all the attractions that interest you.

On the other hand, if you know that you will be utilizing the metro, map out the metro stops of the places that you want a visit and reserve an apartment that has a metro line with easy access to those locations.

If you are sensitive to noise, ask about the surrounding buildings. Is the vacation apartment next door or on top of bustling bar or restaurant? Is there a lot of street traffic on your block? This is the ideal

Unfortunately vacation apartment features that you deem essential might be irrelevant to the apartment, do not assume anything. Paris has a different standard of luxury, a different attitude towards life and most importantly a totally different culture.

Parisians do not even think about air conditioning. Most Americans cannot live without air conditioning.

Do you have allergies? If so, think twice about booking an apartment centuries old. Are you willing and able to trek up stairs or is an elevator essential? Are you claustrophobic than maybe a typical Parisian elevator is not for you.

The traditional elevators take a bit of getting use it is important to know this beforehand. Do not expect your booking agent or apartment owner to share these minute apartment details. It is your obligation to be an educated consumer and make sure that the vacation rental will suit your lifestyle.

Should the bedrooms be located on opposite sides of the apartment or next to each other? Do you need airport transfers? Is a stocked refrigerator essential? How often do you want maid service?

When you rent a vacation apartment, you are on your own. Is your French strong enough to secure restaurant reservations and book day trips? Do you want to spend a couple of hours figuring out where the nearest market and metro is or would you like a bit of hand holding?

A professional concierge willing to offer his Parisian expertise may be ideal for you. It does not hurt to inquire with your agency or apartment owners. Not all agencies offer these additional services but it does not hurt to ask prior to booking your apartment. You maybe able to find an all in one agency that will cater to all your needs.

Fatal Mistake #3 Email is good but speaking to a human is better
First-time visitors have little idea of the scale of the Paris area and the quest for a vacation apartment can be more than a little daunting. It is made even more confusing by the vast choice of vacation rentals available and the lack of clear details on the location and apartment.

We know that this has resulted in some guests turning this into a job instead of an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the city and pick the brains of the agencies and owners. Look for agents and owners that will gladly answer all of your questions. Let them know that you have visited Paris since 1982 and pick their brains or what to expect in the different neighborhoods.

The pictures on the web sites usually present the vacation apartment very well but how recent are the photos? Many of the vacation rentals will have heavy wear since they are professional vacation apartments welcoming guests on a non-stop basis. While speaking with the owner or agency does not guarantee quality, yet it does give you the opportunity to ask if the photos on the site truly represent the condition of the vacation rental today.

I know there are many guests who never speak to anyone and solely rely on email correspondence when booking their vacation rental. Successful vacation apartment hunting has one primary tool, the telephone. When you are investing in an experience such as renting a vacation apartment, it is recommended to begin your dialogue with an email but make an attempt to get to know the apartment owner or agency that you are dealing with.

You can email agents and apartment owners, but you can not easily determine whether you like the person you aredealing with via typed messages. Gauge the responses of the agent or apartment owner, and trust your gut. If you feel like you are being pressured, you are. And if you don’t like the person you’re talking to, chances are you’re not going to like the vacation apartments he/she represent. Trust your intuition.

If you don’t get a good feeling, chances are the entire process will be thorny. If the customer service via phone and email is lacking, do you really think it is going to get exceedingly better when you arrive in Paris? Is it better to have a solid mid-range vacation apartment with an attentive and thorough agent or apartment owner or a fabulous vacation apartment with an apartment owner or agent with an attitude? Only you can make that call, but know beforehand, how you are willing to play.

It’s strongly suggested to build a friendly rapport with your agency or apartment owner. You may need last minute assistance or a special favor and it’s always easier to deal with someone that you like and likes you.

Youth Hostels in Japan

Regulations and membership
It is possible to stay at a youth hostel even if you aren’t a member, but it will cost you approximately 600 yen more per night at the privately owned ones (the government run youth hostels charge you the same regardless of whether you are a member or not). At the privately run youth hostels, if you are staying more than 5 days you are better off becoming a member because as a non-member it will cost you 3,600 yen for 6 days. In fact, if you stay for 6 nights as a non-member you automatically receive a member’s card.

Membership prices vary according to age. If you are over 19 it is 2,500 yen with an annual renewal fee of 2,000 yen. If you are under 19 it is 1,500 yen and an annual renewal fee of 1,000 yen. You must be over 4 years old to use the Youth Hostels. To become a member is fairly easy to do by going to one of the youth hostels prefectural offices. If you are already a member of a youth hostel in your own country you can use that membership. There are 60 locations in Tokyo and 800 in Japan where you can register. When you go there you are required to have a license or something which identifies you such as a health insurance card. Once you become a member it entitles you to receive discounts (usually 10-20%) on train travel, plane fares, museums and other public facilities. You can also get cheap rent-a-car from Orix (10%) or Nissan rent-a-car (5%).

Most bunk bed rooms are in western style, but there are some rooms with Tatami Mats. Although youth hostels are gender separated, private rooms can also be made available to families or groups.

Average pricing for accommodation at a Youth hostel with 2 square meals is about 4,500 yen/day, although pricing varies between 3,000 yen to 5,000 yen per night. If you pay 5,000 yen you can often get a room with a bath.

When you stay at a youth hostel in Japan you are required to clean your own table and put your sheets on the bed. Although the food is pretty good the prices are comparatively low.

You can book a room 90 days in advance by phone. Generally, cancellation fees don’t apply if you cancel at least 4-6 days in advance. If you cancel one day prior to your stay it costs 50% of the accommodation fee.

Alternatives to Youth Hostels
In addition to youth hostels, there are youth guest houses which are a grade up from youth hostels which are explained in a separate article. Youth Guest Houses are a great alternative for people who don’t want to ‘rough it’ and for those travelling in groups who are looking for decent accommodation. According to some industry insiders, one reason why youth guest houses have come about is because the number of people using youth hostels dropped in recent years. According to one of the youth guest hostel owners there used to be over 600 youth hostels with over 600,000 members but now there are only about 350 youth hostels with 100,000 members. This drop is possibly due to the poor state of the facilities and comparatively low standard of service.

How to Find an Apartment in Tel Aviv – What to Check When Searching for an Apartment to Buy or Rent in Tel Aviv- Dorit Shanan

Why? How much? How? Move it!

“Why?” “How much?” and “How?” are the first questions that we should ask ourselves when we begin to search for an apartment in Tel Aviv. There are numerous considerations; therefore, a deep understanding of our needs will help us to find the right apartment. This article relates to the issues involved in purchasing an apartment, but is also relevant to rentals.

Purchasing an apartment for investment purposes is different than buying an apartment you intend to live in. First of all, one must ask how worthwhile the investment is, what the yields are over the short- and long-term, or to do a cost-benefit analysis. The process of buying an apartment you wish to live in, which is what I will focus on in this article, involves personal questions, dealing more with needs – the questions of “Why?” “How much?” and “How?”


The answer to this question will guide us in the right direction, thereby preventing us from chasing after the wrong apartment and thus avoiding bitter disappointment.

1. The need to move to a different area – proximity to the office / schools / centers of activity and more

2. The need for more space

3. The need for an elevator

4. The need for parking

5. The need for quieter surroundings

6. Uncomfortable surroundings, noise, annoying neighbors, and other disturbances

7. Upgrade in standard of living

How much?

What is our budget? Make a detailed list of resources that you have at your disposal:

· Loans

· Payment of an existing mortgage

· Taking an additional mortgage

· Future expected income – gifts, an inheritance, bonuses, a raise in salary

· Take into consideration an additional 10% in costs to cover various bank commissions, lawyer fees, real estate agent commissions, taxes (such as purchasing tax), plus other unexpected expenses


What are the regions in Tel Aviv worth considering in your opinion? Make a list of at least three options and rank them in order of preference. Explain why you chose each option, and list the criteria for choosing each option. This will make it easier for you to choose among the different options.

It is very possible that during your search you will discover that moving from area ‘A’ to area ‘B’ leaves you with enough money for other “upgrades”, such as an elevator, parking, or the ability to buy on a better floor in a tall building. It may turn out that buying in a different area allows you to buy a larger apartment, or to install the kitchen you have always dreamed about.

If the neighborhoods are not familiar or are new to you, then visit the area, walk around the public areas from which it is possible to learn about the character of the neighborhood – stores, local groceries, synagogues (if it is of interest), kindergartens, cafes, etc. You can also inquire with friends and family who may live in the area.

Increasing one’s living space is one of the most widespread reasons for moving to a new apartment. Perhaps the family has expanded, you move in with your partner, you begin to work from home, or for whatever reason your current home is not big enough.

Define the minimum size you are looking for in an apartment – how many bedrooms you need. The home office should be defined separately – this can always be located in different spaces. In older Tel Aviv houses built in the Bauhaus style for example, there is usually space that is not reflected in the number of rooms, or the rooms themselves are particularly large and thus can be rearranged. As an alternative, set the minimum net area you need, rather than the number of rooms.

One of the important considerations in the architectural designs of an apartment is clarifying in just which spaces you live today. Usually, the addition of a child to a family demands the addition of more than one room. In this event, an increase of 15 – 20 square meters over the existing space is required.

Checking the market in Tel Aviv – does the current supply in the market meet the needs that you have defined for yourself, or is your budget appropriate for the market? In the event that you need a 4-5 room apartment with an elevator and one or two parking spaces, then you may have to look in one of the more northern neighborhoods of Tel Aviv (Bavli, Kochav Ha’tzafon, Lamed, Ramat Aviv, Azorei Chen), where there is a larger selection, and in accordance with the price.

Move it !!!

The information published in newspapers and Tel Aviv home listings does not list all the information you need. Get off your comfortable couch and go see apartments!

Again – “How?”

We have listed a number of articles that answer the main concerns that you have noted. Now you only need to learn the language of the market (what is “renovated”, “well-kept”, “maintained”, “needs renovations”, “magnificent”, “quiet”, etc.). This will help you in your “real” work and in dealing with real estate agencies throughout the process. Update yourself and learn the market prices, and the inventory of available apartments. At this point, you are acting as an “anthropologist” critiquing the situation, you are still not buying. Visit between five and ten apartments (if indeed the supply in the market allows this).

Tip – After visiting approximately five apartments or so in Tel Aviv, you may not remember exactly what you have seen in each apartment. All the sights and information become confusing and intertwine into a beautiful, colorful collage. At this stage it is essential to list exactly which apartments you saw, also the ones you chose NOT to see, each detail, marking date and prices, or attach the information that you downloaded from the Internet and add your comments. It is important to mark down which real estate agent showed you which apartment (the easiest way – attach the business card of the agent to the apartment page) in order to prevent duplication and to know where to return to if you want, and mainly where not to return to. And remember – don’t go anywhere without this list!

When you feel that you are ready, go to Tel Aviv real estate agents. It is recommended to go to agents whom you have heard about, who have been recommended to you, and who work in areas that you are focusing on. If you cannot find an agent through these means, turn to newspaper home listings and work only with those agents with whom you feel comfortable, who is credible, and who understand your needs. Let them know your profile as a guideline, if there are clear limits, then say so, but there is no need to enter into details, sometimes an apartment that is not very high up for example, may have the most exposure to greenery and a nice view. There are surprises. Therefore, you should focus on the three or four most important criteria for you: space / elevator / quiet / parking / neighborhood, etc.

What happens when the budget does not match the Tel Aviv market conditions?

Do I have the ability to increase the budget? Additional loans? A larger mortgage? Selling another asset?

If ‘No’

Does moving into area “B” or “C” on your list of preferred neighborhoods in Tel Aviv allow you to find an apartment that matches your demands? For example, a budget for a three room apartment in central Tel Aviv could allow for an upgrade including an elevator, extra space, or parking in the Bavli neighborhood. Sometimes a slight shifting of locations allows for more. Check the advantages and disadvantages in moving between the different neighborhood options that you listed, what is so essential about choosing one specific area?

If you absolutely must live in the chosen area, then what demand, which is not at the top of your list of criteria, can you compromise on — parking / elevator / a less quiet area / space / the condition of the apartment / the condition of the building / others? Sometimes the difference between an apartment that includes parking and one that does not is significant, and with that difference you can find some other arrangement that is easy and cheaper in a nearby parking lot for many years. Of course, an apartment located on a loud or quiet street also changes the price of an apartment. The price difference between an apartment on a quiet street and an apartment at the end of a road (number one or two) can reach thousands of dollars. This is similar to the price difference seen when moving closer or further away from the center of Tel Aviv.

On the main traffic arteries of Tel Aviv – Ibn Gvirol, Arlozorov, Jabotinsky, Dizingof, Ben-Yehuda, Pinkas, etc. – you can find particularly large apartments at attractive prices. These apartments may surprise you, especially the apartments that face the back. You may discover that such apartments overlook a large, green courtyard, making you forget you are in the center of city. The apartments on the front side of the building generally have balconies that block out the noise of the street, and their bedrooms are deeper into the building, with no windows overlooking the street. Here it is important to remember that “what you perceive from afar is not always what you see from up close”. Even so, you must take into consideration the difficulty you may have in selling the apartment when the time comes, since these apartments often take longer to sell.

Good Luck!

Written by Dorit Shanan

Dorit Shanan, – Central & North Tel aviv



Houston Apartment Search Tips — Getting the Best Deal

Lease a Houston apartment and get $100 in cash and a bonus gift

Houston apartments are expensive. But getting a great deal can make your Houston apartment less expensive. This article provides tips on getting the best deal possible when leasing a Houston apartment.

What Do You Want

A great deal for a Houston apartment varies from person to person.

1 Do you want the lowest possible price for a luxurious two-bedroom, 1200 square foot Houston apartment with granite countertops, hardwood floors and an enclosed garage? Do you want the very lowest price for an efficiency apartment in far northwest Houston? Or do you want the very lowest available move-in cost for a two-bedroom bills paid apartment in Pasadena?

Organize Your Thoughts

Precisely define the features and factors important to you in a Houston apartment. Think about factors such has location, rental rate, application fee, deposit, unit type, unit size, unit amenities, and property amenities.

2 There is an amazing variety of Houston apartments available. Organize your thoughts in writing before starting to search with a high-quality online Houston apartment search service.

3 Houston Apartment Online Search Service

Select a Houston apartment online search service which provides access to information on all Houston apartments and provides a $100 rebate. (You did say you wanted the best available deal, so you may as well get $100 rebate!) Some Houston apartment search services only provide information on 10 to 15% of the available apartments.

4 The services only provide information on properties which pay to advertise or which pay a locator fee.

5 However, it is unrealistic to get the best possible deal when you are only looking at one in six or one in 10 apartments which are available for lease.

Select Five to Twenty Houston Apartments

Use the online apartment search service to identify perhaps five to 20 Houston apartment complexes.

6 Start initially by focusing on geographic location.

7 Then use your other search criteria in descending importance to select target properties. In other words, use the second-most criteria (after location) next to further limit the options. Then use the third most important criteria.

8 Let’s Make a Deal

Use your notes (regarding what is important for a Houston apartment) to develop a list of questions. Call and interview the on-site leasing staff at each property. Focus on getting your questions answered. Listen both to what is said and how it is said.

9 Also ask for details on pricing. This includes information regarding application fee, deposit, first months rent and monthly rent. Ask if they have a “look and lease” special. (This is a special offer when you sign a lease shortly after initially visiting the property.)

Visit the Apartments

Select two or three properties after completing your phone calls. Before going to the office, drive around the perimeter and through the property to see if it means your minimum standards. (Don’t waste time visiting the office if you would not live at the property.) Visit the staff at each of the properties. Ask to see that the model and the unit you would be occupying.

10 Ask about their maintenance policy. Do they have any apartment maintenance work orders which have been outstanding for more than one week. Do they have a courtesy patrol? Ask detailed questions about the other factors which are important to you. If you are interested in a particular amenity, confirm that it is working and ask to see it (if appropriate). Before leaving, ask for the best pricing they have available for the unit you are considering. Can they waive the application fee? Can they reduce the first months rent? Can they reduce the monthly rent? What about a look and lease special?

Make a Decision

Choose an apartment which is best for you considering your criteria. Call once again and ask for their best deal. If you lease today, what is the best deal they can offer?

11 The Lease

Read and negotiate a lease. The lease is a legal document. You should read it. It describes what you must do to have your deposit returned. Ask questions if the lease is not clear. Remember, the lease was written by an attorney for the benefit of the apartment owner. Don’t be embarrassed to ask questions.

12 Enjoy

A great deal is in the eyes of the holder. By carefully considering the location, unit type and features which are important to you, you clarified the first element in a great deal. By gathering information through phone calls and then negotiating with properties offering the best options, you have likely found the very best deal on a Houston apartment.

One The first step in getting a great deal on a Houston apartment is organizing your thoughts. Review the factors such as location, unit type, unit amenities and price. Rank your top three or four factors in descending order.

Two Select a location before proceeding with the other criteria. It is practically impossible to start searching for an apartment until you have selected the area where you want to live. However, it is possible this would not apply is another factor is more important. Realistically though, most people select a location before addressing other issues.

Three Your written notes do not have to be in a presentation format. Most people find writing notes while they are thinking helps to crystallize their thinking and increase the clarity of their ideas.

Four (If you were buying a car, would you go to a dealership that had 12 cars for sale or one that had 100 cars for sale? You have a much better chance of finding a car with the color and accessories you want at the dealership with 100 cars.)

Five It is understandable that some online Houston apartment search services only offer information on apartments which pay them. However, you are unlikely to get the best possible deal when starting with such a small portion of the available apartments.

Six There is nothing magic about the number of 5 to 20 Houston apartments. If you can comfortably narrow the list to only three apartments using the online search service, go ahead and do it. If you have time to call more properties, and want to shop the market very, very carefully, go ahead and call more than 20 properties.

Seven Consider the location of your job, family, friends and leisure when thinking about the location for your apartment. The decision regarding location is critical. If you change her mind regarding the location, you will have to effectively restart the search process.

Eight By narrowing the options using your search criteria in descending order, you’re more likely to include all apartments which are best for you. If you start screening out properties using less important criteria, you’re likely to eliminate properties which have features which are important to you.

Nine How something is said is often more important than what it said. For example, if the leasing agent is defensive when responding to the question regarding their maintenance policy, it tends to indicate there are problems with their maintenance.

Ten Apartment shoppers are sometimes shocked to find that their apartment unit looks different than the model. Expect the model unit to be in excellent condition and to have beautiful furniture. If the leasing agent can’t show you the unit you’ll be occupying, ask to see other units which have been made ready for the tenants to move in. This will help to avoid an unpleasant surprise.

Eleven Don’t be embarrassed to ask about pricing for your Houston apartment. Leasing agents typically have some latitude in pricing to close the deal. If you ask about their best price several times, it is highly likely they will give it to you. They are more concerned with closing the lease than with getting the best possible price.

Twelve Houston apartment residents often do not read the apartment lease. Perhaps it is because they do not want to take the time to read it or perhaps it is because they do not think the apartment management staff will change the lease. However, you are making a substantial financial commitment when you sign the lease. If you read the lease, you are less likely to be surprised in the future.

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Quality Hotel EppingThe Quality Hotel Epping lies On the edge of Epping Forest, Close to (Buckhuert Hill, Waltham Abbey, Waltham Cross and Harlow) the main building of the hotel reflects its origins as a 16th century inn whilst the Bedrooms are in purpose built modern block. London Metro is 10 minutes walk from the Hotel. Epping is a market town and civil parish in the Epping Forest district of the county of Essex in England.The Quality Hotel London Epping is an ideal place to stay; there Available Cheap Hotel Accommodation in The Quality Hotel London Epping, Epping Hotels in The Quality Hotel London Epping, Late deals on hotels and bed and breakfasts in The Quality Hotel London Epping. Bedrooms are pleasantly decorated and well-equipped. Find great deals on hotel accommodation in The Quality Hotel London Epping, special offers in festive season with Affordable rates, B and B In The Quality Hotel London Epping, Cheap Accommodation Hotels In The Quality Hotel London Epping, Cheap Hotels In The Quality Hotel London Epping, Budget Hotels In The Quality Hotel London Epping, Hotels In The Quality Hotel London Epping, Family Reservation Hotels In The Quality Hotel London Epping, We Offer Discount Hotels and Luxury Lodges, Special Offers Weekend Breaks In The Quality Hotel London Epping, Cheap Hotels and Guest houses in The Quality Hotel London Epping, Online Reservation Hotels in The Quality Hotel London Epping, Holiday Cotages in The Quality Hotel London Epping, Comfort Hotels in The Quality Hotel London Epping, Guest houses in The Quality Hotel London Epping, Luxury Hotels, Discount Hotels in The Quality Hotel London Epping, Holiday Cottages, County hotels, City Hotels, Budget Hotels, Family Hotels in The Quality Hotel London Epping. The Quality Hotel London Epping is providing Online reservation 24 Hrs with the modern facilities. SEND US YOUR FEEDBACK: E-MailLocal Attractions in Epping: Epping Forest || Galleryonthenet || High Finch Castles || Royal Gunpowder Mills || Diamond Nights || Churchills Gallery || Royden || 4-Ethylguaiacol || MC Paul Barman || Chemism ||For More Details Visit Our Site:

The Best Krakow Accommodation Booking System

Being the capital city of Poland, Krakow is the place where modernity and Polish tradition come together. This is the city, which used to be a seat of the kings and has attracted artists and scholars from almost every part of the globe. The city offers an inimitable atmosphere with the legendary Kazimierz and Old Town where many historic galleries, pubs, restaurants, and cafes can be found. Every year, more than 7 million visitors need to be accommodated in the place and due to this fact, and there are a large number of hotels in the area.

The City of Krakow’s Official Accommodation Booking System is a joint project of the Municipal Office of Krakow and the company. is committed to offering an informative, user-friendly website with competitive rates. Our goal is to provide business and leisure for all Krakow’s visitors with a pleasant, efficient and cost-effective way to book hotel accommodation. The multilingual customer service team and call centre provide dedicated assistance to all customers.

Discount reservation rates of Krakow hotels. From the most Krakow luxury hotels to cheap hostels, apartments, pensions, student hostels, and guest houses – online service with instant confirmation and secure payment. This is the only ONE “The City of Krakow Official Accommodation Booking System”.

Benefits for customers
Krakow accommodation booking system provides the most affordable system of booking hotels in Krakow. The main features of the system include:
– No charge on the booking, cancellation or administration
– No reservation fees – reservation service is free of charge. We do not charge you any booking fees, administration fees, or cancellation fees.
– Low price on accommodation booking
– Booking on the spot
– A large number of hotels and accommodation available for booking
– Guarantee of privacy and security. Secure reservation system against your credit card as well as personal information.

The system includes only these Krakow accommodation facilities that are managed legally, which gives the tourists the certainty that the locations they choose are not a part of a grey market and do act in a deceitful manner. Using the Accommodation Booking System is free of charge. The accommodation prices offered within the System are not higher than the rates paid directly to the accommodation facilities and often even lower than the prices provided in the reception.

Due to the security features provided by the system, the consumers can be sure that they have not been deceived in any way and their credit card information and other personal information is not disclosed to anybody.

About is dedicated to offer a user-friendly and informative website providing great accommodation booking services at competitive prices. The multi-lingual call centre and customer support team provides dedicated assistance for all the customers free of cost. The web page of the booking system also projects a lot of necessary information for the visitors including tourist guides, transport guides, surrounding areas of Krakow worth visiting, medical services and tour operators, so that the visitors experience a long-lasting and memorable visit to the historical city of Krakow. The cobbled streets, charm of majestic churches and presence of ancient world images bring an unforgettable impression on the minds of the visitors..

The City of Krakow’s Official Accommodation Booking System web page project also contains a lot of useful tourist information – transport, tourist guides, krakow surroundings, tour operators, medical services, etc.

One can use this system free of charge. The best part about using this system is that despite using this system you need to pay a higher price for accommodation facilities if you book via this system. The price, which you would be paying at times are also lower than the prices provided in the reception.

Accommodation in Krakow
As far as accommodation in Krakow is concerned, there are hundreds of hotels in the city ranging from single-star lodgings and guest rooms to 5-star luxurious hotels. They are enough to accommodate any number of visitors both in peak as well as off-peak seasons. Due to the large number of hotels present in the city, one needs to look out for the best possible bargain. Accommodation booking need to be done early enough especially during major holidays and peak seasons which can be made through a travel agent, online or directly.

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Travel Advice. Book Odessa Ukraine Hotel or Rent Apartment?

Book a hotel or rent central located apartment in Odessa Ukraine. This question is offered asked. Let’s review Odessa hotels

Hotel Arcadia Plaza Odessa Ukraine

Small deluxe hotel right in the middle of the summer nightlife in Odessa. Each room, having own design, offers excellent facilities, exquisite decor and ambience. Cozy balconies face the beautiful hotel garden, tennis courts and swimming pool. Internet access, Satellite TV, individually controlled air-conditioning and heating.

The Arcadia Plaza hotel offers you 24 luxury rooms including 4 spacious suites, business centre, de Voland lounge, sauna, jacuzzi and massage, Le Duc restaurant, casino, swimming pool and whirlpool pool, bar, 2 tennis courts. 24 hour room service.The equipment of rooms fully answers the world standards dry cleaning and laundry services pay TV and the Int mini bar and air conditioning – all is available for the guests. Restaurant Le Duc features classic French Mediterranean cuisine. It can accommodate 120 people.

You can order to make a really special celebration out of your dinner party wedding business luncheon or family occasion in hotel restaurant. Recreation at Arcadia Plaza will appeal to all tastes.Gambling in casino fully equipped sauna jacuzzi and massage facilities are available in the hotel.

Price starts from 180.00 USD / per night.

Hotel Palace Del Mar Odessa Ukraine

Located in the Arcadia area, this hotel is a cozy place for either vacations or business trip.

Surrounded by well-groomed park looking over the sea, Palace Del Mar offers high-class services and deluxe amenities. Singular design gives feeling of peace and privacy. All the rooms are equipped with climate control, mini-bar, satellite TV, digital phone line and Internet access. Majority of rooms have sea-view terraces.

Hotel amenities include free parking for guests, business center, outdoor swimming pool, sauna, tennis court, SPA, beauty salon and Mediterranean restaurant La Caprice. Having been opened recently, La Caprice has already become one of the best gourmet restaurants in Odessa.

Price starts from 235.00 USD / per night.

Hotel Kempinski Odessa Ukraine

Odesa Hotel is situated at the Odesa Sea Trading Port, only in a few steps from the famous Potemkin Stairs.

Location is perfect for fares and exhibitions visitors. At the same time, this hotel comfort and service at reasonable prices.

All rooms at the hotel have Black Sea view. There are 2 non-smoking floors. Rooms are designed with the business traveler in mind and feature a large desk, direct dial telephone, PC connections, safe, mini-bar, air-conditioning, TV with extensive satellite channels. Spacious bathrooms are equipped with bath tubes, bathrobes and slippers.

Business Center offers secretarial and translation service. Hotel has indoor swimming pool, fitness center, pool bar, steam bath, sauna, solarium, massage fitness studio, aerobic room, hairdresser and beauty saloon, 24-hour room and concierge service, laundry and dry cleaning, overnight shoeshine service, own water supply and electricity power plant.

Price starts from 140 USD / per night.

Hotel Otrada Odessa Ukraine

Otrada hotel is located in one of the most prestigious sites of in of Odessa in the area of French Boulevard near the Otrada beach. The structure was built at the end of the XIX century according to design of famous architect Rossi.

Otrada hotel corresponds to the category of premium-lux hotels. There is antique and classic Italian furniture in the rooms, restaurants and halls. Sculptures, paintings decorating the hotel interiors, give an inimitable European charming to the appointments. Marble gala staircase with columns and forged framing of banisters, picturesque artistic canvases, bronze articles, carpets and gorgeous crystal chandeliers create the atmosphere of triumphant solemnity. At the same time each room has 24 hour service as well as all ultra-modern commodities: extremely high-speed access to Internet network, telephone with direct connection to international lines, plasma and liquid-crystal TV sets, satellite TV and radio, mini-bar, safe, climate-control individual system, classically equipped lavatory with bathroom and so on.

Price starts from 235 USD / per night.

Hotel Continental (Kontinental) Odessa Ukraine

The wonderful new boutique hotel “Continental” is located in the most prestigious part of Odessa, on Deribasovskaya street – the main street of Odessa.

The building of the hotel was constructed in the middle of the 19th century and reconstructed as a hotel in 2004, according to the project of a renown architect Gonsiorovskiy and is considered to be a monument of architecture of the city. Before the revolution the first Avia club was located in the building of the hotel and was a center of the city Beau Monde.

The 4-storied hotel offers 32 rooms of 5 categories : economy, standard rooms, semi suites, suites and VIP apartments. All the rooms are supplied with the following facilities :air conditioning/climate control system, cable TV (80 channels), direct dial phone both for domestic and international calls, internet access in the room, mini bar, mini safe deposit box, italian furniture

First floor of the hotel hosts a restaurant «VOYAGE» , that serves Italian cuisine, and a bar open 24-hours a day. There is also a business center, 24-hour exchange bureau.

In an inner yard there are a swimming pool, children’s playground , where in summer an evening breeze brings fresh sea breathing.

Price starts from 160 USD / per night.

Hotel Londonskaya Odessa Ukraine

Located in the historical center of the city, only steps away from the famous Potyomkin steps and within easy walking distance to the Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Marine, Literature, Archeological Museums, just minutes away from the sea terminal and from other area attractions; 2 km from railway station and 12 km from the air port.

An architectural monument, 4 stars hotel «Londonskaya» with the facade in the spirit of the early Italian Renaissance opened its doors to the guests in the middle of the 19th century. Beautiful lobby leads to the restaurant, bar, casino. Marble front staircase with forged settling of handrails, columns and original parquet floors; stained glass windows and magnificent crystal chandeliers create the atmosphere of solemnity.

The hotel offers an accommodation in single and double rooms and suites . All rooms are equipped with elegant furniture, radio, cable TV, phone. Sanitary arrangements: bath tub, shower, toilet, hair dryer. Cribs available. There is also 2-leveled suite in the hotel. 2-leveled suite with a balcony faces the sea and is equipped with modern convenient furniture. Downstairs – a lobby, a guest toilet, a room for luggage, a sitting room. Upstairs – a bedroom, a bathroom (a bath tub, a shower, a toilet, a sauna, a hair dryer, toilet accessories, a dressing gown, slippers). There are a direct line phone, an air conditioner, a TV set, radio, a mini bar, a mini safe, a refrigerator, and a teapot.

Price starts from 160 USD / per night.

Hotel Mozart Odessa Ukraine

Mozart Hotel is a new 4-star hotel in the very heart of Odessa. Superb location – right by the famous Opera Theatre – and classic style of the building lend special charm to this small private hotel. Having 25 rooms only, Mozart Hotel offers everything that can be expected from a good 4-star hotel of the European standard: all rooms are air-conditioned, have satellite TV, phone, mini-bar, hair dryers, slippers and bath-robes; deluxe rooms have Jacuzzi (and Sauna). Beautiful Opera Theatre view opens from the deluxe apartments. Hotel offers a restaurant with excellent European cuisine, bar and banquet hall.

Price starts from 180 USD / per night.

There are also a number of central located Odessa apartments for daily rent which have the same rooms as 4-stars hotels but the apartments are twice cheaper.

Renting an apartment has become a great alternative to a hotel room for many foreign visitors and business people due to its convenience, space and privacy. For more than 7 years We have accommodated guests at comfortably furnished and fully equipped apartments In Odessa Ukraine.

For one night, several days or more, benefit from the space of the apartments with kitchen, bathroom, satellite television and individual apartments private telephone number. Make yourself at home in your apartments, cook for yourself, or from local take-away caterers.

Here’s the list of Odessa safe streets where we recommend to rent apartments:

Dvoryanskaya Street, Koblevskaya Street, Lva Tolstogo Street , Nezinskaya Street, Preobrazenskaya Street, Sobornaya Square, Pastera Street, Nekrasova Street, Mayakovskogo Street, Gogolya Street, Mendeleyeva Street, Vorontsovskiy Lane, Primorskiy Boulevard, Ekateriniskaya Square, Chaikovskogo Lane, Gavannaya Street, Lanzeronovskaya street, Deribasovskaya street, Krasny Lane, Zhukova Street, Grecheskaya street

Pushkinskaya Street, Ekaterininskaya Street, Reshilyevskaya Street, Bunina Street, Aleksandrovskiy Avenue, Zhukovskogo Street, Sadovaya Street