Vacation accommodation options for families

So, it is time to choose the vacation; you have a destination in mind, the next big decision is the type of accommodation to book. With so many opportunities open to you, how to you choose between a 5 star hotel resort and a camp site? It’s hard enough to decide when you are traveling alone or as a couple, throw a family into the equation and the whole process of making that decision suddenly becomes a little more complex.

Bed and Breakfast accommodation (B&B)

This type of accommodation will suit short stay vacations, can be found around the world, and is often the most economical and flexible way to make an overnight stop somewhere. Whether it is an entirely suitable option for a family is another question. When you stay somewhere, do you need more than a bedroom with coffee making facilities? In general, B&Bs offer exactly what they say and very little else, a bed and breakfast! So if you are needing space for the kids to play, kitchen facilities to warm bottles and baby food, and an environment where noise from enthusiastic children is acceptable, then research the B&B option carefully. Read the accommodation details carefully, there are plenty of B&B destinations that will not even entertain the idea of having children in their homes, however, there will also be many run by parents or grandparents who will go out of their way to make your stay the best experience possible. Do bear in mind that you are a guest in someone’s house and you may find this reduces your flexibility and privacy to come and go as you please. We used B&Bs all the time before my son arrived, but I have to admit we have given them a miss in the last three years as I consider them far too restrictive with a toddler.

Farm stays

Farm stays are a fantastic accommodation option for families, and are totally geared towards having kids around. Accommodation will suit families with small cottages and cabins or large family rooms. Often self catering is an option on a farm stay, with the opportunity to sample or buy fresh produce such as eggs and milk straight from the barn. You can expect plenty of opportunities to explore the farm, with numerous activities available; watching the cows milking, pony rides, animal petting area, bottle feeding lambs, nature walks, collecting eggs and tractor rides. Farm stays offer a unique opportunity for the whole family to experience and learn about farming, with comfortable affordable accommodation, in locations that are likely to be quiet. We