Tips for homemade food gifts

Food gifts are a wonderful idea to give during the holidays. You can give items such as cookies, breads, candies, meats or fruit. Food gifts could be soup and sourdough bread bowls, or that special pumpkin bread you mother-in-law loves so much. Food gifts are fun to make, and gives that special touch that someone went above and beyond to make you a food gift. Food gifts could consist of homemade food gifts and food gift baskets. Food gifts are fun to make, fun to give and fun to receive.

Homemade food gifts are what giving is all about. There are many different ways you can give a gift. You can put different layers of beans or pasta in a big jar with big spoons tied around the jar; you can make your own flavored salts with different spices. Homemade food gifts can be given during Christmas, when a baby comes home, or when you feel the time is right to give such a gift. Maybe your co-worker has a birthday coming up and you want to get them a festive birthday gift basket. However, it would be more fun to do it yourself! You can get a really nice basket with a stuffed animal, popcorn, candy and maybe some movie tickets and wrap it in cellophane. You can do that, or you can do the original, a food gift basket.

Food gift baskets usually have a theme. For example, a coffee basket would probably have an assortment of coffees, biscotti, truffles and espresso beans. Or a margarita food basket would usually have two margarita glasses, margarita mix and margarita salt. Food gift baskets are fun and festive to give to people when you just don’t have time to make your own. Many food gift baskets are available online. You can also have someone make one for you to be even more personalized. There’s many ways to give a gift of food.

With the options given about food gifts, homemade food gifts and food gift baskets, which one would you, choose? Would you make a homemade food gift with that special touch, or would you get the wonderfully assorted themed food gift basket? What event in your life would you most likely give a food gift? With all the options out there, and all the events and social activities out there, here are a few examples to help you out.